April 9 Hongkong Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiaoni) at the Asian consumer goods industry and Internet Research Director Pan Jiayi said on the 9 China, the rapid development of e-commerce, the market value has reached 2 trillion yuan last year, driven by the increase in the number of online shopping consumers, the price advantage is obvious and improve the payment system and other factors, this year is expected to China e-commerce market may be increased to 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the penetration rate in the retail industry is expected to overtake the United states.

Pan Jiayi day at a press briefing said that the scale of e-commerce China the proportion of overall retail sales, from 6% in 2012 to 7-8% last year, a similar level with the United States, is expected this year, e-commerce penetration will surpass the United States, the market value will be greatly increased.

she said, China currently has 300 million online shopping consumers, thanks to the continuous progress of urbanization, Internet users and intelligent mobile phone users will be increased, there will be more consumers through the Internet shopping; in addition, e-commerce can effectively reduce the cost of sales, down the retail price, plus the electronic payment system matures, to further improve the consumer confidence in online shopping, these are positive factors to promote the development of electronic commerce.

Pan Jiayi believes that the emergence of e-commerce is also exacerbated by the existence of the original retail store oversupply, rising costs and other structural weaknesses. She said, in the past few years, retail sales per square meter fell sharply, forcing some businesses continue to launch discount promotions, but more and more profits if things go on like this vicious spiral is low; on the other hand, rents and labor costs, consumer spending growth slow down, so the retail industry need to adjust business models to meet the challenges.

Pan Jiayi believes that to avoid the first and second tier city, retailers, especially supermarket industry can still find opportunities in some e-commerce areas not yet big scuffle.