(first author statement: Well, my writing is not, the language may not be very beautiful, but I swear, I said is Tao Tao word. Without any modification, if you are looking at the joke, I hope you laugh a little bit, if you are willing to give some of your best wishes or suggestions, I regard you as my most precious life!)

the door that goes in and out is locked,

is wide open for the dog’s climb.

, a loud voice —

climb out of here and give you freedom!

I long for freedom,

, but I know it well –

How can the body

people to climb out from the hole for dog


, I hope one day, the underground fire,

burned me up with this coffin,

I should have eternal life in fire and blood!

– this is the confessions of a primary school teacher,

I graduated in 2000 from the school, Daxing small works in Chongqing District of Wanzhou city water diversion work is a primary school, for 8 seasons, in the school playground silently, until 2002

I spent more than a year salary to buy a computer, the first computer is the Daxing Township of it, began to contact with the network, from a computer do not know what I become a also obsessed with to create a career on internet.

everyone knows computer use and development is the biggest game in use, so I began my online game Legend of the road, and the majority of game player, at night, sleep during the day, so a day in the past until one day, a girlfriend broke up with me, reason: the salary is not a few, the skylight is lazy, 88! I know myself into a world does not belong to me. Thunder, suddenly woke up, numbness came in 2004, when I sat down again in front of the computer, I ask myself, what do I do now, throw off the network, it can not be one of their own piece of heaven and earth in the network? I think they do, this painful process started. I and you are not the same, I learn sports, academic performance is not good at sports professional exam, is reading the junior high school to the number of students, there are people jokes that we are the limbs developed, simple minded. Now many webmaster are college students, English will be what, most of the ah will also point to what, C language, ASP, PHP what. Said funny, I first found a network of free space, I tread on air carefully and fill in their information, and finally passed the first space I, I began my journey of dream can be a problem, I don’t know what the site, take FTP. At that time in order to find the code how to get their own free space.