Respect for the elderly, love pro, courageous, these ordinary people of a bit of charity, can unite the positive energy society, so that more people find good things around. The day before, the North District publicity department, Chengbei District civilization joint Xining evening news held the second session of the "north side moved good recommended contest attracted a lot of public participation. Good registration hotline after another, everyone is looking for positive energy around, recommend the good people in their eyes.

although the "North good" recommended activities open only two days, but the various departments and units, township, and community cadres and the masses to see "north to find good activities Xining Evening News published after the first time I think a lot of people around, there are courageous, unarmed yongdoudaitu taxi driver Jiang Fengzhen with them; success does not forget to return to society, keen charity cause the owners of private enterprises, to help Shao Defu; a difficult family guy Chen Fuhai; 14 years as one day, taking care of her husband’s good wife Xu Jinying…… Their deeds touched everyone around them.

It is reported that

, the recommended activities range than the last, the majority of citizens who work in the area north of the city, as long as the life, love the motherland, love the people, abide by the law, can be selected for the second "city north side moved north". Recommended methods have collective recommendation, the masses recommend and personal recommendation three ways. Recommended in July 22nd to contest the office of the leading group recommended the "north of the city of good".

1 Tel: 0971 – 5505345 /5507450

2 network: send good deeds to the mailbox [email protected].

3 letter: Chaoyang West Road, No. 27, North District government building, room 3026 (north of the District civilization office), zip code 810028;

4 WeChat concern: chengbeihaoren

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