site friends basically every day use webmaster tools, inquires the ALEXA rankings, PR value, the site included Baidu snapshots, etc., the most basic information of these sites.

remember when I used to work on a website League, I reviewed 100 new league sites every day. Because ALEXA ranked low, not through the League audit, ALEXA high ranking website, I will focus on follow-up. Therefore, the new registered alliance site, I will be one by one query Alexa ranking. ALEXA query, we use the most is Chinaz bar, I was also using Chinaz, but the more painful is, chnaz popularity is too fire, limiting 1 IP, 1 days can only query 100 times. But at that time, 100 times a day completely failed to meet my needs. Finally had to go to the Alexa official website inquires, but the foreign website opens the speed is really too slow, very affects the work efficiency.

later made a technical colleague do a small software ALEXA query, a green software. There is only one ALEXA ranking query function. Although the function is simple, but very fast, less than 1 seconds can query the results. But it was very practical for my work at the time. Greatly improved the efficiency of my work, because at that time, the union audit site, it is mainly to see the site’s comprehensive ranking information.

legend: ALEXA query widget I used at that time


now webmaster experience most information, nothing more than, is ALEXA ranking (day and 3 months), website PR value, Baidu, Google included, the site reverse links, Baidu home snapshot and other information. These functions basically meet the station now more than 80% of the functional needs of it. Basically, each webmaster, tools, websites also provide information about these sites.

although there are many websites that provide such information, it is difficult to find a fast and practical one. WEB version is affected by a variety of factors, such as web page opening speed, function, indirect failure, query times restrictions, and so on. Often check the PR value and ALEXA friends will find some websites used to go, suddenly often cannot be used, sometimes need to try a number of online websites, to meet the needs of their own inquiries, the efficiency is very low.

because of his so keenly aware of a technology, friends, develop a webmaster tools query tool, function is not how cattle, but the most practical function, and the query speed is very fast. This is the " webmaster tools V1.0" program size in 50K, pure green software, you can download and run directly after use.

, in particular, is an advertising alliance, a friend who links and works, and because of the nature of the job, queries a large amount of website information every day, if >