in new network on 2 May, the day before, the electric shock network founder Gong Wenxiang broke the news that the Jingdong is plotting to launch the "flash sale mode group". While earlier rumors that every guest will also launch sale channel in the near future, " mode completely follow". Even the electricity supplier boss Taobao also to have a Tmall division general manager of Little Dragon said, this year the focus of Tmall is to create a brand sale platform".

almost overnight, "sale" became a cake for everyone. This is a sit. Has always been low-key in April 19th launched a "There was no parallel in history. sale will be" even by Hunan satellite TV, "I am a singer" finals launched the company’s first TV advertising.

"sale" really so profitable? CEO Li Guoqing admitted that’s success is to grasp the domestic garment industry product backlog opportunity, even if the ninety percent off consignment is the money. Look at’s earnings last year to understand. 2012 revenues of $692 million 100 thousand, which compared with Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon and other large platform electricity supplier, the scale is not large. But in 2012 three, the fourth quarter have achieved profitability. Reported that its 2012 gross margin was 22.4%.

electric appliance solutions will observe the study found that when the business gross margin is greater than or equal to 30%, the proportion of new users regardless of changes in the range of 50%-80%, profits are positive; while the gross margin is less than or equal to 20%, regardless of the proportion of new users change, profits are negative. "If we continue to do its own brand goods, it is difficult to break through the bottleneck of high inventory; and Jingdong, Dangdang and other large business platform based on logistics infrastructure continue to invest, more and more heavy. These two models are difficult to achieve gross margin of more than 20%. In contrast,’s sale mode is almost zero inventory, gross margin is very light, there is much room for improvement. This is where the customer to do the brand sale point." Zhou Hao thinks so.

sixth years of development, the problem encountered expansion where customers choose to enter the sale platform can understand. As a Jingdong, such as Taobao electric "overlord" why also tempted? Analysis of famous electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang said, is the first domestic clothing inventory crisis has not lifted, has brought great opportunities to sell the stock, but only in the home, still in the huge market potential. Secondly, the sale of customer stickiness and loyalty is very high, is conducive to improving the structure of users. To build an open platform in business today, the sale mode is conducive to the scale of force and investment system.

in the Jingdong will profit in the first consideration today, the sale market is indeed a good try, but’s success is not accidental, but also many Jingdong, Tmall and other big brother to do homework. director Liu Xing believes that one of the demands of the business model, is to allow the brand to deal with more elegant inventory, as much as possible to reduce the exposure. If a large number of brands to the sale site handling poop, it is difficult for them to find the.