entrepreneurial stories, entrepreneurial heroes everywhere, nowhere, today Xiaobian for everyone to bring a well-known figure, a venerable old entrepreneur – Guo Henian! In the "Forbes" in the list of the top 40 richest in Southeast Asia, Guo Henian topped the list. In 2004, Forbes global rich list, Guo Henian’s personal net assets of $4 billion 200 million, ranked 111st. Although the 81 year old, although has reached the pinnacle of career, but Guo Henian’s enthusiasm for the cause has not diminished, still struggling.

from sugar, hotels, real estate, insurance, shipping, mining, grain and oil to the media, he created a huge business empire, has created countless miracles. He was one of the "two kings", the first to enjoy the reputation of "Asian sugar king", and later, "Hotel King," said, but his career is not limited to this. He is probably the most widely known Malaysia person besides political leaders. He is an outstanding entrepreneur, Malaysia’s richest man Guo Henian.

Guo Henian in more than twenty years old to start, although he was born in a rich and relevant. However, personal courage, ability and strong judgment and never stop the spirit, is the fundamental element of his day after the sea expedition, fame.


the old age of Guo Henian is an active advocate of public welfare. Guo Henian wrote in a letter to the foundation: "I have always said that there are two things to do in life, first of all to work hard, work hard, arrange the family life. At the same time, but also to help some people in need of education. This society will be harmonious, stable and progressive." In January this year, Guo Henian (China) through the Kerry oil company, to host the "Project Hope" China Youth Foundation donated 50 million yuan, from this year, for five years as the economic difficulties of the children of migrant workers to provide 600 yuan per person per year to 900 yuan grants, to help them complete their studies.

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