prospects for the development of the past two years has been optimistic about the investment. However, although the temptation of profit, the corresponding operating difficulty also increased. New mother and child shop, there are many places need to pay attention to.

1.  ensure incoming quality: baby was used by the baby, especially high quality requirements for the products, not necessarily in particular high-grade products, but it must be to ensure the quality of goods, regular supplier’s price will not be much difference, if there is special low price of goods and we have to be careful, be careful of counterfeit products, old products, defective products or to the shelf life of products. If the product is good, but some of the price is very low, but it is only in cooperation with suppliers to lure customers well-known products, you will be careful, it is possible to play the price game, the supplier should make money, no one will do charity. For us, the quality of the product is the key, as long as the price is not more than other suppliers on the line.

2.  Qin into the fast selling shop for new customers, the market forecast is not good at customer funds nervous customers, we may take the Qin into the fast selling principle, the benefit of this approach is not what the inventory risk, reduce the financial pressure, bad place is added into the cost of purchase.

3.  to purchase three months after the purchase, the owners should have this ability! If the owners are relying on the purchase of stock, one is that he must not do, two he must be very easy to press. Market demand is the most basic requirement for people to shop, according to previous sales to the next stage of the sales and purchase, and then let the incoming goods in time budget of sales, so as to maximize that rapid turnover of funds! Can be used to install the butterfly mother and child supplies store management software, through the software to keep all the historical sales data, and analysis of sales trends.

4.  centralized procurement centralized procurement, on the one hand refers to a purchase, want to buy as much as possible to avoid unnecessary goods, increase purchase frequency, on the other hand refers to as much as possible brands and varieties of procurement from a commodity suppliers, reduce the number of suppliers. It can get a lower price, and can also reduce travel expenses, we keep fixed purchase channels at the same time, but also pay attention to opening up new purchase, purchase channels to ensure diversification, so as to prevent the damage caused by the channel risk.

5. to reduce the middle link between two points, straight line recently! We may not all products to manufacturers, but we can as far as possible to avoid the intermediate links, so that the same product, we can enjoy the lowest purchase price. The best way is to find out the manufacturers contact, ask the local agent phone, and then sincerely talk about cooperation!

6. for the purchase of some of the relatively large volume, the weight of the goods, inter provincial procurement does not necessarily have the advantage, first, high freight, two is recommended