we first see two sources:

one, Sun announced a $1 billion acquisition of MySQL. Founded in 1995, MySQL is a well-known open source database company and the most important technology in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl) architecture. Since China entered the Chinese market through Wanli open source company in 2006, it is said that China has become the largest country to download MySQL. MySQL has installed more than 12 million units a day, downloading about 500 thousand a day — data from 2007 May.

second, domestic web content management system developers Kennedy network, recently officially launched HeroEasy to return to the open source world, website construction solution "based on the Microsoft.NET platform, mainly for the rapid construction of large and medium-sized portal of the market, including HeroEasy content management system, HeroEasy online store system.

Kennedy since 2006 released version 1, PowerEasy CMS 2006 SP6, including online store, customer relationship management, real estate management information system, has launched dozens of products. Previously, Kennedy has been experienced by the open source to the open source to the open source of the twists and turns: in 2006 released the first open source products, but in 2004 for product package. At present, Kennedy boasts more than 300 thousand web application.


, single CMS, may have ten major domestic brands, Kennedy, foosun, Kesion, Empire, and Amoy special…… There are ASP, ASP.Net, but also using PHP, JSP, based on ACESS, there are also based on MS SQL. Most are called free. Only a short while ago, the site is still a very profound way, later, many rely on the survival of the company website launched thousands of dollars, even hundreds of Yuan suite, some virtual hosting service providers have launched intelligent, self-help, slightly a little computer people can DIY a few pages out. Then, the content management system forming technology is beginning to flourish, but people used to build a simple corporate website should not be a problem.

Kennedy, ASP version, Diy general game player can modify their own design template, Asp.net version, version due to technical barriers and limitations of.Net framework itself, most of the difficulty. Interestingly, recent Kennedy unified ASP series named SiteWeaver, the ASP.NET series of products named SiteFactory, from the "Weaver website" to "website DreamWorks", from manual operation to large-scale production, clear meaning, have great originality, could not help but to praise one first.

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