recently, deep eight travel agency joint ban XX network news have been reported in many places (hereinafter referred to as the travel ban door), can also be seen in many forums to discuss the incident, caused the attention of the society. The author believes that the "travel agency to ban the door" represents not only the tourism industry, the message is the conflict of interest between Internet companies and traditional enterprises. In other industries, similar incidents often occur.

XX network and many emerging Internet companies, the platform through the Internet, a lot of shortening the middleman of traditional enterprises, reduce the cost, make the price advantage of their products, but also the impact of the traditional enterprise industry chain, touched the traditional business interests. This is also the root cause of the travel agency blocked the door.

to ban the travel agency blocked the door of the XX network, for example, the development of its online booking platform is the product of tourism. In simple terms, the mode of operation is the consumer online shopping platform directly through the platform by the shop owner of the line and the wholesale supplier of the line. All operations can be completed online, simple and convenient. As for the traditional tourism industry, the four level distribution mode of the original "tourists Tour – Tourist Bus Line – dejieshe was reduced to two levels:" tourists – line or travel agency ", is directly facing the huge group (with a fast, shop discount, convenience advantages, consumers can stay at home enjoy high-quality low-cost travel service). In the XX network model, the impact of a certain value chain in the rich resources of travel agencies, and with the popularity of the XX network gradually expanded, the impact will increase with the increase. One of the shocks is to disperse the traditional travel agency. Consumers through price comparison, the price will naturally have the advantage of the line, and the price advantage, often an important support for Internet companies.

, and several key operating processes of the traditional tourism industry is "tourists – the tour agency – tourism line – ground access", and travel agencies to act as a "group" role. However, after the collection of travel agents, tend to delay payment to the travel professional suppliers and ground access agency, the general pressure is 2 months or more, this is not the secret of tourism. Due to the pressure of travel agencies, private line suppliers and ground to join the club’s cash flow problems, resulting in their quality of service decline, the ultimate victims are still tourists. For example, the emergence of complaints in the XX travel information network, many of which are feedback pressure on this issue. The XX network and other Internet companies are relying on the Internet platform, such as the settlement of money, which will touch the traditional travel agency pressure benefits".

so, XX network model to break the traditional business model of travel, the natural Shenzhen eight travel agencies jointly banned.


eight travel, with its combination of their efforts to ban XX network, not Jingxiaxinlai to enhance their competitiveness. If the XX network represents a trend in the development of the tourism industry, this trend will be