and the optimization effect than the black hat Shanghai dragon is not enough, but this is not to say that the black hat Shanghai dragon is that we should choose, we said before the so-called Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology is a kind of indirect build on the search engine optimization technique, we consider when the use of this technology not for promotion and a particular site, we are considering how to make them improve the optimization of the site in the search engine rankings within the defined scope, this basic principle based on we can achieve the general optimization of Shanghai dragon.

seems to be anything at any time there are two opposite, it is a law of nature, even if it is Shanghai dragon also has two different factions, this is the black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, we’ve discussed technology most are limited to the above the white hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Technology is very stable, our users using this technology can play a very good optimization effect.

is not our black hat Shanghai dragon but the site, if the site uses the black hat technology and Shanghai dragon is the search engine that would be kicked out of the site ranking, the site is not a small blow, so that when we choose the Shanghai Dragon technology should be a lot of thinking about this, especially in reality. Whether we should choose what kind of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology to ensure the stability of our site is to assure the security of our site? I recommend is still soft optimization technique, because this technique is how to service website content more in line with the idea of Shanghai dragon phoenix.


Of course, the fight against In fact, in the end

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now the position of our Shanghai dragon in network marketing is very important, and the Shenzhen network promotion company is timely to see this point, so we are now not only will provide a comprehensive optimization of Shanghai Dragon technology is also can provide a lot of soft supply to users.

visible Shanghai Dragon technology can not play the effect of search engine optimization should say, we all know that the search engine is visible within the scope of their hope that all sites are benign competition, this is the most advantageous for its own. But the so-called black hat Shanghai dragon is not averse to our idea of a search engine of the hungry, so that the research is a lot of use of the search engine’s vulnerability to achieve optimization method, these optimization methods are we in the optimization process of the implementation is easy and optimization can play the effect is very rapid. But the search engine is not love this optimization technique, the general attitude is hit.