before the Admin5 share a < experience in > funny entertainment sites from 0ip to one thousand IP; the personal feeling is badly written, no response, it may be more difficult to research flow, the webmaster more fancy Shanghai Longfeng this one, several have according to, so today again I share the chain experience we can laugh taste set, first with the tools to check my site data, which contains about seventeen thousand love Shanghai, in fact, there are thousands of pages is not put out, I was more than 20000 in Shanghai to see the background data statistics of love, love of Shanghai chain is more than 40000, estimated in person this past week can be increased to more than 50 thousand, the performance is not good nor bad, after all, this was a turbulent period in Shanghai love. Google is about seventeen thousand, only 26 (the chain did not find doorways) other search engines we still look.

well, officially entered the business, I do the chain is the direction of the network, in the Shanghai dragon industry has been flooded, did not elaborate, I have my own taste in the laugh funny video site practice:


, a forum signature chain

I am currently collecting a variety of weights for various industry forums, some are able to put up with the signature of URL, and some have a certain level of the forum, some don’t put (these can also become the chain contribution in it, can’t ignore), one can put up the first the signature with URL, the weight of this kind of forum even if not too high, can give your website to do well with, but in less product, produce the qualitative change point of view, this kind of forum must do, after all, spend time not much, my approach is the registered account regularly on the forum and put some posts, if there is a sign function of the BBS every day in high level than low, more useful. Then said those needs forum user group level, including those who need points to show the signature of the forum, forum because of its limitations, so you can take signature URL users is not much, so the chain fraction of its contribution is relatively high, the need for forum points to exchange signature display I will take a look at the need of integral what kind of contribution, such as: prestige, glamour, and then calculate the daily need to reply to many posts. On this forum I will guarantee to live forum activities each day, it can guarantee the user signature you use has been display; and those that need forum user group level is certainly the stuffy head go all the way up to (I love this, because these once the level up, you don’t have to worry about signing what’s the failure). Of course, some forum is the combination of the two methods, such as we all know, the head of the forum, is the priority among priorities, every day. Finally say that a signature not to put, this kind of forum can not let go, after practice, really useful, pure text outside the chain is outside the chain, don’t look at the flesh flies not meat, this.