GoDaddy Backorder said cybersquatting probability is relatively large, I haven’t done a minon registered, good friend introduced me to a lot of experience, ha ha, look at their professional experience is quite interesting, said to wait until 2-3 o’clock will fall (by CN, registered mainly) rob corn per month to earn a few thousand, but I don’t have much time to play no patience.

is a CN domain of domestic cannot access often, it seems to completely abandon.Cn, the pain ah, but better than ventilation, domain name registration is finished, but also upload ID, photos and so on, the domestic small webmaster were left dead, dusty face, seem to do color stand the. Do the site also want to change the domain name, want to find a good domain name, are extremely talented people who have strong note, ha ha, com is only a note that was long and smelly. But don’t say, do to authenticate the com brand, other domain name again good also don’t consider, think of those famous websites at home and abroad have several non.Com You’ll see., recently also changed the com brand, this is right, your site is not com means this blog is not so professional, professional, ha, it’s only a small personal blog, org is better than CN better.

ah, let a person give strong note, want to register this domain name, good ah, but has already been registered, and find plus the bar no, it is a pity that the Godaddy repertoire, quoted $more than 1700, rely on, so valuable. Zeixinbusi, looked under the found that the domain name has expired, the fee is to be continued in the stage, also registered a bar, grab the value hey. Just do a tutorial.

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