went to the "double eleven", the circle of friends everywhere is filled with "buy buy buy" shopping atmosphere, clothes and shoes, mobile phone digital TV refrigerator, etc. special offer explosion models of goods, to stimulate people’s nerves shopping unlimited. This double eleven, one-stop home O2O service platform gold home network strong to join the double eleven carnival.

the golden home network dual eleven activities are mainly concentrated in new houses, second-hand housing and home plate, November 6th -11 15 period: in the country, the purchase of new premises by golden home network, can give the value of 500 yuan, 2000 yuan of domestic wasteland cleaning card; the successful signing of second-hand housing transactions with customers cleaning time, enjoy 90 95 thousand square meters house decoration concessions, and presented a face value of 2000 Yuan decoration coupons; second-hand housing transactions in the customer before the end of 2016 in order to golden home decoration, can also enjoy free cleaning time, 90 square meters of the 95 thousand house decoration concessions, and gift value 3000 Yuan decoration coupons.

price is not a selling point, to meet customer needs is more intimate

real estate is not the first time to participate in the electricity supplier carnival, but in the past, many developers are still discounted price for real estate promotion, but for millions of real estate transactions, discount attractive very limited.

network has always stressed that golden homes provide more professional and attentive service for customers, innovation to create a line "chamberlain service team, to provide exclusive and customized family life service for the customer, for example, customers in the process of real estate transactions at the same time, Chamberlain will advance one step for customers planning, purchasing appliances decoration scheme the list, as long as the customer will follow up customer confirmation, chamberlain" settle down "process, control the quality and progress of home improvement, home appliance arrangements for procurement and installation, customers can easily save time, labor and money, live into the bag.

so this golden home network "double eleven" strategy is not only to real estate prices as the main selling point, but for a series of customers after the purchase of the actual needs of concessions, a comprehensive cleaning housekeeping, than the absolute virtual digital discount more fit customers mind.

"household consumption ecology" and "market Tmall way" but "

" "

this year, Tmall double eleven high-profile hit, buy global sell global "banner, in the territory of the electricity supplier market segmentation more sophisticated today, Ali’s intention is clear, the future of the global overseas market will become Ali core development direction;

is also ready to do the "one-stop home O2O service platform" golden home network, is taking a completely different development strategy, the pursuit of Ali in the global market of electricity consumption and wide and deep, golden home net household consumption in the field of fine and fine. Although the two models will make the direction of enterprise growth is different, but there is no doubt that the two models are hidden huge business opportunities.

for all electricity suppliers, double eleven is a hotly contested spot, with each.