1 days to write 2 articles, 1 years to become well-known writer 2010-5-8 0:13:18ItPoet told IT in September, finished article to A5 there will be a lot of people use, can increase the chain to your site, but also in the Baidu search for your name can find out more stories. So he did, and found it was not difficult to send an article in A5. His blog www.fuzhou-seo.com chain about more than 1000, the weight is up.

Why does

write 2? Write a little bit. The large IT site is not enough hair. Some stations may be a competitive relationship, if you first in the A station issued, and then send B station, B station found you have displayed in front of their competitors home before I get to stand, so do not audit.

in fact, every day to write an article has been good results, but we want to fast success, we must pay N times efforts, more diligent than others, more diligent. The effect is doubled.

wrote N, a little bit more. Because I must not hold on to it, and in the end, confidence is worse. Like riding a bike, the master knows that the key is not how fast you ride, but how long you can ride. So we don’t want to write as many machines as we do. We only need to write 2 or 2 times to make an effort. Well, a year from now, you’ll be a famous IT writer,

also summed up ItPoet as a famous IT writer and several other techniques,

1, first of all, we should do more actual combat, more experiments, and accumulate IT experience and knowledge.

2, secondly, read a lot of experts write articles, study, research, writing techniques, can also use the method of writing, practice, and then analysis and master write how different, for a long time will be greatly improved.

3 pays attention to the latest industry information, grasps new information, can quickly make his own original comments, and then write it out to develop a good writing habit. For a long time, but also cultivate business sense of smell, exercise vision.

here, I know a little knowledge, there are insufficient, welcome everyone to make up. My QQ1326671

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Liu Yaoqing: I saw a wolf with a savage heart (itpoet) write the way to reply to a big brother. He replied to me this morning. I talked to him by the way, and then I went over to his blog and felt that this article was more interesting.

and today for a variety of reasons, withdrew from the training of Yang Wenjian, Wen sword elder brother also returned money to me, I am very grateful to him, still a little ashamed. Because I quit training, so I should concentrate on writing articles. Today also said that after the written.

, brother Wen, ranked first in this monthly article on A5. I looked at him. He’s always got 30 more articles. Look!