Belt and Road Initiative "is a major strategic deployment of the central, is to promote common development and achieve win-win cooperation and common prosperity of the road, is to strengthen mutual understanding and trust, strengthen all-round communication of peace and friendship road. Qinghai Unicom as a major transportation hub in North and south, is a node connected provinces of the Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road, the construction of "beautiful China" is the most important ecological security barrier, has an important geographical and regional advantages in the "The Belt and Road". At present, the role of ecological barrier of Qinghai is to make full use of their rich mineral resources, improve the transportation network, a diverse and inclusive culture mind, important, and closely docking depth into the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt.

June 20th, the seventeenth session of the "Green Fair depth into the" The Belt and Road ‘Forum held in Xining. In the forum, renowned experts and scholars from related industries, focusing on accelerating the opening up, deepen exchanges and cooperation, to create a strategic fulcrum, depth into the "The Belt and Road" to carry out research activities, explore new ideas and cooperation, open integration planning new initiatives.

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Qinghai daily special guests excerpts in the forum, to readers.

play ecological advantages in Qinghai to build a green silk road

Dr. Dean, China Economic Research Institute

tutor shiratsu husband

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Shiratsu O, the Economic Bureau of the CPC Central Policy Research Office, former inspector, deputy director, Dean, China Institute of economic research professor and doctoral, doctoral tutor, expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council, director of the academic committee of Qinghai Province Institute of Silk Road Economic zone. Served as deputy director of the Central Party school, the theoretical frontier, deputy director of the SASAC Research Center, has long been engaged in economic theory and practical economic issues.

to the depth of integration The Belt and Road ", must play their respective comparative advantages, deepen cooperation content, enhance the development advantages. The location of Qinghai is special, the position is very important, the advantage of ecological resources is obvious, and the green development potential is huge. In depth into the "The Belt and Road", better play the green ecological comparative advantage, deepening the Qinghai development and opening up, promote the construction of green silk road.

Why does

need to be deeply involved? First of all, "Belt and Road Initiative" concept has been more and more countries and regions of the identity, and is from vision to action. To build a "The Belt and Road, general participation is not enough, now need to highlight the good depth into the article. Secondly, one of the core to build a "The Belt and Road", is to promote the economic free flow of factors orderly, efficient allocation of resources and market depth of integration. To promote a larger, higher level, a deeper level of opening up, large exchanges, large integration.

obviously, only the depth of integration in order to adapt to the needs of large integration. Again, "The Belt and Road construction should not only establish the overall national goals, also to play the enthusiasm of local, local planning and target to match;