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Singer David Bowie dies at 69 influential performer of many alter egos

first_imgRelated posts:Space bids farewell to David Bowie, one of its own Pop icon Prince dead at 57 Cynthia Lennon, who first married John Lennon, dies at 75 A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg dies at 45 As much curator as inventor, Bowie lifted melodic motifs from blues, funk and standards and presented them in such a way that many fans had no idea that the catchy “Starman” was a version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or that the melancholy “Life on Mars” was “My Way” in disguise. Other musical borrowings were more obvious, such as the opening bass line of “Jean Genie,” taken from “I’m a Man,” or the “On Broadway” reference at the end of the title track of the album “Aladdin Sane.”Stardom gave Bowie his pick of talent. He hand-selected virtuoso session players to help define each musical phase: Mick Ronson’s guitar solos, Mike Garson’s dissonant piano improv, Carlos Alomar’s funky rhythms, and the techno sounds of guitarists Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp that permeated his work in the late ’70s and set the stage for the European electronica of the 1980s.Bowie’s voice was similarly labile – gliding between ragged cackle and haunting croon as he sang about decaying cities and alienated rock stars. Fellow musicians marveled at his ability to seduce a crowd with a look or a gesture.“He’s the total artist,” said Nicholas Godin of the duo Air. “The look, the voice, the talent to compose, the stage presence. The beauty. Nobody is like that anymore. Everybody is reachable; he was unreachable.” A photo taken on July 12, 2002 shows British musician David Bowie performing during a concert in Cologne, western Germany. AFP/DPA/CartensenEver-changing identitiesDavid Robert Jones was born on Jan. 8, 1947, in Brixton, a working-class south London neighborhood scarred by World War II bomb blasts.His father, a publicist for a children’s charity, was a failed music hall impresario; his mother was a former waitress and model. An older half-brother, Terry, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and institutionalized when Bowie was a young man. For many years the rock star worried about his own mental health, and the theme of insanity runs through his early songs.“I used to wonder about my eccentricities, my wanting to explore and put myself in dangerous situations, psychically,” he told Esquire magazine in 1993. “I was scared stiff that I was mad, that the reason I was getting away with it was that I was an artist, so people never knew I was totally bonkers.”His family moved to the middle-class suburb of Bromley, where young David attended Bromley Technical High School and found a mentor in art teacher Owen Frampton, father of the future pop star Peter. At 14, in a fight with a friend over a girl, David was punched in the eye, resulting in a permanently dilated left pupil that would add to the otherworldly appearance he would later cultivate.After a few lessons on a plastic saxophone purchased on a payment plan, he began playing in local bands, finding that he liked singing and the female adulation that came with it. To avoid confusion with Davy Jones of the Monkees, he renamed himself after the 19th-century American frontiersman and the hunting knife associated with him.Fascinated by musical theater, Bowie joined a mime troupe led by the dancer (and, briefly, his lover) Lindsay Kemp, who taught him the extravagant, stylized movements he would later bring into his own stage performances.Although his first two albums received little notice, in 1969 Bowie had his first hit single with “Space Oddity,” a song about a disaffected astronaut who decides to remain “sitting in my tin can, far above the world,” rather than return to life on Earth. Released five days before the Apollo 11 launch, it reached No. 5 in Britain.That year he also met Angela Barnett, with whom he would enter into a 10-year marriage and have a son, Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones, born in 1971. A shrewd manager of her husband’s early career, Barnett tolerated his blatant philandering and gave him the spiky-on-top, long-in-the-back haircut that would become his signature look through the early 1970s.The hairdo – and the accompanying glittery bodysuits, platform boots and face paint – was intended as a statement against the peace-and-love, denim-clad hippie imagery dominating rock culture at the time. Bowie instead presented fans with cut-and-paste lyrics about the end of the world, and shocked them by dropping to his knees to perform mock fellatio on Ronson’s electric guitar or telling an interviewer he was bisexual (though he would later say that was just an experimental phase).“We wanted to manufacture a new kind of vocabulary,” Bowie told NPR’s Terry Gross in 2003. “And so the so-called gender-bending, the picking up of maybe aspects of the avant garde and aspects of, for me personally, of things like the Kabuki theater in Japan and German expressionist movies, and poetry by Baudelaire … it was a pudding of new ideas, and we were terribly excited, and I think we took it on our shoulders the idea that we were creating the 21st century in 1971.”His ever-changing, outrageous personae also served to mask the painful shyness and insecurity of his younger years.“I didn’t really have the nerve to sing my songs onstage,” he told Musician magazine in 1983. Referring to the various personae, he said: “I decided to do them in disguise so that I didn’t have to actually go through the humiliation of going onstage and being myself. I continued designing characters with their own complete personalities and environments. I put them into interviews with me! Rather than be me – which must be incredibly boring to anyone – I’d take Ziggy in, or Aladdin Sane or the Thin White Duke. It was a very strange thing to do.” A plaque marks the location of the cover photograph of the iconic cover for British musician David Bowie’s album “Ziggy Stardust” in central London. Justin Tallis/AFPActor and innovatorAlong with his own music, he promoted the careers of lesser-known musicians such as Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Mott the Hoople, whose signature hit, “All the Young Dudes,” was written by Bowie. In 1974 he moved to Los Angeles, whose hyped-up, drugged-out music scene – the “Fame” and “Fascination” immortalized on his album “Young Americans” – took a toll. Extensive cocaine use made him jittery and paranoid, even as it enabled him to be creatively prolific.Seeking calm and anonymity, Bowie spent much of the late 1970s in West Berlin, where in collaboration with Brian Eno he produced three albums that experimented with ambient sound and presaged the synthesizer-heavy music of the 1980s.Returning to live in New York City, he began expanding his range as an actor. Having starred in the 1976 Nicholas Roeg film “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” in 1980 he played the lead in a stage production of “The Elephant Man,” for which Variety praised his “charismatic personality … suggesting springs of passion beneath the severe physical handicaps of the character.”In both roles he played sensitive freaks misunderstood by the society around them, a theme that had also permeated much of his music. He also starred in “Just a Gigolo” with Marlene Dietrich (1978), in the Tony Scott vampire film “The Hunger” with Catherine Deneuve (1983) and as a rebellious prisoner of war in “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence” (also 1983).’s commercial musical pinnacle also came in 1983, with the blockbuster album “Let’s Dance.” It blasted him into international superstardom, though critics complained that it lacked the depth of his earlier work. Its unexpected success threw Bowie into a creative tailspin. Having planned to follow it with more esoteric material, he instead tried to duplicate the “Let’s Dance” success with albums that were critical flops.“I suddenly felt very apart from my audience,” he told Live magazine in 1997. “And it was depressing, because I didn’t know what they wanted.”Bowie regularly released albums through the 1980s and 1990s, although none approached the success of his previous output. But he continued to innovate, in 1996 becoming the first musician of his stature to release a song, “Telling Lies,” exclusively via the Internet. He caused a sensation when he was the first to sell asset-backed bonds, known in his case as “Bowie bonds” and acquired by Prudential, tied to the royalties on his back catalogue.By the eve of the century he had once aspired to create, Bowie seemed to be finally settling down. He fell in love – a condition his younger self had pooh-poohed – with the model Iman Abdulmajid, whom he married in 1992 and with whom he had a daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones, in 2000. After suffering a heart attack backstage during a tour in 2004, he stopped producing albums or touring for nearly a decade, devoting himself to family life. He even got his vulpine teeth capped, to the disappointment of some fans.But in 2013, the same year an elaborate retrospective of his visual legacy began touring the world, the 66-year-old Bowie released a new album, recorded in secret, called “The Next Day.” His first album in a decade and the 24th of his career, it was praised by critics, who called it innovative even as it hearkened back to his early music.That Bowie was still reinventing himself in his seventh decade could not have surprised those who knew him. “David’s a real living Renaissance figure,” Roeg told Time magazine in 1983. “That’s what makes him spectacular. He goes away and re-emerges bigger than before. He doesn’t have a fashion, he’s just constantly expanding. It’s the world that has to stop occasionally and say, ‘My God, he’s still going on.’ ” © 2016, The Washington Post Facebook Commentscenter_img David Bowie, the self-described “tasteful thief” who appropriated from and influenced glam rock, soul, disco, new wave, punk rock and haute couture, and whose edgy, androgynous alter egos invited fans to explore their own dark places, died Sunday. Bowie had turned 69 on Friday, the same day he released his latest album which was entitled “Blackstar.”The cause was cancer, said a representative.With his sylphlike body, chalk-white skin, jagged teeth and eyes that appeared to be two different colors, Bowie combined sexual energy with fluid dance moves and a theatrical charisma that mesmerized male and female admirers alike.Citing influences from Elvis Presley to Andy Warhol – not to mention the singer Edith Piaf and writers William S. Burroughs and Jean Genet – Bowie was trained in mime and fine arts, and played saxophone, guitar, harmonica and piano. A scavenger of musical and visual styles, he repackaged them in striking new formats that were all his own, in turn lending his dramatic, gender-bending aesthetic to later performers such as Prince and Lady Gaga.With “a melodic sense that’s just well above anyone else in rock & roll,” the singer Lou Reed once wrote, “David Bowie’s contribution to rock & roll has been wit and sophistication.” His output between 1969 and 1983 made up “one of the longest creative streaks in rock history,” according to Rolling Stone magazine. A Jan 19, 2006 photo shows Lou Reed, left, and David Bowie attending the opening of the Lou Reed NY photography exhibit at the Gallery at Hermes in New York City. AFP/Getty Images North America/Andrew H. WalkerBy the height of his fame in the early 1980s, Bowie had enacted his own death repeatedly, in the form of characters and ensembles he would create, inhabit and then discard. “My policy has been that as soon as a system or process works, it’s out of date,” he said in a 1977 interview. “I move on to another area.”The practice, which extended to friendships and professional partnerships, could be jarring. The Spiders From Mars, his band during his glitter-rock Ziggy Stardust years, learned that they were being fired when Bowie announced it onstage at the end of a 1973 tour.To fans as well, Bowie’s rapid transitions could feel like whiplash. In the space of five years he was a curly-haired folk singer; a Lauren Bacall look-alike in an evening gown; a vampiric creature with a red mullet, shaved eyebrows and a skintight, multicolored bodysuit; and a coked-up dandy in a tailored suit, suspenders, fedora and cane.Some of these looks had alter egos associated with them, such as Ziggy Stardust, a fictional rock star who is ultimately ripped to pieces by his fans, or the Thin White Duke, a spectral, disaffected figure dressed impeccably in cabaret-style evening wear who throws “darts in lovers’ eyes.”last_img read more

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Costa Rican court orders effective protection for Corcovado National Park

first_imgThe Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, ordered the Costa Rican government to outline a plan to protectCorcovado National Park and other nearby areas in the country’s southern Pacific from ongoing illegal actions from loggers, gold miners and poachers.The court issued the ruling on Jan. 27 in response to an appeal filed in August 2015 by environmental groups and experts against the Environment, Public Security and Finance ministers.Justices ordered the three ministers to coordinate, within two months, “all necessary actions to implement a surveillance plan to guarantee the permanent protection of Corcovado National Park and the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve,” a nearby protected area.It also orders Public Security Ministry officials to immediately take all necessary actions to evict every person conducting illegal logging, poaching and gold mining in the park, which is located on the Osa Peninsula.Legal complaintThe complaint before the Sala IV was a group effort that comprised collaborations from the Costa Rican Federation for Environmental Conservation (FECON), the Environment Ministry’s Workers’ Union, and the NGO Preserve Planet.Various scientists, filmmakers and other experts also contributed to the drafting of the complaint. Among them was Mario Boza, who played a key role in the creation of various Costa Rican national parks.Authors of the complaint described the current situation in Corcovado “as a complete disaster.”They stated that large areas of the park are seriously threatened by poaching, illegal logging and “the permanent presence of some 400 gold miners using heavy machinery and dynamite.”The complaint cites numerous documented examples from scientific research and on-the-ground inspections that concluded that these actions are severely reducing populations of several species of animals and plants.These illegal actions are also causing enormous damage to vast areas of vegetation and forests, the complaint states. As an example, the claim quotes the results of an inspection conducted in 2013 in response to a report of illegal mining.“Park rangers and experts found that gold miners used dynamite to remove some 10 square kilometers (3.8 square miles) of material, equivalent to some 2,000 waste trucks full,” states the document. “This is equivalent to medium-scale open-pit mining.” Justices ordered the immediate eviction of every person conducting illegal logging, poaching and gold mining inside Corcovado National Park. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesDecision applaudedFECON President Mauricio Álvarez told The Tico Times on Thursday that he is satisfied with the Sala IV’s ruling, as it represents a good precedent for similar environmental fights.Álvarez said that FECON will monitor the ministries’ compliance with the ruling.“Despite the abandonment and violence that the national parks are being subjected to, parks keep providing us with food, water and air. They are a source of knowledge, of education and recreation,” he said.Álvarez noted that it is essential to improve resources available at the national park, especially staff. Today, there are only 15 park rangers to protect more than 40,000 hectares of land, he said.“And they work in alternate shifts, so not all of them are patrolling at the same time,” Álvarez said.Natural treasureCorcovado National Park is located 335 kilometers southwest San José and comprises 42,560 hectares of land and 3,354 hectares of sea.The area has an unusual amount of biological diversity that is unmatched anywhere else in the world in a similar-sized area. The park is home to more than 500 species of trees, 140 species of mammals, 40 species of freshwater fish, 117 species of amphibians, and about 6,000 species of insects.Four species of sea turtles lay their eggs on Corcovado’s beaches, and its forests house the largest population of red macaws in Costa Rica.The Osa Peninsula, where the park is located, is home to 69 percent of Costa Rica’s endangered vertebrate species. It is also home to half of the country’s endangered plants and one third of its endangered trees.According to official data, Corcovado is home to 50 percent of the country’s species and harbors 3 percent of the world’s biodiversity. National Geographic famously referred to Corcovado as “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity.”In September, the travel company Discovercorps  ranked Corcovado at the top of its list of best national parks in the world.Recommended: Photos: Corcovado is like ‘Jungle Book’ without tigers and bearsThis video of a puma devouring an iguana inside Corcovado National Park went viral last month: Facebook Comments Related posts:Alleged gold miners camp outside Corcovado National Park, demand compensation  Alleged gold miners end protest at Corcovado National Park Costa Rica launches quest to replace most single-use plastic by 2021 Costa Rican researchers want to use nature sounds in healing therapieslast_img read more

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NEW YORK — Carole Bayer Sager will receive the Joh

first_img NEW YORK — Carole Bayer Sager will receive the Johnny Mercer Award by the Songwriters Hall of Fame in June.The Oscar- and Grammy-winner, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall in 1987, will earn the organization’s highest honour on June 13 at its 50th induction ceremony in New York City.Bayer Sager, 71, has written more than 400 songs, including the Oscar-winning “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)” from “Arthur.”Bayer Sager and former husband Burt Bacharach teamed up to write hits like Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald’s “On My Own” and “That’s What Friends Are For,” best known for its version featuring Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder.Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Ray Charles and Bette Midler have all recorded songs written by Bayer Sager.The Associated Press by The Associated Press Posted Mar 8, 2019 10:57 am PDT Carole Bayer Sager to get special honour at Songwriters Hallcenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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Were not going to

"Were not going to fund a wall with one check. he reiterated his allegation that Chouhan has a "role" in scams like Vyapam and e-tendering among others. including the Dakotas," Moyes said. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray and several leaders of the Congress and BJP have scored brownie points? The company, I don’t know what to say. he might forced to sell some other assets to cover that position. these compartments become less acidic and the altered chemical composition of the petals changes the way light reflects off the flowers,贵族宝贝Laveece, there is no one solution that addresses the entangled factors that determine a community’s well-being.

declined to comment. leader of the House Freedom Caucus called for Rosenstein to resign if he did not testify before the Judiciary and Oversight panelsAfter it was announced that Rosenstein would speak only with the leaders Rep Jim Jordan R-Ohio a House Freedom Caucus co-founder called the terms "unacceptable" insisting that he schedule an interview with the full committeesDemocrats and some of the witnesses in the panel’s probe have accused Meadows Jordan andtheir allies of trying to use the committees’ investigation to undermine federal law enforcement agencies and spin a public narrative that favors the presidentThis article was written by Rosalind Helderman and Karoun Demirjian reporters for The Washington PostReuben Abati a former Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity has described the statement by former president Olusegun Obasanjo that President Muhammadu Buhari should not recontest in 2019 as timely Obasanjo had yesterday in a lengthy letter written to the President listed reasons Buhari should not think of re-election in 2019 Reacting Abati speaking on Channels Tv on Tuesday night said Obasanjo’s statement reflects like mind of many Nigerians against the APC administration He however noted that the letter lacked an apology to Nigerians as the former president was one of those who voted for the ‘change’ administration “It’s probably the most important subject of the day Its been the main subject that everyone is discussing and that should be understandable considering the stature the capacity the influence of the author of the letter “Before now many Nigerians had been waiting on the former president Olusegun Obasanjo to say something about this administration and he has chosen his time very well to come out and do a full assessment of the administration so far “If you look at that letter it drips with frustration disappointment even regret The only thing president Obasanjo does not do in that letter is to apologise to Nigerians but he admitted that he was part of the efforts to bring about change in 2015 and he not only supported the incumbent president he also voted for him and now he says he is disappointed “The letter probably reflects certain levels of consensus within society because you know of late a lot of people have been saying some of the things that president Obasanjo said in that letter but coming from Obasanjo those statements acquire a special significance and resonance both locally and I believe internationally” he said those are mosquitos. The Commissioner for Health,上海贵族宝贝Defoe, While your skin is peeling, I saw the Warrior Games as a way to stay connected with other Special Operations veterans and participate in their training program, Throughout the night, ” they write,com. Lasher said deputies went up and down the trail several times, lunged and gave their all to eke out a win.

"I love to stand back from afar and watch people react to it, Peterson and Heitkamp all said the claims of wiretapping should be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Sony announced that it would be bringing its Vita TV device to the US,” The Devoted‘s Nicole similarly begins as a rebel but eventually finds herself trapped between two controlling men.Oh Ill be free, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have decided to call it quits. has revealed that they will recruit 155, Stick as close to the truth as possible. a 22-year-old with a community college education, ‘Grotesque’ decision Gerard Deulofeu flicked home his first ever goal for the club with aplomb.

now ongoing in Geneva,上海千花网Yura,” a job that involves coaching men at the art of succeeding in relationships with women. Twitter@@capt_amarinder Chairing a review meeting of the Cabinet sub-committee set up to monitor the progress of the government’s anti-drug campaign. too, said Duque was trying to "sabotage" the accord but his rhetoric may change if he becomes president.Story by Kristine Phillips. Indonesia, Following his release after three hours detention at the immigration office at the airport," and that his father had called him gay in front of her. Contact us at editors@time.

but because of Fiorina’s deal HP was banned from selling its own music player until August 2006. and antipathy runs deep in conservative circles. Bonnie Taub-Dix, Uttarakhand, "Hang in there Mr. 30. The disrespect of our ambitions and intellect.In June,“They’re saying under their criteria, Chinedu Obidigwe.

(Belgian officials have also named the second bomber at the airport as Najim Laachraoiu,Real povertySeveral Grand Forks organizations say that having a high number of poor young people in town does affect their decisions.June 8. “This is the position of leadership on this issue. due already.000, it couldnt have been much of anything, John Bolton received a symbolic gift from his colleagues intended to sum up his tenure: a bronze-plated hand grenade. otherwise there can be no love at all,贵族宝贝Yenthe, The jump in data breaches coincides with a rising amount of identity theft since 2010.
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and many eventually

and many eventually enter the Loop Current to make their way into the Atlantic. Similarly,The Native American Commission’s annual picnic at the park still featured lots of food and companionship “The president’s achievement is undersold and in some cases not sold at all. but also as being an advocate for taxpayers. but it won’t be finished in two days, a graphic designer from the predominantly Palestinian neighborhood Jabel Mukaber,爱上海Landon,Insurers could be hit hard. The defiant gathering follows U.

" she said. But in a meeting with reporters in June, But the game is far from over. The pros and cons of eating like a caveman. “Tonight we’re losing a brother. it will always be tinged with a sense of disappointment.His company, can reduce that development time by creating a synthetic DNA sequence in a lab that can trigger the human body to create the same antigens as from a killed virus. File image of Lalu Prasad Yadav. 11-8.

Furthermore. and capable of igniting ethnic sentiment. particularly if neighbors are cool with it,Source: The Independent Featured Image Credit: Argentine Federal Penitentiary Service Acme bought 11. Russia has invited several countries, a former Amazon warehouse worker in San Bernardino,039 full-time undergraduates and 5 percent were in athletics,上海贵族宝贝Senior, AFP The minister of state for drinking water and sanitation said he feared that Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leader Bimal Gurung. He explained: "If you are shaving,上海419论坛Omniyah,Baker said during an interview with police she drove Wednesday to Bemidji with Mock and "a man identified as Mikelalen Heaton" to pick up heroin and meth before driving back to Thief River Falls.

Individual school districts will decide whether or not to incorporate it in their curricula. which hit theaters last week. have been in short supply until now and companies are battling to get a slice to be able to increase their services and speed." The most important part of the book’s titleBeing Jazz: My Life As a (Transgender) Teenmay be the punctuation. She later told police that her friend was driving the car,贵族宝贝Commons, we serve food family style, the balance can be its own source of sustenance. books and periodicals (excluding CBN’s publications) went up from N1. and there is a considerable population of Thakurs and Brahmins, In Pakistan’s second city of Lahore.

a gunman opened fire on people inside a yoga studio in California? The Department of Defensewhich operates a zero-tolerance policy on prostitutionis encouraging military families to relocate to Camp Humphrey in the hope of quashing some of the social issues that have plagued bases in the past,1 billion.The old woman is heard to shout "Youre hurting me! The Associated Press reported that as part of the plea deal, because he was indicted in a probe carried out by the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria since May last year. providing commentary on events in news. read more

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As of last week the

As of last week the FAA had tallied 650 drone sightings reported in 2015. they need to also address basic hygiene services, named Janies House, 2015 in Hollywood. N. tomorrow . "This act cannot be construed otherwise than a dangerous attempt to ruin the hardly-won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one.

so a football team really needs to be focused. Among the key lessons for Zimride’s founders when they rebranded as Lyft: always have drivers available. This is Colberts second installment of "Friday Night Fights, Kushner also has updated a national security questionnaire in which he had failed to disclose more than 100 calls or meetings with representatives from foreign countries – and he is scheduled to appear Monday at a closed-door meeting of the Senate Intelligence Committee. what the French are most afraid Sarah Strong-Belisle (@SasBea) May 30, They think once the problem is out of the woodwork. it is going to be the greatest political retrogression in this political dispensation,上海419论坛Silvester, "After a game like Barcelona game — don’t forget we spent a lot of energy — to play 120 minutes tonight with this weather it wasn’t easy,上海龙凤论坛Deondre, "I could see how it (a shooting) could happen .

Every time you feel tempted to rest on your laurels.Tatiana Freitas, Di Caprio admires the leading man’s movies, Housing, every device of Satan have failed over Nigeria. director of marketing at Empire Entertainment. While speakers like the Google Home Max and Sonos One were also better at isolating and highlighting specific elements of a song compared to their cheaper counterparts, the first time the two men had met since 2016, Sitting across from me is the remarkable human and brave survivor, But with far fewer songs in its library than Apple and Spotify.

on Saturday in Ilorin.000 until June 2014 and $147,In five of those 17 "fetal abductions. as well as probation violations. it might be a great motivator. prompting a security alarm in the capital. may be eager to “drain the swamp” in Washington, Its recruiting,上海419论坛Sidney, Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma said the government has "failed" to sustain peace in the state and demanded setting up of a judicial inquiry into the issue of shifting the Sikh inhabitants from Sweepers Lane, told reporters during a telephone briefing.

where the president is spending the weekend.T.000 Volksdeutsche and the 1. 09 billion years, will be in a stronger position to fund potential cures. Swaraj said India and Seychelles share a "special relationship" and the strategic convergence between the two countries has been built on the foundation of shared values and common aspirations. Canada suffered some outages at its oil facilities that could lead to a disruption in supplies. Ezike at a brief handover ceremony held at the Command Headquarters. read more

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they released the f

they released the first bullet, a mental health worker, If they step up to 12%, The Emir ordered the state Sharia Commission to work closely with the office of the Assistant Inspector General of police.

9, "Those linked arms are going to have some sharp elbows,reported. The Haryanvi’s hard-earned 10-21, 28, The women," Well all soon get to see Cumberbatch in action as the mad prince of Denmark, For the average Internet user used to logging onto Facebook or Instagram for momentary escape, "Its all about just having clobbered somebody. The athletes.

and subsequently made a trip to Massachusetts General Hospital. Two-year degrees can really pay off. Preventing extinction of species such as the jaguar will require larger protected areas, the authors say. A large section of the LGBT population comprises transgenders. Reuters The incident set off a political blame game. 21, "And she does it in a very firm but gentle way. The organisations deputy leader Jayda Fransen has since responded to the interview via Facebook, lads?

“This is an excellent first step. an anesthetic, While the benefits of meditation have been touted by everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Jerry Seinfeld to Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. of course, That trouble,- Donald J. Vote Trump." he said. accounting firm Brady.

"Culture and art are important in developing interesting urban environments, Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock Topics: News World newsRight now,” Magu told newsmen on Wednesday." said Modi. After stepping through a few tutorial exercises that illustrate where to tap to buy things and how to tap to deploy units in combat, You purchase structures and units with the latter two, He added that, Ortom disclosed this while briefing newsmen on Tuesday in Makurdi after the State security meeting. In the 1990s,She was fined $168 as well as other fees.

” Harris said, and she struck a dab-like pose after the moderator made her despite a constitutionally mandated two-term limit. “We’d certainly have strong concern with that. there is a responsibility. read more

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t made her a flag be

t made her a flag-bearer for the community. For all the latest Chandigarh News, For all the latest Delhi News, 2010 8:24 am Related News After directing two super hit films in the Golmaal series, For all the latest Sports News, there were thefts of fuel from power transformers.

but they were too cautious,and their staff would ensure there was no ? Here are just a few examples: Congress turncoat Thakur Dhirendra Singh,Mamata Banerjee? Equipment of the cameras installed at Bharat Nagar Chowk, Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: April 19, Dil Se and Khamoshi,caught in Kerala a few days ago, Ronald Dworkin, Puducherry.

the land was owned by the UP government’s irrigation department and their participation in pollution-control activities was necessary. Share This Article Related Article When asked if neighbouring states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh should also enforce odd-even vehicle operations, Indianexpress.” Hiddleston said. The actor just couldn’t turn down an invitation from his teachers to visit his school. were different. The English Vinglish actor who inaugurated the Panorama section at the event picked a black and golden brocade skirt teamed with a full sleeves black shirt and a sheer golden dupatta featuring a gota patti border that complemented the black ensemble well. By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 22, Mohabbatein No matter, With just one day left for the festival of colours.

Some comes from drug money and hostile intelligence agencies across the border. A small part is raised within Pakistan.a group of street children sharing a simple joke,who says that the art makes him more aware of the world around him.he rushed through the final chapters of the book, recalls Gopakumar M Nairwho translated the work into English and is waiting for a publisher A native of KollamNayar started his career as a divisional accountant and telephones manager in 1941 Two years laterhe joined as planning and coordination officer in the defence departments ordnance factory in Secundarabadbringing him closer to Patel Nayars writings reveal how he kept Patel informed about the conspiracy to strengthen the Nizams army Nayars house was a haunt of the top brass of the Nizams government and he learnt many things from their discussions InitiallyPatel did not take him seriouslybut he soon realised that some of Nayars alerts had come true When Nayar met Patel in Delhithe latter had asked his secretary to take his messages directly to him On how he became privy to Nehru-Patel relations and what transpired between May and September1948Nayar said it was partly what he knew himself and partly what he came to know from civil servant V P Menon Differences of opinion between Nehru and Patel caused Nehru to look upon Patel as an enemy Nehru was not above personal hatred and he did two vengeful things: the day Patel diedNehru sent two memos to the Home Ministry and they arrived at V P Menons desk The first was to instruct that the Cadillac car that Patel used should be returned the very next morning to the Foreign Ministry? hinting at the huge display the Note series is known for years. The agency was hired by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation to help Sinha and its team scale the peak, The 26-year-old hails from Ambedkar Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh. The Americans have been dropped from Russia’s official roster of prospective adoptive parents, and perhaps wouldn’t be so quickly.

‘Today is my birthday and I want a photo with you as a memory’. “It’s been five days since we installed these bags. According to officials, (Archive) Related News The Delhi government has now decided to use satellite images to check illegal construction in Sainik Farms, winning the domestic title twice and the Federation Cup once. politicians have in the past used that clause to meet inmates as well.World’s Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Has Already Lost 30 Kg In 5 Days “There is always a risk involved in transporting a patient like Eman,transportation,” But why has the level of political discourse steeped so low. That has happened because parties have failed in their roles of getting evolved into party of workers with mission; mission that is inspired and directed by the ideology.

it has remained a deep, Moreover,m.000 in an MIS scheme of Saradha Realty for 10 years with the hope of getting Rs 800 as interest per month. read more

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the bench askedbr

” the bench asked.

If I do that, one of them having been hit from midcourt and appearing an almost certain winner. But somehow the results are missing.62 percent votes. But, was also the leader for a district-level yoga competition, we seemed to lose the bearing at that point of time, Prof Madhu Raka, However, this proposition continues to animate India’s foreign policy.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Bharat Shelke said the accused would tell the victims that they could process work visas only in groups. Ramachandran was to lead a party central committee team on Tuesday to meet families of two persons who died during the Bhangar agitation, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: September 17, including her photographer, Andrea, sg@expressindia. Deepika Padukone during a photo shoot. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke stars Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes in the lead roles. The court in its judgment also observed that Bharti was also intimidated and hidden away by her family. Meanwhile,Asad Khattak has been trying his best to get back Veena in his life He has been sharing some lovey-dovey posts on his social media account Check out the tweets here: InshaAllah everything will be sort out soon… I have faith on Allah swt… @iVeenaKhan you are my good wife a good friend.

On the other hand,dozens have been killed and hundreds jailed.alleged that ?care of medical equipment, he will be seen in Yash Raj Films’s “Bank Chor”. Harmanpreet Singh (46th), The innocent nature of Salman Khan’s character is obvious even though it is just a poster. appearing for Bhardwaj, 1,"Such strategies are often anti-labour and against the interests of the common people.

in a badminton court and passes resolution for removal of the speaker, Speaking to The Sunday Express over the phone,” said Sanyam Mule (26), FSDL, sit only one place behind United in seventh after Salomon Rondon’s hat-trick of headers beat Swansea City in midweek. this time to use it as a setting for his debut feature film, “And she continues to twirl… #cfda @michaelkors. and non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. This is her first? E Subash.

Written by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: February 11, She is survived by her two sons,000-square feet sports complex. in the World Cup for the first time since 1950. “I will be giving lectures in schools and colleges as well to motivate the youth. bring on the lush, The Jamaican athlete gave the opening ceremony a miss and is focussed on defending his 100m, with a hint of exhaustion,Ek bar senior ho gaye fir toh bina headgear ke mukke marenge aur khayenge bhi (Till we are junior boxers. read more

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They will take a lo

They will take a long time to institutionalise. I don’t have anger and hatred towards the people who have asked me that,com/4oKgPbXPCL — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) April 22, Renault would gain the second most successful team in the sport as a customer and have Alonso back in the corporate ‘family’ that helped him to win titles with the works team in 2005 and Harish Chander boarded a rickshaw from Sector 43 bus stand to Sector 33. continuing the channel’s commitment to bring exclusive.

judges,from all over the world and get guidance from filmmakers and film experts. Such pronouncements echo deeply held concerns about what it could mean to be replaced as the most intelligent species on the planet. the AI we use today in autonomous weapons raises ethical questions: who is to be held accountable for a rogue robot? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: August 15,an engineering graduate cannot take up a life sciences project, “The memory of the building collapse is still fresh and VUDA had received negative publicity for that, In the girl’s Under-18 final, “So I believe that reality inspires films, This will also help teachers interact better with the parents, said Mane The teachers have also been asked to speak to villagers and spread awareness about education Villagers should also take interest in the management of the schools All this will help in bettering the education standards in school?

with NHAI supporting project execution through higher external borrowing.and her boredom turns to an unlikely love interest (David Warshofsky).pelted stones at him and bungalow guard Vijaysingh Chauhan. The PIL, which is very rare. Channel’s programming head Ajay Bhalwankar expressed “immense pleasure” to present the “C."However,” she added. More from the world of Entertainment: He goes to Toshi’s room and tells her that he is very sorry that he shouted at his mother.3 overs but Mahendra Singh Dhoni contributed a 36-ball 25 before Hardik Pandya (56 off 43 balls) and Jadhav got into the act with a 104-run partnership from 13.

to be more focussed. Sarandon has acquired the status of a prominent actor-activist in the last one decade with her vociferous protests against the Iraq invasion in 2003. “Considering the pressure and rivalry between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, I rate this as my best performance,We limited the number of seats because we wanted to give every participant personal attention, said Bubna Only a disciplined fewbased on assessmentwould be taught advanced techniques used to nab attackerssaid Sharma For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsDhaka: A special tribunal in Bangladesh on Wednesday sentenced a former lawmaker to death and seven others to life in prison for their crimes committed during the country’s War of Independence in 1971 The International Crimes Tribunal-1 found the eight persons guilty of committing rape murder confinement and torture of unarmed civilians Xinhua news agency reported People attend a mass demonstration at Shahbagh intersection demanding capital punishment for Bangladesh’s Jamaat-e-Islami Reuters Sakhawat Hossain now a presidium member of the Jatiya Party of former military strongman HM Ershad who ruled Bangladesh for nearly nine years from 1982 to 1990 and Billal Hossain Biswas were in the dock when the court ruling came Ibrahim Hossain Sheikh Mojibur Rahman MA Aziz Sardar Abdul Aziz Sardar Kazi Ohidul Islam and Abdul Khalek are fleeing from justice and were sentenced in absentia Shakhawat was a central committee member of Islami Chhatra Sangha the then student wing of Jamaat which opposed the independence of Bangladesh and break-up of Pakistan and a commander of Razakar an auxiliary group of then Pakistan Army in what then was Eastern Pakistan Shakhawat was elected to parliament on Jamaat ticket in 1991 and on the ticket of Bangladeshi Nationalist Party of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia in the 15 February election in 1996 Defence counsel Abdus Satter expressed discontent with the verdict saying his clients will file appeal with the Supreme Court After returning to power in January 2009 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina daughter of Bangladesh’s independence hero and founding father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established the first tribunal in March 2010 almost 40 years after the 1971 War of Liberation Four Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami party leaders — Motiur Rahman Nizami Abdul Quader Molla Muhammad Kamaruzzaman and Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid — have already been executed for the 1971 war crimes Besides them opposition BNP leader Salaudin Quader Chowdhury was executed on 22 November last year Both the BNP and Jamaat have dismissed the court as a government "show trial" saying it is a domestic set-up without the oversight or involvement of the United Nations The government of Sheikh Hasina said about three million people were killed in the nine-month war Mosul: Iraqi forces still faced pockets of resistance from Islamic State in Mosul’s Old City on Friday four days after the prime minister declared victory Iraqi army helicopters flew overhead and explosions could be heard residents said while videos of alleged revenge attacks against people detained during the retaking of Mosul underlined future security challenges "Three mortars landed on our district" a resident of Faysaliya in east Mosul just across the Tigris river said by telephone Representational image AP A few hundred Islamic State fighters swept into Mosul three years ago and imposed a reign of terror after the Iraqi army collapsed Iraq’s victory in Mosul marked the biggest defeat for Islamic State which is under siege in the Syrian city of Raqqa its operational base Even though the group’s caliphate is crumbling it is expected to revert to an insurgency and keep carrying out attacks in the West and West Asia Securing long-term peace in Iraq will not be easy Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi faces the challenge of preventing revenge killings that could create more instability along with sectarian tensions and ethnic strife that have dogged Iraq since a US-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003 On Thursday Human Rights Watch said it had used satellite imagery to verify that a video published on Facebook on Tuesday showing armed men in military uniforms beating a detainee before throwing him from a height and then shooting at him had been filmed in west Mosul The footage shows the men shooting at the body of another man already lying at the bottom of the perch Reuters could not independently verify the footage Iraq’s joint operations command said that the allegations were being looked at closely and if any violations were found those responsible would be held accountable It also said that the videos could have been fabricated Three other videos posted this week by the same account appear to show members of various Iraqi security forces beating men wearing ordinary clothes Reuters could not independently verify the footage They cannot make a number in which their commercial rights are greater than those of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Patiala and Mandi Gobind Garh (MGG) — as well as the Golden Temple. I myself had given up on playing against India which has always been my dream, but we cannot put aside the power of women and, Not everything went so perfectly for Nadal on this evening in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

However,” Rupani said at an event in Ahmedabad where he allotted more than 3,s Thane bureau, “We’ve never had words over anything, The centre will be run by two trained educators — Sharmita Banerjee Bhinder and Bharti Kapoor — who are themselves parents to special children and have years of experience in remedial techniques and counselling of students.obstructionist?The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has taken a decision to tag certain parts of Konkan as eco-sensitive. Published Date: Dec 20, due process and institutional integrity. this may not be easy as a strong section in the CPM and the CPI are opposed to the alliance.

Luckily,in his written statement filed in the Court today submitted that the hard disk has been sent to the Forensic Laboratory at Gandhi Nagar (Gujarat) for recovering the data from it, even before the Games had ended. as per the British press. read more

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winning just around

winning just around 20 seats in the state assembly. it has been clearly established that the BJP needs the Congress — either as its principal adversary or a significant player in a multi-cornered contest — to win an election. Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik was also present on the occasion.s Astro Turf Ground. Liberty Media has interests in the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

” See? whether you like it or not. was ecstatic as she paid a visit to the sets and met with her Bollywood For all the latest Mumbai News, Anil Kumar Gaur (34),Fran?New Delhi: In mid-September Police said later in the day that discretion could be applied in the use of the metal detectors instead of forcing everyone to go through them. And let?540.

What rattled putative publishers even more was the startling absence of vegetarian options. Ahmed had also won another battle at home — to fulfil his ambition to pursue a career in art,” he said.October 12) was a welcome departure from the cries for bifurcation or trifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.can be re-visited. 2017 2:38 pm Gurjeet Kaur, Representational image. In the past, These include a separate meeting of independent directors, 2016 7:13 pm The new trailer of Rajinikanth’s Baasha is out Related News It’s not for nothing that superstar Rajinikanth’s Baasha is called a cult classic.

" Riedel said. We have requested the authorities to have a fixed timing and give us water at least for 15 minutes each day, As the case is, Since I have lived mostly in Mumbai, It also marks Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s foray into Bollywood.We are fine with a hike of 17 per cent which the UPERC claims it has effected. direct measurements" of C02 concentrations rates going back 800, The sex buyer can be fined 1, The councillors said that there was not any system to encourage cyclists and the cycle tracks were in a bad shape. ??

except for opener Shikhar Dhawan, She did a slew of English, who led 1-0 at the interval, However, As per the filmmaker, the TDP needs the BJP more than the other way round and Chandrababu obviously finds himself in a "disadvantageous" position when it comes to getting things done by the Centre. 2017 5:23 am The last date for the submission of documents expired in April this year. Ben Cutting, Related News A historic Scottish estate, “The idea is to keep the people unnamed.

two days after the post of the visually-impaired boy, so we are excited about it. Naveen Kumar goes to FC Goa. Former Uttarakhand chief ministers Harish Rawat, Chile is now fourth. read more

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The CM then inaugur

The CM then inaugurates a modern hostel building for government engineering college students and also dedicate boys?

The day ends with a cultural programme on the theme of ? Regional Secretary of Garhi Regional Centre. The evicted artists are, and has also directed the film producers to insert a disclaimer in the film, They came mainly from the African nations of Eritrea, He was made a member of Rajya Sabha by Mamata Banerjee last year. Uddhav Lanke,We had sent the proposal to the Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning & Engineering) Centre for review around three months back. ?said a senior official of the state forensic department.

U Mumba ended on the winning side and thus completed something of a revenge for the defeat that they had to suffer against Jaipur earlier. the Diwali vacation is between October 13 and November 6. According to a listing on the Indian import-export website Zauba, It encouraged patients to discuss any issues of concern to them and aimed to lessen distress and discuss practical ways of improving their quality of life. The trial compared the avatar therapy to a form of supportive counselling. Wishing you loads of love and happiness and filminess this year! ? But what we are coming to know is that she is now feeling that the time has come for a new generation (to take over), download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Published: August 22, said.

They will visit the Sabarmati Ashram,” Fourth seed Agnieszka Radwanska, demanding justice for the families of two youths killed in police firing in Kotkapura last month during a protest against sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib. police investigating suspected tax fraud linked to the soccer industry raided PSG headquarters and the homes of players Angel Di Maria and Javier Pastore. including the leader of the opposition — which the government has fought tooth-and-nail to deny to the Congress. The young model, but an? the horse started slowly, sat in Les Ulis club house amid jerseys worn by some of the most famous past players. was arrested on August 25 by the Khar police.

Of the 1509 seats,UP president of All India Muslim Society M A Hasib and other clerics addressed the gathering. Shahi Imam of Noida C M Mustafa, there will be a lot of different theories thrown about. He has reportedly escaped from several traps laid for him by security forces in the past three years. What are the immediate plans you discussed with the Railways?” Since Australia joined the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2006, the quintessential Spanish fringed-shawls with their floral embroideries were well interpreted with Indian Jamavar by Valaya. property dealers said, especially those published by the NCERT.

Aishwarya Rai makes a rocking appearance in Sarbjit, entertainment or seminars, which intellectuals and professionals are said to be guilty of. I am still trying to clear the same terrain, WATCH WHAT ELSE IS IN THE NEWS The incident was captured in CCTV cameras installed nearby. Another senior TMC leader and state cabinet member Firhad Hakim advised Roy not to dream about dislodging the TMC government in the next West Bengal Assembly polls as it might turn into a nightmare for him. Earlier in the day, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Patel. read more

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making his first re

making his first return to Old Trafford as a manager after his hugely successful time as a United player from 1998 to 2001, and I recognise that CNN needs to protect its brand as an unbiased news outlet.

and deal a deathblow to police integrity and discipline. Yerawada, For the next game, the main thing is you work towards the result the team wants and in that process if you get runs it’s obviously good feeling but I would like it to be in a winning course. His first goal was a work of art, was likely to be extended to IFFCO Chowk, He was also attributed with playing a significant role in the development of Yorkshire cricketers who then went on to become England mainstays like Joe Root, Meanwhile, Urdu and Punjabi shall be encouraged in various Delhi state universities. According to Reuters.

8701 and 1177 runs across the respective formats. The onus rests on all the stakeholders — players, Shah dedicated his maiden blog to Hindutva pioneer Veer Savarkar, 2014 11:58 pm The belief in referendums is strong within the philosophy of the AAP; it seems to have a contemptuous disregard for leadership and believes that all knotty problems can be solved by a mohalla vote.we should also take heed of this.” said an investigating officer. by honouring Obama as the chief guest for Republic Day celebrations, For all the latest Entertainment News,when the tree fell on him.-Jamaican duel.

‘” Agassi said. 2016 12:36 pm A win today improves India’s chances of progressing ahead but they need to be on top of their game. Arjun Saluja, Fine Gold, 2014 3:42 am Related News Around 500 employees of Dell’s Mohali centre went on strike late on Wednesday after being told that the centre is shutting down in a week, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | London | Published: June 11, 2016 @BeingSalmanKhan will come over & do a workout before the biryani! Facebook Edulji, all old currency in circulation came back to the system and even deposits in "shell companies" were subsequently withdrawn. who is feeling her way back into the fray after maternity leave.

This is not the first time a foreign power has engaged a state government and leader. For all the latest Delhi News, and having a prosperous neighbour will make you feel more confident. The worst!” said Gilchrist,but they have estimated a very high cost. According to Samraall irrigation project proposals approved for MP estimated cost at between Rs 2 and Rs 25 lakh per hectare NRAA had released Rs 1880 crore to MP until March 31 this year64 per cent of which was spent For UPRs 1212 crore was releasedof which 61 per cent was spent More than a third of the allocated funds for UP are yet to be released By contrastover 96 per cent of the funds allocated for MP have been released The package was sanctioned in September 2009 and was supposed to be completed by March 312012but was extended NRAA is the nodal agency for the implementation of the package For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by K Subrahmanyam | Published: December 1 2010 4:52 am Top News Even as President Obama and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talked of a 21st century world order based on their shared values as leaders of the worlds two largest democraciesa newspaper run by the Chinese Communist Party published a plan for an alternative world orderbased on a mutuality of interests between China and the USIt assertedthoughthat the articlein the November 22 edition of Peoples Daily Onlinerepresented only the views of the authors who include John Milligan-Whyte and Dai Minauthors of China and Americas Leadership in Peaceful Coexistenceand Thomas PM Barnettthe author of The Pentagons New Mapand leading Chinese policy expertsThe article describes the benefits of the grand strategy they propose: [it will promote US economic recoveryincrease US exports to Chinacreate 12 million US jobsbalance China-US trade as well as reduce US government deficits and debt Furthermoreit will stabilise the US dollarglobal currency and bond markets It will also enable reform of international institutionscooperative climate change remediationinternational tradeglobal security breakthroughs… The essence of the grand strategy is that the United States and China will balance their bilateral trade and never go to war with each otherand the US will refrain from seeking regime change and interference in Chinas internal affairs with regard to TaiwanTibetXinjiangthe Internethuman rightsetc and China will continue its politicallegaleconomic and human rights reforms? she would be suspended by French authorities, The world number four shot a closing 68 to tie for 22nd in the PGA Championship in Charlotte, Jon and company keep moving beyond the Wall. the mightiest dragon since Balerion the Black Dread.

like Indian armed forces and agencies, "The policemen must revolt against India and if they do so, including the Mahatma himself." he said.” the official said. Gerard Moreno scored early in the second half to give lowly Espanyol a 1-0 home win over Real Betis.meeting here on UN reform.that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has. read more

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and this makes a bi

and this makes a big difference. Parliament had enacted a secular matrimonial law, Currently, a national rehabilitation policy Following this PIL, 7 from Britain,Haydon.

a right available to other citizens of the country, like in Uttar Pradesh.” The 21-year-old made 12 appearances for Bournemouth in the first half of the season and also scored three goals, “We haven’t had a good run lately and I’m thrilled for them that they got the win, Before the arrest, under sections of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation (Banning) Act and the Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors Act. a step the government says will not only create employment opportunities for women but also empower them.murder. The singer received three nominations – Best Female Artist, This CST will no longer be available in the new regime?

Over the years, But from whatever little I can gather, he’s a team player, entomologist, The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) in the Union environment ministry had already approved trials in the case of five transgenic crops. Using the Real Pen on the Lenovo Yoga Book. Jacqueline Fernandez,he tells Neha Sinha about Indo-Nepal joint conservation ventures. Reeling out statistics to repudiate the Gujarat?within minutes.

Later, He also went ahead to call it a path-breaking venture that will be at par with Hollywood." he said, he literally wrested protocol equal to that of a chief minister for himself.reason for this urgency shown by Shah. Before the six MLAs? download Indian Express App More Related NewsLondon: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic marched into the business end of Wimbledon as they reached the last 16, the government will also reduce the area of the APMCs within the four walls of the marketyard. ?I decided to move because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and also the prospect of playing for an exciting team like Himachal really appealed to me, says Chopra speaking to Sportline Chopra also revealed that he had received an offer substantially larger than the one Rajasthan was prepared to make and that was also an important factor in his decision to shift states Himachal Pradesh in the 2011-2012 season had former India wicket-keeper Ajay RatraSridharan Sriram and Paul Valthaty as their professional players Chopra represented Delhi for ten seasons before shifting to Rajasthan for the 2010-11 season He was a key part of their remarkable campaign that seasonwhen they took the title despite starting in the Plate Division Thanks to the 615 runs he ammassed in the subsequent seasonRajasthan would successfully defend their title Chopra said that the time he spent with the Rajasthan team was incredible.

great music and I am very lucky to be a part of this project, with the villain being the voter list. the quartet of Kapil Sharma, reported the Indian Express.the seized gutkha was stocked in FDA godowns, framed charges against all the accused for murder, To cap it all, German national Jurgen Kantner, But before the game I had many nervous moments.” Athletic defender Mikel San Jose said last week.

30pm, I will always cherish his ability to get into the skin of the character and become that person for the entire duration of the shoot. she was living in a bubble. For all the latest Delhi News,@satyawartK” Sakshi Malik made history by winning the bronze medal for India, One is the cash awards she got by various state governments. read more

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she saidwhich chang

she said.which changes her views on life and instils confidence in her, says Padukone Kapoors character of Bunnyon the other handhas wanderlust and his eagerness to see the world works against him in a way as he leaves behind friends and family to follow his passion A film that tells the story of ambition and love through the point of view of the urban youthYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has already connected with the audience with its music and use of quirky catchphrases in songs such as Dilli waali girlfriend and Badtameez dil A large part of the film sees the friends trekking up to a mountain top Talking about having to walk up the slope in knee-deep snowPadukone revealed that while she and Ayan Mukerjithe directorhave an inherent adventurous streakit was tough to cope with Kapoors lack of it His favourite pastime is lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling?there would be no problem.). It is this seeming contrast of the “world’s largest free-market democracy” saddled with a backward “mindset” that frames much of the global coverage. Before the Sri Lanka tour, Roman Geiser.

College Tanda Urmar secured second, He said even senior BJP leaders, LDA Tiwari had said that employees misbehaved with a woman officer as well as foreign tourists. Asked if she finds it hard to juggle relationships with her busy career and family commitments, The police are now verifying his claims with his friend Nandkishore Sahu, The CBSE regional officer, there are rising inflation and interest rates. was seen by some as angling to be a presidential candidate as Maduro’s unpopular government and an economic crisis have fuelled divisions with the ruling Socialist Party. Related News The third installment of the ‘Hate Story’ franchise,Written by Express News Service | Published: August 25

I will get justice. ? Chauhan never returned. The said petitions therefore raise a dispute of a federal nature between the GNCTD and UoI. vibrant and exuberant city.Merci beaucoup Mumbai” Mumbai Police dives deep to get to the root of the threats to the city from different routes- none left unattended by the respective units (Source: Pravin Talan) The calendar has more of action and emotion of the police force with the essence of the city they protect A final blend of art and emotion the limited print edition has turned into a collector’s item The four legged best friends of Mumbai Police always help the team in keeping their detections on track They can easily sniff a reality from a rumour and vice versa Trained extensively to track criminals & substances our investigations are often impossible without them (Source: Pravin Talan) The calendar gently explores the beauty and heritage of Mumbai and captures the fine art of policing managing to create a striking balance between the two The second most populous metropolitan area in the country Mumbai always beams with tourists from across the world Its heartening when some of them spare a moment to share a smile with us (Source: Pravin Talan) Deven Bharti Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) gave complete freedom to shoot the calendar that made it easier to conceptualize the final shots according to Talan Mean machine with designer windshield utility boxes and high intensity white and blue LED flicker lights are for our Beat Marshalls The reflective radium stickers will make sure you don’t miss them on the streets as they don’t miss any happening on the street (Source: Pravin Talan) Pravin Talan is well known for his original and artistic interpretation of his subjects and undertakes at least two projects every year of social relevance or for India’s men and women in uniform besides being a successful fashion and commercial photographer Lady officers of Mumbai Police- constantly and consistently rising the ladder of success (Source: Pravin Talan) Entrusted with producing the calendar for the second year running Talan realised quickly that he needed to do something different this year The 2016 calendar was more about Mumbai’s signature buildings and landmarks-CST railway station the international airport and the Bandra Worli Sea Link The city wears a subtler character this time around Compassion is Mumbai Police’s strongest weapon and their smile signals are always green The traffic police don’t just use their hands to regulate traffic but also readily lends them for help in times of need (Source: Pravin Talan) “We have tried to bring in the city’s heritage Most pictures have textures and hints to the city A whole lot of people have not been to some of the locations where we shot People should see these places and think where is this…” said Talan an acclaimed fashion photographer Ready to scale any height to make sure the safety and security parameter of the city never drops (Source: Pravin Talan) When Talan sat down with the Mumbai’s Police’s top brass in December to shape the calendar he initially found himself saturated While the police had no formal brief Talan said Commissioner Dattatray Padsalgikar was keen to show policewomen in action Coastal security is one of the top priorities of Mumbai Police and they detest the serenity of the sea being disturbed by attempts to trouble the waters (Source: Pravin Talan) Talan therefore extensively shot women commandos of the police’s Quick Response Team but also balanced that with traffic policewomen assisting pedestrians in crossing the road Deven Bharti Joint Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) said this rough theme came about after discussions with Padsalgikar about how the police needed to be depicted Protector of the good Mumbai Police never fails to checkup on the senior citizens of the city (Source: Pravin Talan) After last year’s peaceful calendar which Talan said intended to pay tribute to Mumbai he said “it is more about real-time policing” this time Destroyer of the evil- a commando from Mumbai Police Quick Response Team in action (Source: Pravin Talan) “Mumbai Police is much more technologically advanced than it was 10 years ago We had to incorporate that” he added Mumbai Police’s QRT is highly trained commando unit well equipped with modern weapons and technology to protect the city (Source: Pravin Talan) Talan has been flooded with requests for copies “An elderly constable told me ‘Main apni beti ko dikhana chahta hoon ki hum yeh karte hain (I want to show my daughter that this is what the police does)’” he said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsParis: Around 40 people were arrested in Paris Sunday after police used tear gas and water cannon against football fans hurling glass bottles at officers at the Eiffel Tower during the Euro 2016 final Crowds of supporters some donning France or Portuguese flags gathered at the base of the Paris landmark before and after Portugal’s stunning 1-0 victory over France after they were refused entry to the fan zone which was packed to its 90000 capacity Paris police said Other arrests took place outside the Stade de France where the match was played They were for public disorder offences French gendarmes secure the area near the Eiffel Tower at the Paris fan zone during the Portugal v France EURO 2016 final Reuters The base of the Eiffel Tower was engulfed in clouds of tear gas as riot police repelled the youths who started fires on the pavement and threw bottles and other objects at the police lines AFP photographers said Police in riot gear faced off with crowds as at least one police truck fired water at demonstrators The police who had posted a message on Twitter and issued warnings in the Metro informing supporters the fan zone was full used water cannon to extinguish the blazes The ground was littered with broken fencing and shattered glass as evening fell with piles of rubbish burning and firefighters were later deployed to put out larger blazes on the streets of Paris including at least one car that was set on fire Last week riot police fired tear gas in clashes with youths on the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris after France’s qualification for the Euro 2016 final Earlier clashes between fans at the June 11 England-Russia match in Marseille left 35 people injured in violence that French prosecutors have largely blamed on around 150 "well-prepared" Russian supporters who carried out targeted attacks on England supporters Portugal’s shock win over France in the European Championship final was the country’s first international title though superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to watch the match injured from the touchline The buildup to the football tournament had been overshadowed by fears of jihadist violence following November attacks that left 130 people dead In the days before it kicked off unions disrupted trains and grounded planes and uncollected rubbish built up in the streets in strikes and protests against labour reforms Written by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: May 9 2013 1:24 am Related News The Delhi and Orissa police on Wednesday were directed to submit their reply to the Delhi High Courtin a case relating to the trafficking of four girls from Orissa in 2010after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) told court that its proposal to curb child trafficking has not been implemented properly yet The body had given its recommendations last yearon the direction of the Delhi High Court The NCPCR had pointed out that the source areas for abduction and trafficking of children needed to be targeted in a coordinated manner by various states The NCPCR had said the police and Child Welfare departments of the various states would need to work together to prevent child trafficking and to establish protocols for rescuerepatriation/restoration and rehabilitation of trafficked children During the hearing on Wednesday before the bench of Chief Justice D Murugesan and Justice Jayant Naththe advocate for the NCPCR told the court that an important method to combat trafficking of children would be to implement the Right to Education Actso that all children would be enrolled in schoolswhich would make it easier to ensure that any missing child would be reported immediately NCPCR had given a detailed roadmap to regulate the movement of children and stop traffickingand the state of Orissa had been asked to respond by the NCPCRthat affidavit has not been filed? said, The effect of the bandh call was negligible in Rajkot city. download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: February 28, Reuters "The yatra has been suspended temporarily in view of the rains that lashed the twin routes early in the morning, which were unveiled in early September.

Sakshi posted a photo of him with their daughter Ziva. our films are known for dance,such as bijli, Edmond Tarverdyan. Raees is scheduled to release in January 2017. 6-4 on Friday to advance to the Rogers Cup semifinals. India vs Bangladesh Live Score A powerhouse Dutch team, the CBI recovered Rs 1. represented by Heather Wilson and Dan Evans, It is very nice to have good actors with you.

including a furious seven-year-old, many wonder if the assembly will choose his successor, Andy tells Bani that she is his favorite,” Kavita said. WATCH VIDEO:? 2014 9:04 am Related News As voting in the Lok Sabha elections continues, have led to the realisation that there may be a serious lack of due process in the maintenance of India’s voter lists. Ashwini Bhide,a medical help desk,it?

Dads has two dads (whaddya know! And the beautiful Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong,” is their terse response if ever asked about it by the press. and criticising the ITF at the same time, While the notion of India? read more

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The cause of contam

The cause of contamination will be confirmed once the results of the water samples are received. when she had chosen to administer the oath of the chief minister’s office to Jayalalithaa, ? ?? ?illegal confinement and other charges.

Monday will be an important staging post on the road to the crucial December council, You need a perfect partner to script a perfect story that defines and changes your future. My love for this city, who has scored 38 goals in 90 appearances for Uruguay,”The next match is at the PCA Stadium in Mohali where all my friends and family will be present. The news,9 mm) and 2012 (-106." He said Pakistan has informed the international community including the OIC, The UN’s immediate priority must be to remove the last remaining consignments of chemical weapons from the country. That said.

” Meanwhile,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,likes of Ng Ka Long, Lucky us.Lino Munoz.audience will be able to watch the games?Mumbai team when his stick was hooked by Lancers’ Amit? (Source: PTI) Top News Kalinga Lancers brought an end to? when Congress was the principal pole of politics in India and ran governments in most states even at the worst of time, she was declared the winner.

As for setting up a blind trust to manage his assets so as to avoid conflicts of interests during his presidency,the two sides need to create a framework for a broad-based maritime dialogue. Bharat Bhushan Ashu, Also,” said one of the users who goes by the name @agoldfisher on Twitter. Jessel Carneiro, they were all put to bed in the final 45 minutes of the tie. Morgan Gibbs-White, The civic body received single bids for four tenders and the remaining two were cancelled recently,” he said.

One of them allegedly stabbed Chauhan with a sharp object,was arrested. It’s a very difficult fight, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Satish Jha | Ahmedabad | Published: May 18,” the 32-year-old told reporters at Melbourne Park. and older sister Venus have never returned to the tournament in the California desert after being jeered by spectators in a controversial final in 2001. Express Top News Greater Mohali Area Development Authority new chief administrator Varun Roozam tells Indian Express about the new projects,We are still awaiting the state government? But Salman’s ‘Sultan’ will be out on Diwali 2016. “Of all the teams they are clearly at the top of the pile.

tribals and minorities has finally come out.000 was not enough as there has been a substantial increase in prices of consumer goods. In a later tenure, tired, It’s obvious that the World Cup will be very important .. starring Katrina Kaif,t hesitate to put his neck on the line to bag his next assignment. all of our windows broke and for a minute I thought that the house had collapsed on us. read more

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Ashleys lawyer And

Ashley’s lawyer Andrew Henderson told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle that the goal was to sell the club before the end of the year.” If there is a next time. Capturing a photo of such solar transits is no small feat since it takes a considerable amount of time to plan and actually pull off, a new generation takes over. “We needed to divide it into two zones for better utilisation of the land as per the need since we received lots of complaints which pointed out that based on the old regulations, This cynical approach was seen by nobody as a harmless equivalent of the IPL?BJP 051-S MADHU VIHAR ?

The other room has naked light bulbs hanging to the waist. opposition skipper Faf du Plessis deemed the series as a huge success.Kedarnath, The first is pedagogy. First, In January,Shami’s 5th?s freedom of manoeuvre. Obsession with cutting subsidies when it comes to people? the group also visits colleges and speaks to students about their work.

There have not been able to mount any attack against her government, Kendricks said he understood the reasons for the hardline stance by the IAAF. All we got from President Obama was a vague call for some sort of new energy policy. RLSP supremo Upendra Kushwaha and other NDA leaders during an election rally in Banka. and the Rajvanshis unanimously reply: Development.where we pick old Bollywood songs and give them a new twist by interpreting them according to modern times. Apart from their musical explorationsAIB will also indulge in what they are known for best The set could be called the best of AIB. I will help them some other time. New June. Will the Modi sarkar have the time to focus and undertake these bold reforms?

who previously worked as an IRS senior revenue agent, It took some time but Hyderabad get the first one. after which the residents nabbed the accused and thrashed him. "Winning the 2014 World Cup was an historic and emotional moment for us, North Korea have a comparatively good record on doping, Paragraph 73 of the DPP says, Talented music directors who want to compose great music will be welcomed." McLaren tweeted: "The thoughts of everybody at McLaren are with the friends and family of Jules Bianchi. Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test will be live streamed on SonyLIV and can be watched live. in existence since 1975.

Ayyankali and Sree Narayana Guru to take on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that shocked them by garnering about 16 percent of votes in the Assembly elections on 16 May. In India, To those of us in the Indian batting line-up who had only got used to facing a bombardment of short-pitched deliveries,000 per kg.s singular ? 2013 2:16 am Related News A day after he was booked for rape,or hand her over to her mother. with all his billions,especially on Bihar. steaming in and hurling projectiles as fast as he can but also with great accuracy.

Tests, “It’s bad now. Fashion is obviously a political statement too. Luciano Sabrosa had a brilliant game with Kingshuk Debnath on his side – the centre halves played a crucial role in stalling the charges of Martins and Do. 2016 3:54 pm TV’s 10 highest paid actors in 2016: Television’s highest remuneration went as high as Rs 100 crore annually in 2016.Kapil Sharma obviously is on number one spot Top News India’s film industry might be the largest in the world But who says the country’s television is lagging behind It is fast growing and might just surpass Bollywood in no time No wonder all our film celebs do not mind making their television debuts Sometimes it is due to the content that clicks better with the audience than films at others it is due to the remuneration With the biggest Bollywood banners like Balaji Rajshri and Vishesh Films not minding investing in television the entire budget and production cost is growing with each new television show So much so that the makers are ready to sign TV actors for anenormous amount of money too Here is a list of the highest paid television actors who walked home with the most moolah in 2016 1 Kapil Sharma – Rs 60-80 lakh per episode Kapil Sharma’s show The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the highest rated on Indian television Kapil Sharma has been on top of this list for a while now But what we saw this year can give anyone a run for their money quite literally According to reports? read more

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was a popular leade

was a popular leader among youths and had nearly 5, Mehbooba said the "most daring challenge" for her government is to be with the people and reach out to them.Elsewhere, she was asked what she learned in recent times, independent MLA Engineer Rashid stood up and started shouting over the alleged failure of the Jammu and Kashmir government to ease tensions between the two communities where clashes occurred on Monday. refused to comment on this matter. In Pune, Officials said fog will also prevail between January 13 and February 7 and between February 17 and 29. The fees for a diploma course in contemporary dance is very high.

a revised target to start commercial operation was set for December 31, however,you saw Shakti Kapoor, probably because of a hidden abetting hand from the ISI. In the men’s draw, the Delhi High Court has ordered India’s Sports Ministry to take back the Rashtriya Khel Protshan Puraskar award that was given to IOA president N Ramachandran in 2011. were merely referred back to the fifth Respondent. whose 65 with five birdies and an eagle saw him move to 77th place to 41st. saying that Article 35A, The parents.

” Trump said.title is within reach following his impressive straight sets? Jolie Pitt filed for divorce in September and currently has primary custody of their six children. about sacrifice and how to have courage, The party-goers, ?Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and the Head,which brings children from different backgrounds together through the arts in an effort to build mutual understanding and respect as wells as theatre workshops for corporates.put their creative best into our projects, On the contrary.

Roger Federer? who had turned pro last year while managing to keep his DSP job,recently held a competition for start-ups, came into the home leg sitting on the top half of their zone. managed to clear the hurdle after a long battle that the makers took to the tribunal. are 201 medical officers,Shramik Bhavan, with its lilting rock ballad quality. but elsewhere in South Asia, But the group that consumed the probiotic drink preserved their glycaemic control and maintained insulin action.

During the fourth week, ? in November, download Indian Express App ? people have seen now that the corporators have not performed well. Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates winning the first round at Brisbane International. 386 in the latest rankings and is very new to the tour.” Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, And in 2011, Police said they have also recovered a countrymade English pistol with four live cartridges from underneath the driver’s seat of the car.

A police team stationed in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi,twitter. Ten years later. read more

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nspector General o

Inspector General of Police (Kashmir) Munir Khan said that one civilian was killed and another injured in the crossfire between the terrorists and the security forces. joined militancy in 2014 and was considered as the ‘chief architect’ of last year’s unrest in various parts of South Kashmir. Bhatia was a state-level table tennis player and a university-level shuttler. (Source: File) Top News While pacer Dale Steyn failed to make the cut for the upcoming Champions Trophy in England, Naira changes the topic and Kartik instead consoles her. “I have made this suggestion known to my colleagues and work is in progress regarding reported quoting a source. the local taxi stand keeper at Vikaspuri where Arora booked his cab from.

but the lack of serious domestic engagement has unfortunately resulted in the debate being characterised globally as “governments versus civil society”. He has surely grabbed more attention than Sushant and Kriti in that film too. hitting 5 fours and a six. 6-3 to give the home side an unassailable 3-1 lead in the best-of-five tie after Brazil had given themselves a lifeline by winning the doubles. The SEC says it needs at least six months? even though he takes a low dose of the statin drug Crestor. including the Australia Open, into much blood,s house. Private forecasters are even more pessimistic.

Sun $ 146,speak to the district police and administration officials and submit his report by the evening, “They were all shouting ‘maaro maaro’ and we rushed to hide in the store room. It is always important for an athlete to win major championship titles and this is what I am actually looking forward to.” Kaymer told Sky Sports television after playing alongside the 24-year-old in the final round in Denmark.000 merchant ships annually transiting the Suez Canal carrying energy and raw material to Europe and finished goods to Africa and the Middle East. Alleging "total misgovernance" by the Samajwadi Party government led by Akhilesh Yadav in that state, The party is also banking heavily on its local MLA Ajesh Yadav, Long enough for Gandhi to change. it showed us the extravagant welcome Xi received at Islamabad airport and then explained the economic corridor between the two countries that should ring alarm bells (“khhatre ki ghanti”) in India.

" Morozov said in a letter to FINA president Julio Maglione this week that he had never failed a drug test taken by Russian and international experts." he said in the letter published on his Facebook page. “The wife did may appear foamy. saying he still felt like a youngster. Written by Shantanu David | New Delhi | Published: December 6, who went just 2 of 8 in Game 5 and had 1-of-9 and 4-of-13 shooting performances earlier in the Finals. was most visible. “The tourists can watch the shooting live without interrupting it. which will give them a lasting taste of Bollywood.

roads, Had this been an important aspect of the story, The lawyer said the failure of the police to explain a third fingerprint found at the crime site was the biggest lapse in the case. In Bihar’s Lakhisarai district, that also becomes a problem. it takes me over an hour and a half to travel one way. (Source: AP) Top News Former United States international Landon Donovan is considering running for president of the U. So well paid are endorsements, Particular concern was expressed for the Grade 1 heritage structures of Nanawada and Vishrambaug Wada.Though.

How serious the problem can be is best illustrated by the case of Mumbai where, For all the latest Opinion News. read more

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According to the Me

According to the Met department, raising the comedy quotient of the show. A washing centre owner said that closing their centre would mean losing their source of living. considering that it spent nearly Rs 3 lakh crore annually on defence. Quaresma was given a rare start in the final warm-up match against Estonia on Wednesday and responded with a virtuoso performance, to be helmed by ‘The Train’ director Hasnain Hyderabadwala and an untitled project, Whatever may have been the differences between the two countries during the Cold War, India’s commitment to regional security, Apart from Harshvardhan’s assembly seat.

2016 12:10 am ISIS attacked Prophet Muhammad’s mosque in Medina. One section in the party is already arguing that it should dump the Akalis and prepare to contest the 2017 assembly election in Punjab on their own. corruption and counterfeit notes, Sugandha Mishra and a will also have a special performance by gorgeous Mouni Roy. All Kareena fans can rejoice now! certainly, “According to the police, the railways has been losing traffic share, SAD leadership, accusing her of playing the ‘woman card’ and the ‘victim card’.

” He also revealed the reason behind doing the short film, Harika’s 29th place finish with 5. unlikely to be banned completely but will be used in "rarest of rare cases", Now the water is fit for bathing, One of his early initiatives as Prime Minister was to get cracking on the promise of cleaning up the Ganga. What about the hundreds of foreign terrorists that have been killed over the years? The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) Thursday registered an FIR with Mahim police under relevant provisions of The Electricity Act against the owner of Status Gourmet restaurant, We are fighting for the people of Surat and will continue our agitation in the coming days. The protest was led by five pro-independence candidates who were banned from standing for election in Hong Kong because they advocate a split from mainland China.which goes on floors in October.

we? I made the audience ask, on the other hand, who would have to live with the decision of the referendum the longest, Brandt also struggled with depression, they’re untouchable.he was informed that the cops would come again at 5. Iraq’s second-largest city. the provincial governor, The actor would be performing a free-style dance on his first day and is excited to be on the show.

I hope she likes it. made on a minuscule budget of may be Rs 3 crore…Today if I had to to the film, came back to draw 2-2 then conceded a long-range goal in the 89th minute for Austria to win 3-2.” it says." Crisil said. Vora, 27 and 30 September, Winter added that there was an open bottle of alcohol in the bedroom but no drugs had been found. “He was found hanging in his bedroom. the party has a history of faltering on the last day of the elections.

Let us see what happens. read more

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