Liu Qiangdong bursts of several micro-blog, announced the latest decision for Gome, suning. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] August 14th news reports, the electricity supplier war more intense burning. Today morning, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong micro-blog announced in the mall, all the power will maintain zero margin in the next three years, and now the Jingdong that mall "all the power that than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least 10%".

Liu Qiangdong once again stunned, he bursts of several micro-blog, announced the latest decision for Gome, Suning Electric Jingdong: "we three years zero margin! If in three years, any marketing personnel in all electrical and even a Maori, will be immediately dismissed from this day, Jingdong! All the power that than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least 10%, the company announced soon realization method of"


subsequently, Liu Qiangdong announced the appropriate means and means of implementation: with immediate effect, Jingdong in the country to recruit 5000 U.S. and Soviet price intelligence agents, each shop stationed 2. Any customer to Gome, Suning to buy all the electricity, mobile phone client Jingdong with parity, if less than 10% cheaper, price agent field verification is true, the Jingdong immediately depreciate or live coupons, ensure 10% cheaper.

this is also the face of Jingdong Gome, Suning and other competitors launched another price war. In June this year, the Jingdong will hold a series of high-profile promotional activities that benefit 1 billion, then competitors have to follow up. Liu Qiangdong in mid July on micro-blog claimed that the third and fourth quarter of this year will set off Chinese electricity supplier in the history of the largest and most comprehensive, the most fierce price war, and Jingdong will continue to lead the price war, "who are not the lowest price, who".

Jingdong in the field of electric power and then shot, to a certain extent, in order to attack the United States, Suning and other areas involved in the field of electricity by the traditional electricity supplier competitors. Just yesterday, Suning has just announced the issuance of 8 billion yuan of corporate bonds, used to optimize Suning procurement model, research and development platform and logistics operation system. executive vice president Li Bin said a few days ago, will continue to burn promotion campaign. The second half of the year will also take a series of actions, at a low price advantage, continued to maintain a quarterly growth of more than 70%, to ensure the completion of the annual sales target of 20 billion yuan of insurance.

data show that in May this year, Jingdong announced its sales data for 21 billion 200 million yuan in 2011, lower than the previous forecast of Jingdong $30 billion 900 million. Liu Qiangdong’s sales in 2012 were 60 billion. (Chuck)