first, there may not be able to find the Apache log.

any large amount of labor work we should let the tools to complete, log analysis is no exception, but now I personally is a suitable Apache log analysis did not find the software, I may be with very limited knowledge and scanty information. Kaka, apachelog, Apache, light years log analysis system V1.6 free version of words are analysis of the function of Apache, but the results are poor. I still have a headache this.

second, Apache log file is too large.

for Shanghai dragon, is a web log observation site development barometer, the majority of Shanghai dragon er with the IIS Web log, others use Apache Web log. I am using the latter. The two comparison, I personally think that Apache IIS not understand.

when you can build web site log, it is for Shanghai dragon access_log file and observe the main file search engine. But the file is only one file, so the data will be more and more, leading to the file becomes large, affecting the file open speed does not say, look at the log when updates also see the log clear. In this regard, we need to file cutting, cut for the day or by the hour, for a small website, for the day I can, at present each after cutting the file in 20M, it is best to large website hours, documents will be many. Anyway, regardless of how the Apache files are very large. This is not good. But there is no way, unless you do not log apache.

when you will log after cutting, you can go slowly on your blog, but I am sorry to tell you that the log file displays the search engine IP, did not show the name of the search engine, that is to say, if you want to know what time the spider came, then you must know what is the spider ip. This is obviously not intuitive. At present I only observe love Shanghai, can roughly know 123.125.71.* and 61.165.*.* is love Shanghai spiders, the other you want to know if you have a slowly find, if you observe other search engine spiders that your workload is not small.

log content is roughly the same, I am not here to do is introduced in detail. I say I might encounter in the use of Apache Web log problems and solutions.

third, can not see the search engine.

I am not good at

for the server, I colleagues to solve. Using the Apache server encountered this problem is very headache, to change some things, not familiar with the server. Do not change as well.

fourth, there is no suitable Apache log analysis software.