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Who is the consumer

China’s popularity of law is not strong, resulting in a lot of retail store owners are not enough to understand the relevant legal knowledge of the industry, there is a very clear phenomenon, as long as the shop, the owner will think that consumers. So, who is the consumer? Next, let Xiaobian for the majority of the retail store owners to popularize.

shop operation, every day will face different customers. Customer is consumer. I found that many shopkeepers on the concept of consumer is not in place. A simple example: the individual owner in order to deal with the cigarette inventory, the cigarette sold to unscrupulous tobacconists. When monopoly inspectors investigation, they often use the "cigarette traffickers and consumers" on the grounds, all sorts of sophistry, obstruction of law enforcement, the legal sanctions, too late for regrets. Therefore, shop operators to find out what is the consumer". read more

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How much money to open a milk tea shop to analyze small series

milk tea is a fashionable drink, everyone loves to drink, open a milk tea shop, one to two people to be able to operate, is a very good business choice. So, how much money to open a tea shop? What kind of work do you need? Xiaobian this for you to answer.

A tea shop how much you need to start

A tea shop how much you need to start read more

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How to join the brand

Taiwan flavor snack brand Taiwan funded flavor is an innovative table takeaway brand, operating in good taste, convenient, intimate service, known. It is one of the most famous brands in many healthy, nutritious and delicious fast food. At the same time, Taiwan is also committed to creating a taste of the takeaway online marketing line sales of innovative takeaway brand. What is the taste of Taiwan funded brand?

Taiwanese flavor join how

joined the brand to enjoy the following advantages:

The read more

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Look at how he is doing every direct shop to make money

in the catering sector, with many stores brand enterprise, one is not profitable this is very normal, but now there is such a brand catering enterprises, has more than and 300 outlets do make money, this is a what kind of food prices? Recently, the reporter interviewed the Beijing weiduomei Food limited liability company chairman Huang Li the founder of this enterprise, he has 20 years of continuous development, source of power upgrade: create 20 years to gain, always stand in the forefront of the industry and product attitude, to achieve the world’s top read more

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Wuhan will host the 2015 nternational Entrepreneurship Week

modern entrepreneurs in the face of fierce global competition, with considerable pressure, how to turn pressure into power, to win in the game and foreign enterprise, is ambitious aspiring entrepreneurs must think about.

11 15 -21 June, Wuhan International Entrepreneurship Week Zaihan held the legendary Silicon Valley venture capital and domestic venture capital industry in Wuhan for the future Chinese players such as a customer to discuss the weapon, Wuhan entrepreneurial innovation road.

the Entrepreneurship Week theme of entrepreneurship innovation leading the future ", sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal People’s government, the Municipal Commission by letter, science and Technology Bureau contractors, business week, international entrepreneurship innovation forum, entrepreneurial projects competition, entrepreneurship and innovation, creating fair carnival, special" Qing Tong Hui "and other 5 activities will splendid performance. read more

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How to improve the operating dry cleaners

in a large number of investment projects, the dry cleaners have been high profits and high returns to attract the attention of entrepreneurs, but the popular project competitiveness, not necessarily on behalf of the return on investment. Many dry cleaners investment investment are operating in the face of the slump, the key factors restricting the effect how you run your business model is valid, then runs a dry cleaning shop to do to increase profits.

first, dry cleaners to join the industry profit analysis read more

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Care for the elderly from clothing to start

clothing is not only for young people and children there, everyone has the old one day, when the old, when the body gradually bloated, elderly people choose clothes is becoming more and more difficult, so the opening of an elderly exclusive clothing store will be able to offer investors a good profit in return!

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52pk domain name storm warning to remind the owners to protect the domain name assets

webmaster network October 10th news, October 8th news Tianji media group’s 52pk games web site can not access the domain name in the parking state. More news spread 52pk game network domain name last renewal time is October 7, 2012, but the Registrar by Chongqing Tianji Network Limited company has become the Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd., domain name expires is not normal renewals has been Beijing registered.

domain name is parked

domain name whois information display new network all read more

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2008 global search engine marketing conference held in Xiamen 18

2008 global search engine marketing conference 18 days with global network search marketing leading experts to Xiamen mountain

on the network advertising, fees by click rate calculation, it was clicked to generate advertising fees – this seems very scientific and reasonable advertising operations, hidden many traps. Accidentally hits may fool you, let you have to spend money. SMX (Search Marketing Conference) Chinese chairman Ni Yingwei told reporters yesterday, recently to survey data from the Internet, for advertising click fraud has reached 28% in the fourth quarter of 2007, in 2008 this proportion is expected to be higher. To this end, the global search conference this year will be the theme in "how to optimize the search marketing, global network search marketing top 18 experts will through this conference to Xiamen mountain. Reporter Baidu a bit, (, search engine marketing related web pages about 4120000. read more

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How can the site for the high click rate and water

      Ancient Chinese Literature Search claiming to be descendants of Bai Juyi "hottie, molested Confucius called ‘one night standing 100 thousand’".

      some time ago, the network news from inside and outside the network like pan fried, a lot of love Confucius, love China people in traditional culture criticism: now young people are too arrogant, to the traditional culture to such blasphemy. Even spoof, there should be a bottom line.

      however, the prosecution from the "Ancient Chinese Literature Search spice" case can be seen, not a spoof of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search babes, but some of the media, in particular to the click rate regardless of occupation moral news website. They disregard the blog author’s original intention, one concept, on the next fight together, also made a sensational headlines. This is indeed the news really caught the eye, it is said that a short period of 10 million hits. But the network called the Ancient Chinese Literature Search spice "Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera students, but in very wronged to endure a barrage of criticism and scold. read more

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