begins with a brief introduction of my small website. My website is "DJ 2008fm", which belongs to the entertainment type website. IP is currently around 2500 per day. PV about 8000.

I started my mom in March in 08, and then launched the first video and pulse advertising alliance. Below I use these 3 advertisement alliance to sum up some good and bad contrast,

advantages: 1., advertising sources are more abundant,

two, pulsating advertising alliance,

now many advertising Union, what sh419 alliance, shlf1314 Adsense, Ali mom, the first video, pulse advertising, and so on. Advertising alliance market can be described as a mixed bag, it is difficult to choose. This article from my use of Ali mother League and pulsating advertising League, and the first video of the personal feelings about the two ad League pros and cons, you can give the new Adsense a little reference.

said, "that’s obscene, it’s adult stuff.". After listening to my buddies, I had a lot of interest. I ran from Shenzhen to Guangzhou immediately and went to the adult goods wholesale market in front of the railway station. Compared to a domestic adult goods store, wow ~ ~ profit is really fuck high, just like the high profits of domestic drugs. In doing business to make money at the same time, can also take her a really reluctant to leave!!! Oh, this is a joke. Of course, e-commerce is not so simple, specific how to operate, we have to learn a lot. I am here just to provide you with a direction for everyone to consider, and if you have any good thoughts, welcome to mail and communicate with each other, my e sister is [email protected]

is not possible


2. pays 100 yuan a week. now it’s 2 weeks.

first video site: autobus.vodone/nwadms/ADOwner/reg.jsp, code=woodmanluoluo


2. user background statistics, very comprehensive, very clear,


3. advertising sources and advertising formats are too small just a few ads all day,

disadvantage: 1., the ad interface is not good, and there should be no drop-down list under the video window. strongly contemptuous

one, first video

I put the first video code on my home page and on the play page. Income 3 yuan per day, -5 yuan

the first video is an ad league that is billed according to the number of video shows!

in general, the first video is still worthy of recommendation for the advertising alliance

3. originally had public service ads and has now cancelled public service advertising.

2. new sites to join the audit threshold higher now seems ip< 5000 of the station is difficult to pass the audit

advantages: 1., according to the number of display billing, especially suitable for music, movies and other visitors, a single page longer residence sites.

4. deduction of 10 yuan for each payment

3. payment support payment >

4. is not serious enough

pulsating advertising alliance is mainly based on CPA advertising

although it is Money, it is not so easy to be a true lover. It is really necessary to do anything to make money. But some things in return are very high, and some things return very low, just like a white-collar and garbage sweeper. In fact, their work is very difficult, and the efforts are much the same, only some people have more mental work, it is more manual labor. Similarly, do webmaster also need brains, if blindly pay labor, but no gain, then you have to reflect on reflection.

I’m still crazy about e-commerce, and when I sell it, I have money. I believe most of the Webmaster Station, network promotion are very capable, but depends on whether the advertising fee is too little, white money let the real business to earn, we took some hard costs. How to let these owners can start their own businesses, or joint venture, from the flow of money into advertising to make money by selling products, I think the webmaster friends should think about the problem, but also a direction of development.

a few days ago, after I finished trip36, I chatted with one of my former buddies, but I was teased by my brother. I really want to hit the South wall. Although the money from the airline rebate is not much, but you can also have some living expenses ah. After all, just started doing his master, also talked about, even brothers out saying: no pursuit! Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ but also said, brother introduced me to a website that is a real customers, products and profits are quite high! We get these a few dollars commission than not with much, rely on advertising, click on the money can not ah.

select advertising alliance, first of all to consider the safety of funds, those small, no size of the advertising alliance, or do not try good