for an upcoming Taobao into the open shop business, must understand the characteristics of the electricity supplier, to a well store location, sourcing, shop decoration, drainage, marketing control and other aspects of the work, the three Shop Dynamic score raise as much as possible, after the introduction of traffic to. In order to improve the conversion rate of the survival and development of space to speak.

recently prepared for the training of new employees on the manual, I added the three characteristics of the electricity supplier, is a newcomer to the company as the first to understand a basic knowledge of training.

is the first hard.

network on the electricity supplier forced the 8 argument, although a little humor and exaggeration, but it is a true portrayal. For example, the eighth: it is difficult to get into the electricity supplier and the underworld. This is very similar to the current situation of our shop, operating for two years, but the backlog of about two million yuan in inventory, the enterprise is still in a state of loss. Even so, only to win the scalp rushed forward, just like the triad, it is difficult to come back out of the. The boss often at the time of the meeting and we share a joke, he is going to the electricity supplier MBA training, many bosses have joked that if you hate someone, introduce him to do business, will let him have it scorched by the flames of revenge. Although it is a joke, but the electricity supplier is indeed the real force forced.

in April last year, 5 designers in our shop to a new, two weeks almost every night in the night to work overtime, work overtime to one o’clock in the morning, the stage is really very difficult, but fortunately we have insisted over.

second is speed.


winds at the time of interview often talk about a word: electricity providers pay more attention to the data analysis, the reaction faster, from consumers closer, the e-commerce is strong. If you own the ground brand, there will be no great power, may now have to give up, but the electricity supplier, and consumers can be infinitely close contact, can do what they want, for the production of marketable products, which is why Liebo so by reason of the buyers love. For our shop, in the last year, the most crazy time, 2 weeks on the new section of the dress of the paragraph, for the store market is likely to be a year can not be so high on the new style of. Therefore, in the usual work, the boss stressed that most of us is speed, efficiency. If you want to Juhuasuan tomorrow, or the store will do tomorrow, today’s home page has not been designed, the effect can be imagined. So, as early as a new heaven, or as early as a world factory, the whole process will be accelerated, once the flow ports occupied, shops may obtain unexpected traffic sources, fission is a great opportunity.

third is a miracle.