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2 months after the acquisition of YAHOO’s exposure of its own user information stolen 500 million

after a takeover rumors, at the end of July, has taught a generation of the Internet is what is YAHOO, the telecommunications company Verizon to $4 billion 830 million acquisition of cash.

Although YAHOO

as an independent corporate entity highlights is very limited, but YAHOO mail, news, sports and financial tools are still many professionals trust products, so after the acquisition of these products will be implanted YAHOO Verizon. Verizon said the acquisition will allow the number of digital advertising business doubled, shortening the gap between Google and Facebook. read more

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Novice webmaster training step by step to create the third phase of training

  this site will be held in September 21st, third full novice master training seminars. QQ group: 47012513    only accept complete novice. Webmaster veteran, please let out of position. More opportunities for novices.
the expected time, the evening of September 21st 7:30- 10.   please tell each other.
      this lecture is free training, Admin5 webmaster personally lecture. The plan is:
    domestic owners of the past, now and future reference
    how do the webmaster, what you need, how to do in the Internet cafe. What tools are needed.
    HTML language commonly used code.
    how to do a simple page on the machine.
    how to pick free space, and use free space
    how to buy domain name and space, domain name and space value.
    how to resolve domain name.
    how to manage the space control panel
  how to upload FTP software.
    Adsense commonly used software
    site positioning, home page design
    how to copy the template of others.
    make the first page of your life.
    how to do a few links, a few pages.
    if the promotion of your station.
    how to be included, such as Baidu, as well as advertising code. read more

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Feng Xin Storm TV to grow to grow into billions of dollars

[Abstract] Feng Xin believes that if the storm TV success must have another condition, that is, the company must not be a storm of one hundred percent companies.

Tencent science and technology news July 23rd, in 2015 China Internet Conference held in Beijing. Storm chairman and CEO Feng Xin (micro-blog) made a keynote speech.

Feng Xin think, whether it is Internet plus, or the Internet Ecosystem, it is part of the flow of people based on nutrition. With the flow of people, it is the expansion of space is infinite, can involve many levels. And no matter how to use, people flow will not be lost. read more

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Wu Di Poly beauty domain name jumei com was recognized as garbage

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) March 10th – the geometric value of jumei.com’s official domain name jumei.com? It is self-evident, if not backed by the listed company jumei.com, jumei.com is also a good product phase Larry domain. But who would have thought that such a valuable domain names in more than ten years ago, was not a good look at all, no one is willing to buy, and even expired to delete the so-called junk domain name". So what exactly is what? Now we have to listen to the jumei.com and the first holder of Wu Di about the domain name counter attack story. read more

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Rock was attacked 371 main attack

      evaluation of the 371 main attack

      today (October 25th) morning, open the 371 station, the original beautiful home has all gone out, the eye is such a text:

      371 all staff, ha ha, I do not destroy your site! I don’t change anything! Be careful yourself! That is called 371 Sha Sha (SHA) you scold Lao Zi metamorphosis! You scold that sentence, I decided to invade you, you think I’m crazy, I’ll do a madman to see you! Don’t you hate the mouth to challenge Lao Tzu technology! Leave a QQ convenient for you to find me! QQ 4719662. Large companies miscellaneous (Zha), I like the invasion, white (100) degrees, NetEase and the like, which big companies have a server in my hands! Don’t be in (again) to challenge the technology of Lao Tzu, the next time (in) scold Lao Tze, (to you) devastating blow! I am a civilized society, in order to Chinese, I "to" education you this (some) no quality of the people! The webmaster, in this apology, I hope this can give you a lesson. Not everyone can offend, you can call crazy, abnormal. To forget to tell your company: all of your information on my hand (including your company’s own web server). Rest assured. I won’t do anything. Hey! To the October 25, 2007 5:49 read more

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The operator again Huanshuai telecom industry but also how to change

Abstract: just now, the mobile officially announced, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Shang Bing will succeed Xi Guohua as chairman of China Mobile, Xi Guohua will be retiring; at the same time, China Telecom chairman Wang Xiaochu and China Unicom chairman Chang will swap the two later announced the official news.

crazy pass has long been the top three operators to adjust the dust finally settled. Just now, the mobile officially announced, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Shang Bing will succeed Xi Guohua as chairman of China Mobile, Xi Guohua will be retiring; at the same time, according to the Tencent technology report, China Telecom chairman Wang Xiaochu and Chinese Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing will go on, two later announced the official news. read more

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Shanda acquired Xiaoxiang College will build the world’s largest library

                Admin5 station network April 1st news yesterday, announced the acquisition of Shanda literature Xiaoxiang College (www.xxsy.net/), this is the grand literature in recent three months of the acquisition of Fourth literature website, and it owns seventh literature website. At the same time, Shanda literature announced the establishment of the country’s largest genuine digital library – cloud library, the library will be the world’s largest Chinese digital library. read more

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Micro business transformation and chaos the prospect of what

Abstract: under the "pyramid" derivative in the opinion of the muzzle, taking the micro kernel is the product itself, but in the business model of the deviation, let it become "pyramid" flavor. Micro business situation is not optimistic, it means that the "social business" to the end of


said that if in 2013, occupy our circle of friends the most information subscription number or marketing content, then 2014, to say what occupies your WeChat circle of friends most position, certainly non derivative, a variety of purchasing, skin care products emerge in an endless stream in our circle of friends, was 2014 most of the users in the industry known as the derivative of the first year. In my opinion, the last two years is indeed taking the number of micro blowout for two years, but the potential problems behind the rapid growth has also brought very prominent, trust crisis, agent and assembly, service guarantee and so on are floating on the table, the key is as butler’s Tencent also has no qualitative derivative the position is in this state of confusion, micro business ushered in one of their own Carnival in shambles. However, what is the rush, earn immediate interest; or the future, the transition to long-term development, is not only the micro operators, estimated that even Tencent are temporarily without a clear plan. But whether it is micro dealers or WeChat, the transformation of the road ahead of the already started. read more

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Ten years of nternet outsourcing market from the outbreak of a relatively quiet silence is also a r

Internet not only narrow the distance between people, but also to solve the problem of large areas of good technology, a small place can not afford to raise technical staff headaches.

with Internet products to gradually penetrate small city, the three or four line of the city began to need high quality technical personnel, but even small places are double the average salary, it is difficult to afford a good technology (wages and consumption level proportional). Then, a second tier city talent to flow away, exacerbated by a second city talent accumulation, the three or four line of the city talent shortage phenomenon, the three or four line of the city with a second tier gap will become increasingly large first-tier cities: good talent development better with the three or four line of the city, carrying no technology company, no matter how the idea also should not call every day. read more

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Tencent market value of more than 249 billion Alibaba China’s market value of the first technology

August 19th news, Tencent has released a strong quarterly earnings, the stock rose more than 6%, a record high. Currently, Tencent’s market capitalization of $249 billion, higher than the $246 billion Alibaba. Become China’s most valuable technology company.

based on previous earnings, the second quarter of 2016, Tencent profit grew by 47% to $10 billion 900 million (about $1 billion 600 million). Revenue grew 52% to $35 billion 690 million (US $5 billion 380 million). Most of Tencent’s revenue comes from online games, with revenues of 17 billion 124 million yuan (US $2 billion 600 million). After the earnings announcement, Tencent shares rose 6%. read more

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How to bear each other’s personal nternet market 13

accounted for 1/3 of the world’s Internet market personal sites, are showing their value.

4 7, CEO Yahoo China zhouhongyi be fatigued with the journey to Xiamen to attend the first personal website, China up party, look at each month with his penny of personal website webmaster long what, perhaps, can also be the way to look for memories of their own personal website started from 7 years ago.

Zhou Honglai here to actually nostalgia is not just to satisfy their own so-called lyrical curiosity and hypocritical, he hope to meet more partners here, because the personal website is releasing a lot of energy. "All in all aspects of the industry chain in the play different roles, only through cooperation, we can learn from each other, to do bigger and stronger." Zhou Hong said. read more

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Secret website interests chain advertising alliance to support 400 porn sites

public security organs to analyze the case slides. Newspaper reporter Yuan Guoli photo


said, "only one M+M Apartman Hotel" profit, while the other two cases showed that the telecom operators and service providers access as a pornographic website is a hotbed of breeding; porn sites behind the interests of the chain in support of the development of these pornographic websites, also is the reason of the repeated playing without a break.

advertising alliance profit 15 million read more

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Listen to the speech to take Ma venture capital Ali mother invited you to a total investment and f

met the leading capital markets both at home and abroad top experts, listen to the forefront, and the financing case most has the reputation and ability of investors deal, we invite you to

capital · network "into the world of Internet Innovation Project Investment Summit" and "Hangzhou station" Ali mother heroes

30 projects submitted directly to face to face with VCs;

50 investment institutions to visit the scene (angel funds, venture capital funds, investment banks…… read more

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Pass the million dollar purchase domain transformation for web site navigation

said the source, ylmf into millions of price from overseas acquisition of three bit digital domain, to promote its Web site navigation 114la.com.

last weekend the well-known XP operating system DIY ylmf ylmf studio official announced the dissolution, Mr. Rowe said that the move also is helpless for the studio, with the strengthening of domestic copyright consciousness and earlier tomato garden.

ylmf closed is also represent the general trend. With the wind off the system provided by the wind will become history. All versions are only for enthusiasts to collect commemorative, prohibit illegal use and dissemination. read more

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Google 1750 unable to visit

2009 03 month 08 days Google cannot access, probably in 2009 03 month 08 days around 17:50 in the afternoon, there are enthusiastic users to provide Google we cannot access, then the Symbian mobile phone network (cncn6.com) staff to open the Google.CN website, found it impossible to visit, and try to open the Google.Com also cannot visit. Our position is in Shandong Province, Zhangdian District of Zibo City, then in the QQ group also saw all the friends in the conversation, unable to access Google’s case. read more

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11 nternet service providers are exposed to actively carry out rectification

December 27th reporter learned from the Internet and illegal information reporting center was informed that: the center for the 11 in December 18th to provide access services for pornographic and Vulgar Internet access service providers were exposed. According to verification, the 11 were exposed Internet access service providers have been actively rectification.


11 service providers to stop providing access service for containing a large number of pornographic and vulgar bad information site: Nanyang City, Henan province Netcom closed "go boy" website; Guangdong city of Guangzhou province in the closing of the "5252 broadband broadcast" website; Hebei city of Shijiazhuang province Unicom closed "I go QVOD ethics resource station website; China bitung United Network closed the" energy-saving "website; Beijing Tongniu group closed" bottom picture network "website; read more

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From soaring to death O2O this game how many opportunities

with Internet plus the concept of hot, various projects such as O2O appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The courage to try behind the capital market is favored for O2O projects. But behind the increase in the amount of financing and valuation, the real talent shows itself O2O projects are not many, most of the O2O enterprise is very difficult to get a C round of financing. Behind the O2O project rush on like a swarm of hornets faced the problem of resource demand soared, pseudo homogeneity, line and capital chain tension etc.. read more

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Mogujie com Gorgeous turn conceal behind the rush


appears to have become the darling of the market mogujie.com, perhaps because the transition too hasty, the whole process is still not perfect, even in the faint, there are some questions still in suspense has not been perfect answer, which is likely to become the shopping site whether the transformation of key factors to win the further development.

/ Yang Junjun for the "seller" magazine "

has been and Taobao has a cut and chaotic relationship between mogujie.com recently passed a $200 million financing has become the focus of attention of the industry, but before this, mogujie.com was once heard the news of the acquisition of ali. We performed regardless of "grass root counterattack" mogujie.com will be how to start to flex its muscles, only behind mogujie.com’s transformation, should still have a lot to external people suffering v.. read more

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The largest hacker website member of 170 thousand checked

yesterday (February 6th) learned from the provincial public security department, the province successfully destroyed to provide illegal control of computer information systems program as the main content of the largest hacker training website ", the main suspect Lee, Zhang was arrested according to law.

in April last year, the Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment and Macheng City Public Security Bureau network security brigade successfully cracked the governor of black point "series of network attacks, network attacks, wantonly arrested on suspicion of fraud, theft and spread of computer virus, illegal control of computer information system crime such as South Korea and other 6 suspects. The police found that the 3 lines per capita "Black Hawk safety net" members, their long-term learning, in exchange for the website network hacker crime, illegal use of the website provides the program. read more

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Know how to plan to operate in order to make the site invincible

I often A5

, read many articles about the construction site every day, found a problem, the site is in a state of isolation, not combined with the reality, that is to say no to combine online and offline. Web site to develop, must be combined with online and offline operations, of course, there should be more co-ordination in business planning, planning and management to understand how to make the site invincible.

three years ago, when in school, we have a team founded net net, was linked to the University Network Information Center, just a year to become one of the four major network media school, maximum daily visits reached 110 thousand. read more

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