With the advent of the Internet era,

is very useful for the transmission of information. In the past five years, Henan has made a series of new achievements. And every year, there are some frequently seen in newspapers and networks of words, reflecting the events and pictures of our concern, witness the development of the society this year, but also in the history of the long river in the imprint. The hot words, is a fragment of the development of Henan, but also a high degree of concentration of the past.

recently special inventory in 2012 ~2016 years of hot words in Henan, today, let us through the ten hot words of the year in 2014 to review the major news events in Henan, Henan witnessed the development of footprints.

2014 years, the pace of development of Henan steel. One year, 63 years of the most severe "drought" affecting the people, the province’s drought Qili; this year, the new rural cooperative medical, household registration reform Huimin intimate, become the people’s livelihood hot; this year, the Henan new culture media carrier elephant financial media set sail south to North Water Diversion Project water, Dan Jiangbi water way north……

province governing county (city)

from January 1, 2014 onwards, Henan province of Gongyi City, Ruzhou City, Huaxian, Lankao County, Changyuan County, Dengzhou City, Yongcheng City, Gushi County, Luyi County, Xincai county 10 counties (city) the full implementation by the provincial direct management system. On the basis of the decentralization of economy and finance, the province began to carry out the new county system under the administrative system.

Henan provincial governing county reform as a breakthrough in the reform of the administrative system, the pilot county after years of reform and the "comprehensive straight", straighten out the administrative relationship between the three governments at the provincial, city and county, established in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development of institutional mechanisms, the release of the county’s economic vitality, and achieved good results. Overall, the county’s economic growth rate higher than the provincial average, a number of economic indicators ranked.

Jiao Yulu died 50 years in May 14th, comrade Jiao Yulu died on the anniversary of the 50. General secretary Xi Jinping evaluation of the spirit of Jiao Yulu: "in the past, now or in the future, forever is the hearts of millions of people a indelible monument, is always a powerful ideological driving force for encouraging us to work hard, governing for the people, always inspire our pragmatic and pioneering and enterprising precious spiritual wealth, is never out of date."

inscription success in June 22, 2014, following the success of the the Grande Canale inscription, the silk road also entered the world heritage list. In the inscription, Henan is the only one double heritage declared provinces. So far, a total of Henan province the Grande Canale Henan section, Henan section of the Silk Road, Luoyang Longmen Grottoes, Anyang Yin, Jian