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AR technology company 8i received 27 million financing Time Warner collar

news February 14th, the virtual reality / augmented reality company 8i announced a $27 million B round of financing, Time Warner, Baidu, Hearst, led, Verizon, One Ventures, Seed & Speed, the Senate voted, Baidu also will cooperate with 8i in the product deeply.

data show, 8i company was founded in 2014, headquartered in Losangeles and Wellington in New Zealand, the company focused on the field of VR/AR/MR 3D imaging characters, committed to achieve large-scale, low cost and high precision of 3D characters, has successfully developed a series of image capture, splicing and compression of the core algorithm, and is compatible with all AR/VR platform. read more

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Baidu is involved in the recruitment push move dug Meng 51job the corner of your resume

Baidu launched Baidu talent (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) April 11th news, micro-blog suffered a shock and a breach of privacy questioned the recruitment website recently has a huge traffic advantage one disaster after another, the search giant Baidu has been involved in the network recruitment market, and launched resume move fierce dig future worries, Zhaopin and chinahr.com corner.

well-known analysts Hong Bo (micro-blog) said, with Baidu in the online recruitment market, the domestic job market pattern will inevitably impact, and has become a tool for recruitment website advertising, for high-end people gradually lose the value of recruitment. read more

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From the death of MSN look at overseas nternet Co why not play in China

I: we will be the dark horse dark horse founder to the members of the enterprise questionnaire the defenders of the sentiment, for several years at MSN he finally chose to start their own business — network questionnaire. Recently we are in the memory of MSN, and once the parties have said: overseas Internet Co, why in the Chinese is difficult fun, a very important reason, is authorized to. Reprint please indicate the source, you peer.

reported that in October 31, 2014 is MSN messenger China in the last day, many friends, with a variety of micro-blog WeChat map MSN in memory of a variety of scripts China once beautiful time. I am today (November 1st) try to log on MSN, can go up, but the top more than and 500 list of friends is not lit. I now venture, is the founder of the questionnaire network, had served MSN China nearly 4 years, back to the time of the past 4 years, to make a simple summary, but also sort out ideas, expect to have a bit of help to others. read more

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Hollywood pornographic source site founder was only 15 years old

4chan website screenshot

August 31st, the number of Jennifer, including Kate, Kate, including a large number of private photos of Hollywood actress, such as the theft was released to the random 4chan site on the site. This triggered a public attention to this 4chan has created more than a decade of the site. This site is known as "disgusting". "The culture and history of the site," says Vox, "commented on the 4chan, is incomprehensible to those who have never been involved." read more

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The thought of excessive madness will eventually die behind the prosperity of education O2O

recently, the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong and "Hong Tai" (Hong Tai investment fund companies) entrepreneurs exchange, directed education O2O online tutoring platform ills: the teacher more than the students; tutoring platform did not improve the efficiency of students and parents; family class no dignity to tutor, longer distance teacher time delay. Direct position on the education platform O2O look bad.


tutoring platform a lot, but one of the Tencent investment O2O tutoring platform crazy teacher, its co-founder Wang Xuexian accusations against Yu Hongmin made a circle of friends for the following reply: read more

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Over 1000 websites closed group buying industry in October or negative growth

less than two years, there are more than 5000 Chinese buy site, has exceeded the market limit.

source: China Internet Network Information Center, a scouring network

now the group purchase industry is a step into the autumn winter.

just after Gaopeng mass layoffs soon, a new wave of layoffs and closures began to appear in the group purchase industry.

It is reported that

, including handle, Wo Wo Group, Groupon, 24 coupons and other major domestic group purchase website has started a new wave of layoffs. Insiders said on condition of anonymity, the country’s top ten buy site, more than half of layoffs. Shen Boyang, general manager of glutinous rice network is put forward, there is no accident, there will be before the end of the year is still in the top ten buy site failures. read more

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The company has experienced three home group purchase insider said take the United States mission

I joined the Wo Wo Group group purchase industry Valentine’s day in February 14, 2011, went to 24 tickets, 24 tickets and go after the collapse of the rice network, has experienced three group purchase website, witnessed the group purchase industry in the right and wrong, leaving the group purchase industry today, should leave the text down to good memories and learning.

hazy period

joined Wo Wo Group in 2011 when it was Xu Maodong Xu took over Wo Wo Group vigorously began to force the time, he was in the use of Xu Kaiwei tell (focus wireless) method with the money around the country buying a local group purchase website, and opened a large price from the dig, my entry in Fuzhou. In Fuzhou when Wo Wo Group bought the local group purchase website 100 guest group, after I was sent to Xiamen, Xiamen and the acquisition of local flash group, went to Jiujiang, went to Jiangyin, to handle almost all of the people dug up in Jiangyin, before Jiangyin when the manager of the monthly salary of more than 3 thousand in Wo Wo Group to ten thousand, before sales supervisor in more than 2 thousand Wo Wo Group to 7000 yuan. I called about extension manager monthly only 2500 yuan. At that time, so a lot of the old Wo Wo Group employees have this idea, it is time to Wo Wo Group spoiler market, Wo Wo Group China to recruit staff number reached more than 5 thousand, with the big stock, also smoothly discharged into the top three group purchase. read more

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Nearly 4 million 930 thousand of the domain name Files com

              renamed China (March 30th) it is reported that the news, document the domain name Files.com was sold for $725000, about 4 million 930 thousand yuan.

it is reported that the document domain name Files.com sold at $725000, about RMB 4 million 930 thousand yuan. Domain names kip.com and hba.com were sold at $80000 and $30000 respectively.

other domain names are as follows:


classicgames.com          25,000 USD
tumescent.com            15,000 USD
vakanties.com              12,500 EUR
xprs.com                     10,000 USD
yump.com                   10,000 EUR
bravogames.com          10,000 EUR
psd2css.com             &nb Sp;   9999 US> read more

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What do you know besides money

      are the most opposed to Taiwan is a sentence: Grassroots will come to the point of practice, to some money. But what do you know about money?

      first: money to open a shop, no money to open the company. Rich people are in restaurants, cars, clothing, they believe that this is the best way to make money. People who have money in the company, and Microsoft, Google, apple, Lenovo, Wahaha these giants. You have to get past this, the mind must change.

      second: the world is all in the grassroots. In the science park to get government funding, bank investment, driving a car to live in the villa, it is impossible to have a large. However, from the garage, the basement of the invention, but can shock the world, why is poor? Because these people spend their money to work hard, he is going to fight that breath. Only by living in the bottom of the society for a long time, can he find out the secret that he can transform the society. Qiongzesibian, poor siful, only when the oppressed energy is accumulated, all the ups and downs, wind and rain are transformed into power, in order to produce a nuclear bomb explosion, the long simmering breath when the sudden release will soar overnight and let the market change. read more

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Fresh industry decisive battle last mile to accelerate the integration of online and offline

line store customer experience and the scene has been so that the consumption of this business model has been more and more attention. Fresh electricity supplier excellent food Butler announced on January 6th, opened the first store in Beijing, the concept of operation based on a full range of consumer experience. Since then, the enterprise’s orientation, channel establishment, terminal construction, service process, product planning, logistics, procurement, production organization structure with all the consumer needs and habits as the core, and the line shop opened, is only the beginning". Excellent food housekeeper CEO Li Wenxian said. read more

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