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what is the site image crisis,


image crisis will bring adverse consequences

image crisis appears in the way

how to deal with image crisis

what is the site image crisis,


industry friends have heard of the search engine crisis, but for the image of the site crisis, or the first contact bar. The so-called image crisis refers to the pages of the site appears misplaced, page display ugly, misleading content, content of other users dislike, reduce the comprehensive evaluation of site and so on, appeared to hinder development of the site, and can cause people to the site is not friendly, this is the site of image crisis.

when the site image crisis, will be accompanied by reducing the flow, site user experience of the lower efficiency and so on, the site is more obvious, when the image of the crisis, the effect will be very obviously. For example: if your site is a type of product sales site, when the site appears the image of crisis, you will see the sales rate will continue to decrease, and this stage according to the size of the crisis will continue for a period of time.

can say, the image of the site crisis and search engine crisis affect the same wide, the effect is obvious. The search engine crisis is the crisis when the user has not entered the site, and the image crisis is the crisis when the user enters the site.

site image crisis mode

then, under what circumstances will the site image crisis be triggered,


1. site program file error

When the site

program files cannot read the site style file (CSS) when the web page will appear under the effect of the page will appear misplaced, overlapping style, plate size and unreasonable and so on. This is the site of the most likely to trigger the site image crisis, when this happens, the user will not be able to increase friendship for this site.

2. content has information that can affect the user

For example: when the

site content in demeaning users, at the same time appear vulgar content, the user will see this domain to form a "hate" feeling more and more like it, whether it is always accessible to the user, or a new understanding of the site’s users will choose to leave the site, this is a major hazard site image crisis.

3. site quality reduction

site comprehensive quality refers to the user’s favorite degree of the site, friendly degree and the degree of credibility of the page, such as the evaluation of the comprehensive degree. When the site’s overall quality is reduced, no matter how big the flow, how high the server quality, will affect the site’s network marketing effect. This point is also hard to control