4, the host access speed of

1, IP and SE were added to the list of

servers 3, stability and security of

server crashes or hacked every two or three days, horse and so on, the optimization effect is how the space is no.. It is not SE search crawl, while SE will think the site is closed, resulting in the site was K. The space is good, we will be found directly in the open web site, web sites are often not open the space for the best.

host access speed, not only affects the user and user experience, will also affect the site included. For a web site, the site speed is directly related to the distribution of the weights of the website SE. We can see the portal when opened, will soon be able to access the home page. The benefits of spiders in the climbing sites, will visit several times, increase the spider crawling time. If the speed suck, SE to grab a page long, the other page is not grab. This is one of the sites included not ideal.



Hangzhou Shanghai dragon has recently been taking torture is not like, why? Because freeloaders choose in a poor service and bad business space space. Originally Hangzhou Shanghai dragon finally let a word do love Shanghai first, because the space is not stable, and the intermittent emergence of various intolerable mistakes, cause the website to open. Even the most basic 404 pages are not too sad. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon to write this article, in the hope that other companies buy space, space taking good quality. Otherwise, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization really vulnerable

> URL rewriting technology support host

2, 404 pages

goes, a good horse with a good saddle, a website wants to have a stable rankings, stability, safety, speed and space factors must be taken into account the premise. The Hangzhou Shanghai dragon is about to host what factors affect Shanghai Dragon:

some space business for the big quasi profit for the cost saving, it will save a lot of functions. When the site is not open, there will not be any tips. Or when the page is deleted, the friendly told visiting users, to increase the conversion rate of users. There are 404 page setup error, and the other 501 confusion, it will be considered in the SE page repeat, reduce the site included rate.

IP SE was added to the blacklist is not often, but the network of various unhealthy websites, once being reported or found by SE, IP easily punished. In the network mix, sooner or later also. With the continuous development of SE technology, the Internet has gradually been recognized at the same time, will also increase efforts in combating illegal network. Buy space before, should check whether the IP will be punished, in order to avoid the site was compromised when in use.