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before this, Feng Dahui and "Lilac Garden" "tear force" and concern. In July this year, Feng Dahui left office 6 years after leaving the DXY CTO job, want to get their own rights, but did not allow the DXY exercise to repurchase and repurchase price, the two sides did not reach an agreement, so that there is in the media since the option for tearing each other. Allen

he also said that the next will officially start financing, set up the team, starting from scratch, and called himself as a Internet Co executives left the venture, and no team, "for this reason, some people even to harbour evil designs mocking me. I’m just a bit of a sort of sophisticated egotism."


"this idea may be some innocent people, but I think this is something valuable, not only has the commercial value and social value." Feng Dahui said, "if you do not want to let ourselves, our children and our relatives and friends are spread false information so as to entrap, act now, small things to do a little change of the society, although this thing needs constant patience and perseverance, will be very difficult. It’s not difficult. We don’t need to do it."

NetEase Francisco October 11th news, this afternoon, before the DXY CTO Feng Dahui in its WeChat announced the start, do vertical search engine for the medical and health fields, provide high quality content and data. Feng Dahui said, "do a search, with sh419 medical search dry."".

went on to a college campus advertising design, consumption is absolutely when the school upgraded version, and in those days, the conditions at home or the like, strapped under the first year of the summer! The end of hills and rivers, and students went to Shenzhen, the two months we spent in a printing factory. Tortured! Draw a very far, want to walk around, to see the legend of a galaxy of talents "Shenzhen", see China called "metropolis" and the so-called "Shenzhen man"! But we have no chance, is exactly because we give up the opportunity for money! That day to return the school I took 2312 yuan, their hard earned money, that beauty in the heart, not to say

but even so, I still could not withstand the outside world, especially the network inside the dream of the results after the entrance of temptation! I don’t wish to go to college, my father did not scold me, because I have grown up, and at that time, my father is old… I regret that a high school for three years, because I live up to my father, he is so hard for us to create an opportunity, I also do not know how to cherish, I don’t know how to fight, I think the heart will be mercilessly tangled, I sorry father, sorry that we have to the life consumption in the fields of the parents, now is a confession of

just came into contact with the network is in the third year, the real access to the Internet after high school, there was a period of time once addicted to the Internet, academic performance has been good! This is mom and dad have been very worried about, ah, after all, my generation family farm for a living, no source of income, is not easy a father of the importance of knowledge, determined to make a child to adult, every day facing loess back into the air, three meals a day is not willing to eat their own homely fare, not willing to wear their own just several of our brothers and sisters to school tears…. .! The teacher urged tuition he personally go to the teacher for meals, not to their own dignity and down to borrow, occasionally have a heavy cold only know how to buy the cheapest Banlangen to flush the boiling water to drink, never never say what to buy things for themselves cry T_T. Our best! The wish is to meet his father’s wish, the university entrance exam

but on vacation to earn money how is not enough to cope with this trend in life, so searching after see the Internet is full of "part-time online" and "money blogging", "network business" and so on, this cola bad for me and like me every day with the computer "tit for tat" students, and then click to view details and to register… The most hateful. To pay! Of course is the last one, although we are not a businessman, but know how to return and investment is inevitable, but we also elusive network of its unfathomable faces, so they gave up in disbelief! So also abandoned after lost! < / p>

finally saw the miracle after he had no choice. "’s old classmate video > >."