during the Spring Festival, back home new year, busy drinking, did not take care of the small station, basically no update. A wife, children, the white picket fence, also not a blog atmosphere, on the other hand, not only through the home broadband, mobile phone GPRS with a look at what this news, not what. Recently opened the small station statistics, a detailed look at the flow during the Spring Festival, after a simple analysis, the following conclusions:

1, update is king. Before the small station often updated, although the flow is not large, but to maintain a 2 digit number is not a big problem. The new year, I remember to drink, not a poor time, update the content, resulting in the flow of the station during the holiday season, a sharp decline, at least one day, 30 day of the twelfth lunar month, only 2 traffic, PV is only 2! Look, do not stop, do not stick to the update, otherwise, spend so much white the silver shining, it is a


two, pay attention to Baidu paste it. Simple look, during this period of traffic, 60% from Baidu stick it. Because they stick in the "ad" stickers are leaving an address on the kind of leave, so basically from the stick to the flow is only look at the link page, no other PV generated. But even so, I posted a few of its high quality advertising stickers can continue to bring fixed traffic. I have seen a lot of SEO in the past, and I have mentioned the importance of it. Now it appears to be true. Of course, in the post bar, post is exquisite, leaving an address on the kind of, basically, survival is very short, my those are lucky only a few points, did not be deleted.

three, a high quality keyword can form. Friends like me who just do stand up and don’t do keywords, and so do I. I never deliberately made any keyword. But through the analysis of the flow during the holiday season, obviously see several high PV posts, are fixed by a keyword search engine and, like the words "Zhang Xiaoyu" in the post, I just pointed out Baidu’s management loopholes, then in the regulation of the Internet seven ministries vulgarity campaign Baidu image search, has no valuable results, but in a web search, no matter how you found this post, I always appear on the first page, the flow is considerable. The search keywords in the GG, plus a casual word limit, sometimes even to third, ha ha! There is a certain movie actor groundless talk attracted from South Korea and the United States, to flow. From this point of view, to do keywords is indeed very important, but also effective, like I need to learn a novice webmaster.

four, friendship link basically is not "friendship". I Links for more demanding, has led some people disdain invective. During the Spring Festival, in the small station flow is bleak, my little station only two or three "friendship", often insist on visiting, and the rest of the shadows are not. Of course, you may drink and play mahjong as much as I do, but it’s me, not in it