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The pattern of electricity providers are gradually marginalized dangdang com need to bondage

text / Huang Yuanpu (co-founder of 100 million European Network)

February 27, 2014, dangdang.com released the 2013 fourth quarter and full year earnings: dangdang.com in 2013Q4 finally ushered in returning to profitability, net profit of 21 million 660 thousand yuan; the share price immediately rose dangdang.com. More embarrassing is that although Dangdang’s share price has risen more than 3 times a year, but the market value of Dangdang is currently only $1 billion 100 million. An interesting phenomenon, four of the most recent quarter, every rich timekeeping dangdang.com will hire a large number of positive communication. Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong in the evening of February 27th sent a meaningful micro-blog: now the rich are using large V resources, interesting, earnings are not for investors to see it? read more

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B2C enterprise data comparison Jingdong large vip com valuation high

[Abstract] not afraid, afraid of goods than goods. Listed on the eve of the Jingdong, I hope this article can give investors a clear reference.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 21st

with the company’s rapid growth in revenue and China’s digital economic growth prospects, Jingdong will be around 23 this month will be listed on the U.S. stock market transactions. As China’s largest B2C site, Jingdong IPO has been much outside attention.

Jingdong before the updated prospectus information, Jingdong first quarter net revenues of 22 billion 657 million yuan, an increase of 65.1%. Jingdong is a net loss of 3 billion 795 million, to the most recent two years, the Jingdong net loss rate of 16.7%. read more

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Big brother to sale platform vip com one take difficult to copy

in new network on 2 May, the day before, the electric shock network founder Gong Wenxiang broke the news that the Jingdong is plotting to launch the "flash sale mode group". While earlier rumors that every guest will also launch sale channel in the near future, "vip.com mode completely follow". Even the electricity supplier boss Taobao also to have a Tmall division general manager of Little Dragon said, this year the focus of Tmall is to create a brand sale platform".

almost overnight, "sale" became a cake for everyone. This is a vip.com sit. Has always been low-key vip.com in April 19th launched a "There was no parallel in history. sale will be" even by Hunan satellite TV, "I am a singer" finals launched the company’s first TV advertising. read more

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You know how much electricity supplier characteristics

for an upcoming Taobao into the open shop business, must understand the characteristics of the electricity supplier, to a well store location, sourcing, shop decoration, drainage, marketing control and other aspects of the work, the three Shop Dynamic score raise as much as possible, after the introduction of traffic to. In order to improve the conversion rate of the survival and development of space to speak.

recently prepared for the training of new employees on the manual, I added the three characteristics of the electricity supplier, is a newcomer to the company as the first to understand a basic knowledge of training. read more

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People who want to put the site to sell the station did not stand the people want to do stand

With the help of the famous sentence in the siege, look at the current Internet industry, the general mentality

Although not seen

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On the travel agency blocked the door to break the business model is the reason for blocking

recently, deep eight travel agency joint ban XX network news have been reported in many places (hereinafter referred to as the travel ban door), can also be seen in many forums to discuss the incident, caused the attention of the society. The author believes that the "travel agency to ban the door" represents not only the tourism industry, the message is the conflict of interest between Internet companies and traditional enterprises. In other industries, similar incidents often occur. read more

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Local forum building experience

first introduce yourself. Railway professional graduates, and now a local state-owned enterprises to work. Male, 32 years old this year, but on the computer network and utterly ignorant of.

first of all, I would like to emphasize that I will not go to spend any time and experience to learn what to build the relevant knowledge, I know it is very useful, but I belong to a stupid man, the premise is relatively lazy. So I found a local network company to help me do, the station + server rental he received me 2000. read more

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Beijing Wei Han Wo Wo Group group purchase can not become the mainstream of core business

a year ago in April 2012, Wo Wo Group announced the transformation from product group purchase mall model, mainly for the establishment of business platform suddenly force. Business logic support this transformation, from the development trend of the group purchase Wowo Mall for judgment – Mall mode is the future development of the industry group purchase form.

is now in the past year, how the performance of this model in the market? What are the Wo Wo Group this thinking, we interviewed the vice president of Wo Wo Group Wei Jing han. read more

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Liu Qiangdong everyone in three years of zero profit margin oath cheaper than the opponent’s 10%

Liu Qiangdong bursts of several micro-blog, announced the latest decision for Gome, suning. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] August 14th news reports, the electricity supplier war more intense burning. Today morning, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong micro-blog announced in the mall, all the power will maintain zero margin in the next three years, and now the Jingdong that mall "all the power that than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least 10%".

Liu Qiangdong once again stunned, he bursts of several micro-blog, announced the latest decision for Gome, Suning Electric Jingdong: "we three years zero margin! If in three years, any marketing personnel in all electrical and even a Maori, will be immediately dismissed from this day, Jingdong! All the power that than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least 10%, the company announced soon realization method of" read more

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UBS is expected this year China’s e commerce penetration will surpass the United States

xinhuanet.com April 9 Hongkong Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiaoni) at the Asian consumer goods industry and Internet Research Director Pan Jiayi said on the 9 China, the rapid development of e-commerce, the market value has reached 2 trillion yuan last year, driven by the increase in the number of online shopping consumers, the price advantage is obvious and improve the payment system and other factors, this year is expected to China e-commerce market may be increased to 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the penetration rate in the retail industry is expected to overtake the United states. read more

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