in the process of development of a city, the traffic is a very important link, let’s go out when many city residents will directly go to participate in some of the traffic, for example, take the bus, but you will think when the bus ride will encounter some dangerous?

8 at 17:40 on the 22 or so, the Harbin Road District, Gu Xiang street, No. 112 in front of the door, a sudden collapse of the bus station, the car waiting for the public to fall into the pit 4. After the collapse of a deep pit about 2 meters, fell into the pit in the vicinity of the people were rescued by the good people of the 4. Subsequently, the 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the hospital for treatment.

45 years old organ was waiting for the 201 bus, then felt the soles of the feet there is a shock, and so did not run into the fall, her left leg was slightly injured. Injured Feng Wenchao left foot was swollen, left arm scratched. Yu Hongyang left calf swelling, right shoulder abrasions. Ma Xiao Yu’s leg was injured.

actually on the bus when it came to a sudden, this is a lot of people are unexpected, at the same time, the road to collapse some of the local city construction department and some of the traffic management department is a warning, must be timely elimination of danger.


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