Lake Lake New Area in the future corner. Hu Youjun photo

" although this is the first time the Western Conference will be held, but it still gives us a lot of surprises, the biggest highlight is to highlight the transformation. Not only is the transformation of economic development, but also including city management ideas, investment philosophy, large-scale investment fair way, accumulated useful experience for the city, is a rare treasure!" 2012 Xining Urban Development Investment Association executive director of the office of the director of the municipal real estate bureau Shi Xin said in an interview with reporters. In this regard, the municipal development and Reform Commission Director Song Chenxi have the same feeling, he said, the transformation process of a city development and industrial development is the process of transformation of the mode of economic development, whether it is the idea or action, but prominent change, to stride forward.

Shi Xin and Song Chenxi believe that the past two years, with the "China xiadou" brand called louder, and comprehensively promote the construction of the eastern city of group and the second round of the national development of the west regions, Xining usher in development opportunities hitherto unknown. At the same time, is also facing a lot of pressure, when the tourist season, the streets of Xining hard to find a room, some tourists also reflect Xining tourism elements lacking, some investors also proposed that Xining commercial office supply. Shi Xin said that at present, Xining real estate supply is indeed a single phenomenon. To this end, the municipal government adjusted to the current market demand analysis, change the way, the introduction of a number of commercial real estate in the current western contact, such as the new Hualian complex project, Haiyan Road complex project, the construction of five-star hotels, high-end business hotel, office buildings, shopping centers, these projects are very attractive. Let the customers interested, well adapted to the current market demand for investment in Xining. The successful landing of these projects will greatly enhance the quality of the city of Xining, Xining city to speed up the process of development, so that Xining is more livable, should travel, appropriate investment!

they agreed that Xining is a superior geographical advantage and policy advantage and good investment environment to attract more and more attention to the Xining businessmen, investment, entrepreneurship and policy incentives will treasure for the majority of investment entrepreneurs to provide a broad market space and development opportunities.   (author: Hu Youjun Xiao Yu)