in recent years, enterprises use the Internet to do brand promotion example It is often seen. indicating that more and more enterprises, aware of the importance of network marketing, from the past funding competition into the current brand image efforts, the quality status in the eyes of users is more and more important. Many entrepreneurs feel that the use of the Internet as a platform, enterprise brand publicity is the entrepreneur imminent thing, after all, the vast majority of people on the Internet is to use the search engine to find the items they need, and has been since quality is always the biggest impediment to the development of Internet online shopping tide material business credit, but is the second, after all intermediary. So, in the face of such a big business, and how to cross this line to the crowd of entrepreneurs, towards the rich? Here, Shanghai dragon for entrepreneurs is very important, maybe a lot of people think that advertising can ah, but the relative and the Shanghai dragon that more affordable, believe the answer has been to see the dawn.


Shanghai Longfeng optimization not only can improve the product exposure

Shanghai Longfeng brand building process optimization process is

Shanghai dragon is a technology, but also an art, known as the final nirvana, who can better user ranking, who will be able to get the user’s heart, there are exceptions, Shanghai dragon well done is linked with the user experience, if the user experience is better so, will the opponent, faced by rivals, so do Shanghai dragon is not only doing optimization ranking, more important is to do brand building. How do people think brand building, soft paper can be roughly divided into three points.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization can not only improve the product exposure, but also improve the product sales, the formation of reputation, achieve the enterprise brand image, and publicity. Optimization of the main keywords and related keywords to search the home page, increase corporate image and product exposure. This is the most basic method of each enterprise propaganda station, only the user group to use your product, you will understand the products, the formation of reputation, to help you sell more products. Many entrepreneurs will optimize relevant keywords to the home page, is to allow more users to find you have impression, buy your products and services. A more successful entrepreneurs know more, sales is due to the brand promotion, in short, enterprise stand to do brand promotion, search engine optimization is a necessary step, is also a very important step, do good, from successful sales far, moreover, if the relevant search keywords not even to the home page, the first page, when you worked so hard to do the advertising is for others to do the wedding dress.

content not distortion. The content of the website is to do the Shanghai dragon cannot avoid the problem, search more favor, the needs of users, most users are by reading lots of related articles, and then choose to buy. If the content is not real, sales due to difference is small, leading to poor reputation is big! If the content is too exaggerated, allowing users to generate a >