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Canada must lead with values Morneau says as tensions persist with Saudi

first_imgOTTAWA – Finance Minister Bill Morneau doubled down Tuesday on Ottawa’s message that the federal government will continue to stand up for Canadian values even as it finds itself at the centre of an ongoing diplomatic tumult with Saudi Arabia.It’s important to propagate Canadian values around the world, and the Liberal government will continue to “enunciate” what it believes are the “appropriate ways of dealing with citizens,” Morneau told a news conference in Mississauga, Ont.Saudi Arabia has expelled Canada’s ambassador, declared a freeze on new trade and recalled thousands of students attending Canadian universities following a tweet last week from Global Affairs Canada that expressed concerns about the arrest of activists in the kingdom.Morneau’s comments reiterated the position expressed Monday by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, but did not directly address the larger question of what sort of lasting economic impact the dispute could have, including on Canada’s $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.“We’re going to stand with the values that we know are important to Canadians and Saudi Arabia will take the decisions that they will take,” he said, reiterating for business owners that Canada is doing well economically and must continue to remain competitive.“We are going to look at how we can ensure that we’re competitive broadly … we have very strong trading relationships around the world. This is something where we know we need to lead with our values.”Freeland said Monday in Vancouver that there was “nothing new or novel” about Canada’s long-standing position on human rights around the world, and that Ottawa is awaiting more details from the kingdom before responding further.Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department offered a tepid response to the sanctions that took pains to avoid taking sides, saying it is “aware” of Saudi Arabia’s actions and considers both countries to be “close partners” of the United States.The U.S. continues to support respect for freedoms and liberties, “including dissent and due process,” the department said on Twitter.While both countries are friends of the U.S., “both sides need to diplomatically resolve this together,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told a media briefing later Tuesday.“This particular case regarding Canada — we have raised that with the government of Saudi Arabia. They’re friends, they’re partners, as is Canada as well.”The Global Affairs Canada tweet that triggered the spat said Canada is “gravely concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, including Samar Badawi.”It went on to “urge the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful human rights activists.”The Saudi foreign ministry singled out the words “immediately release,” calling the phrase “unfortunate, reprehensible, and unacceptable in relations between states.”“Any other attempt to interfere with our internal affairs from Canada, means that we are allowed to interfere in Canada’s internal affairs,” the ministry said.Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders called Saudi Arabia’s decision an “outrageous move” on Twitter, saying, “The U.S. must be clear in condemning repression, especially when done by governments that receive our support.”Amnesty International said Samar Badawi, the sister of jailed blogger Raif Badawi, was recently detained along with Nassima al-Sada, another prominent female activist.According to State, the U.S. has asked Saudi Arabia for more information about the detentions, and to publicize details about the status of legal cases.The European Commission also struck a neutral tone in its response, saying it is seeking clarification about the arrest of activists, but avoided being drawn into the dispute between Riyadh and Canada.Asked Tuesday about the tensions, European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic said “we have been seeking clarification from Saudi authorities” over the arrests since May.Kocijancic said the commission wants to understand the allegations against the activists and to ensure they receive a fair trial.On the diplomatic spat, Kocijancic said “we don’t comment on bilateral relations.” She said “we are in favour of a dialogue.”A number of countries in the region have defended Saudi Arabia.The Kingdom of Bahrain posted a statement on its website affirming its “full solidarity” with Saudi Arabia against “any external interference in its internal affairs or any side’s attempt to undermine the Saudi sovereignty.”Bahrain said it supports the measures by Saudi Arabia in response to statements made by Canada’s foreign affairs minister.Anwar Gargash, United Arab Emirates minister of state for foreign affairs, tweeted in Arabic that the UAE stands with Saudi Arabia in defending its sovereignty and its laws.— With files from The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions 7 Things We Think Will

By Amine El Harras SaadiRabat – The trailers are out. Every photo has been analyzed. Bookies have revealed their odds. The seventh season of Game of Thrones is almost here.But what’s going to happen? Will Cersei remain Queen? Can Jon defeat the White Walkers? Will the Starks reunite? Here are our predictions of what’s going to happen this season, and beyond. We’re not fortune tellers, nor has HBO given us access to anything special, but there could be possible spoilers ahead. Also to note, these go from probable to very unlikely…1. Sam’s discoveryLet’s start with the basics: Sam Tarly will discover the key to defeating the White Walkers. Game of Thrones have built up Sam finally entering the Oldtown library — no doubt there will be some major payoff, and there’s little doubt over it being the key to ending the long Winter.2. Bran brings the Wall downMid-way through season six, we saw the Night’s King enter the Three-Eyed Raven’s home. The villain was unable to do so beforehand because of a magical barrier — this was broken once Bran was marked. The Wall has a similar enchantment, itself the reason Benjen/Colhands cannot pass the structure. If/when Bran travels beyond The Wall still marked, that will surely break the spell and bring it crumbling down.3. Littlefinger diesThe bookies predict Petyr Baelish will be the first to die. Chances are, they’re wrong. There will no doubt be a few more deaths before the manipulator dies, and he will likely die. With Arya on the war path, chances are she will be the one to finish him. Before Littlefinger goes, though, expect him to use Sansa to take the North, likely turning her against Jon Snow.4. Jorah finds a cureJorah’s pretty far into Daenerys’s friend-zone right now, so don’t expect them to end up together. However, the Mormont has such an undying love, there’s a huge chance he’ll do anything to be cured of greyscale. Hopefully, we can expect the curse to be lifted, but likely at a cost (perhaps an arm?).5. Jon and DaenerysWe’re can almost guarantee these two will finally meet up. The question is, will they become more than just friends? As viewers know, Daenerys is Jon’s aunt (remember R+L=J?), but they don’t know that. Put two attractive, powerful people in a room together and who knows what will happen.6. Jaime’s revengeSpeaking of incest… Jaime and Cersei will no doubt be having more sex this season, the Queen having no-one to answer to anymore. Having lost all three of her children, though, Cersei has gone power mad, something Jaime is adverse to. After all, he killed the Mad King for using Wildfire, something Cersei ended up using to destroy the Great Sept. Chances are, Jaime will be the only one left to stop Cersei from doing something even crazier, likely becoming the Queenslayer. Then, riddled with guilt, the knight will kill himself, bringing their story to a Romeo and Juliet-like completion. If not this season, then perhaps next.7. Jon’s bittersweet endingGeorge RR Martin has said of the book series’ ending: “I suspect the overall flavour is going to be as much bittersweet as it is happy.” So, the series will end positively overall, but not without something very sad happening. Here’s the theory (which applies mainly for season eight): Jon Snow will sacrifice himself to save the day. However, the hero won’t die, instead becoming the new Night’s King and leading the White Walkers back North, unable to live a normal life. Jon Snow will be cursed to live beyond the now-crumbled Wall. We’ve already established how people can live intelligent lives as semi-White Walkers with Benjen, so expect Jon to end up the same way. Maybe. Who knows, perhaps that’s a little too predictable. read more

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Nora Roberts sues Brazilian author cites multiplagiarism

NEW YORK — Bestselling novelist Nora Roberts is suing a Brazilian writer for copyright infringement, alleging that Cristiane Serruya has committed “multi-plagiarism.”In papers filed Wednesday morning in Rio de Janeiro, Roberts alleged that Serruya’s books showed an extraordinary level of verbatim lifting and close paraphrasing. Roberts told The Associated Press she would donate any damages from the suit to a non-profit literacy program in Brazil.Serruya has faced similar allegations from several other writers and even inspired the Twitter hashtag #CopyPasteCris. She has denied any intentional wrongdoing, blaming similarities in her books on ghost writers and the pressure to produce books quickly.Hillel Italie, The Associated Press read more

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BC wont give breaks on new tax to foreign homebuyers who have

VICTORIA — There will be no reprieve from a new tax on foreign buyers who have signed contracts to purchase homes in Metro Vancouver, where they snapped up almost 10 per cent of recent property sales, B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong says.The tax takes effect next Tuesday and long-term contracts, such as pre-sale agreements for condos under construction, and pending property purchases involving foreign buyers will pay the new 15-per-cent tax.“If the transaction is registered Aug. 2 or afterwards, the tax applies,” de Jong said Tuesday.The Liberal government introduced legislation Monday that includes an additional property transfer tax on Metro Vancouver residential properties that are purchased by foreign buyers.How B.C.’s 15% tax on foreign homebuyers could drive up prices in TorontoOntario should take ‘long, hard look’ at B.C.’s new tax on foreign home buyers: economistDan Morrison, president of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board, has called on the government to exempt real estate deals that are in the process of closing to minimize short-term volatility in the market.The province also released updated figures Tuesday from a snapshot of five weeks between June 10 and July 14 indicating that 935 of the 9,636 homes sold in Metro Vancouver went to foreign nationals.Foreigners also paid more on average for homes, spending $946,945 compared with an average purchase price by Canadian citizens or permanent residents of $911,425, the figures show.Premier Christy Clark said the new tax is aimed at making housing more affordable for B.C.’s middle-class buyers.Last month, the real estate board said its benchmark price for detached properties in Vancouver had risen above $1.5 million.If the transaction is registered Aug. 2 or afterwards, the tax applies.The government recalled the legislature for a special summer sitting to introduce and adopt the housing amendments.The Opposition New Democrats said Tuesday they intend to vote in favour of the tax changes, but will propose amendments during debate.“It’s better than nothing, which is where we were two days ago,” said NDP housing critic David Eby.The tax is only for foreign buyers who purchase in Metro Vancouver. De Jong said the government will track real estate purchases after the tax comes into effect to determine if foreign buyers have taken their business to southern Vancouver Island and the Okanagan.The legislation includes provisions to expand the property transfer tax beyond the Vancouver area if necessary, he said.“One of the things we are going to be watching post Aug. 2 is the degree to which a significant shift in taxation policy, which just applies to Metro Vancouver, alters behaviour of the market and begins to shift activity outside of Metro Vancouver,” said de Jong.De Jong said similar taxes introduced overseas in Hong Kong and Australia to curb foreign real estate investment have levelled the market.“In the reports I get, the analysis is they tend to have levelled out the market, or reduced relatively significantly the rate at which values have gone up opposed to dramatically reduced the value of real estate,” he said.The new tax means a foreign buyer would pay an additional $300,000 in tax on a $2-million purchase. All purchasers already have to pay a one-per-cent tax on the first $200,000 of their purchase, two per cent on the remaining value up to $2 million, and three per cent on the portion above that. read more

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UN report finds stalled peace talks in Sri Lanka blocking aid to

A new report by the agency on progress made in the Action Plan for Children Affected By War – the only human rights agreement signed between the Government and the LTTE on the issue – found that the rebel group’s failure to stop the recruitment of children and continued inter-factional violence are hindering assistance to youngsters in the country.Under the Plan, 7,000 children re-enrolled in school and 43,000 children received catch-up education classes. However, the LTTE recruited 488 children during the first half of this year. While the group released 449 other children, 1,300 still remain in its ranks.Among its recommendations, the report called for the Government of Sri Lanka to amend its Prevention of Terrorism Act to ensure that it does not apply to children under the age of 18. LTTE should immediately stop all recruitment of children who are under 18, verify the age of all young people who wish to join, and halt all forcible recruitment and abductions. For its part, the international community should increase support and other resources for children affected by war, the report said.In releasing its report, UNICEF stressed that all organizations involved in the Action Plan would continue to work for the rights of children in Sri Lanka. The Action Plan partners consist of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Ministry of Social Welfare, Save the Children in Sri Lanka, the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). read more

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Rape is most common form of violence in internally displaced camp in

“Suffering in Silence: A Study of Sexual and Gender-based Violence,” a survey of Pabbo IDP Camp co-sponsored by UNICEF and Gulu District, finds that girls aged 13 to 17 are most frequently reported as victims of sexual violence, followed by women aged 19 to 36 and children aged 4 to 9.Progress will be made when everyone in the community commits to forming a protective environment to shelter children from harm, UNICEF Representative in Uganda Martin Mogwanja said.”Tackling sexual violence, and particularly violence against children, means recognizing when a child is being subjected to violence and providing the child a reliable system of help to turn to,” he said. “Whether it is in Pabbo, or anywhere else, everyone must be at the frontline of this effort – parents, caregivers, camp leaders, health workers, teachers, counsellors, the police, district local governments, religious leaders and community groups, NGOs and the UN. All these duty-bearers must fulfil their responsibilities to children,” he said.The study notes a “culture of silence” in reporting sexual violence due to such factors as distrust of authorities, lack of confidence in law enforcement and the fear of stigmatization.Pabbo camp was established in 1986 to shelter people fleeing from the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) fighting the Ugandan Government. Its population includes 48,000 women and children. read more

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UN rights chief makes lastminute appeal to halt execution of Bangladeshi politician

The Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) has written to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh in a last-minute appeal to halt the execution, which was scheduled to take place later today, but has reportedly been postponed until at least Wednesday.Mr. Mollah was condemned to life imprisonment by the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal, a special domestic court with the jurisdiction and competence to try and punish any person accused of committing atrocities, including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, in Bangladesh, including during the country’s 1971 independence war.After the Prosecution appealed the Tribunal’s decision to sentence him to life imprisonment, the country’s Supreme Court sentenced Mr. Mollah to death on 17 September – a ruling that cannot be appealed.In a statement last month, the High Commissioner urged the Bangladeshi Government not to proceed with the death penalty in cases before the International Crimes Tribunal, particularly given concerns about the fairness of the trials. “The United Nations opposes the imposition of the death penalty under any circumstance, even for the most serious international crimes,” stated a news release from her office. Two UN Special Rapporteurs, on the independence of judges and lawyers and on summary executions, have also called for the execution to be stayed, amid concerns that Mr. Mollah did not receive a fair trial. read more

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Caryatids at Amphipolis tomb fully excavated

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Archaeologists working at the site of a vast ancient tomb in Amphipolis, northern Greece uncovered the bodies of two sculpted female figures, or caryatids, whose heads were unearthed over the weekend.The life-sized marble statues flank the entrance to one of the tomb’s underground chambers which archaeologists are carefully exploring.According to a Culture Ministry statement, the statues are of “exceptional artistic quality.”The Amphipolis excavation has fuelled intense media attention as the site dates to the era of Alexander the Great’s death and some archaeologists have suggested relatives of the warrior king might be buried there.Source: Ekathimerinilast_img read more

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Microsoft Flight sera dévoilé au CES et disponible au printemps 2012

first_imgMicrosoft Flight sera dévoilé au CES et disponible au printemps 2012Une première version de Microsoft Flight devrait être disponible gratuitement au printemps prochain. Les nombreux modules additionnels seront ensuite facturés.Après avoir stoppé le développement du programme Flight Simulator, Microsoft avait annoncé avoir entrepris la mis au point d’un nouveau logiciel similaire de son simulateur de vol qui compte de nombreux adeptes : Microsoft Flight.À lire aussiMicrosoft Surface RT : la tablette est enfin disponible à la vente physique en FranceCe nouveau simulateur sera disponible au printemps 2012 en version gratuite mais limitée… dans l’espace. En effet, la version gratuite du programme ne permettra pas au joueur d’aller au-delà d’Hawaii. Plusieurs modules payants seront alors proposés aux autres aviateurs virtuels. Mais l’achat de nombreux modules (appareils, cartes) pour Microsoft Flight pourrait au final coûter assez cher aux accros du vol virtuel.Microsoft Flight sera dévoilé prochainement au CES 2012 (qui débutera le 10 janvier). Plus d’informations devraient être données à ce moment-là.Le 8 janvier 2012 à 18:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Phénomène El Niño des conséquences dramatiques sur les Galapagos

first_imgPhénomène El Niño : des conséquences dramatiques sur les Galapagos ?Des recherches consistant à sonder l’océan vont être entreprises pour déterminer si, comme le pensent certains scientifiques, le réchauffement du Pacifique dû au courant El Niño menace bel et bien l’archipel des Galapagos.Le réchauffement de l’océan Pacifique, plus connu sous l’appellation d’El Niño, entraîne de fortes pluies. Mais surtout, il aurait un impact mortel sur l’archipel des Galapagos, en Amérique du Sud. Après chaque passage d’El Niño, tous les deux à huit ans, les espèces mettent entre 15 et 30 ans avant de rétablir l’équilibre entre la natalité et la mortalité. En effet, certaines espèces meurent de faim, privées de leurs aliments, car ce phénomène climatique réduit la productivité des eaux. Entre 1982 et 1998, El Niño a détruit tous les récifs de corail, a entraîné une surmortalité chez les pingouins, les cormorans, les loups de mer et les iguanes (qui peuvent rapetisser de 5 cm et qui maigrissent). Toutefois, à l’heure actuelle ces accusations n’ont pas pu être prouvées. On suspecte El Niño d’en être à l’origine mais cela n’a jamais été démontré. Certains éléments vont pourtant dans ce sens. “Pendant des centaines d’années, le climat s’est maintenu sans le facteur nouveau du réchauffement global”, a expliqué Eduardo Espinoza, responsable des recherches marines du Parc national des Galapagos (PNG) cité par l’AFP. pour savoir ce qu’il en est, des chercheurs ont donc décidé de mener de nouvelles études. Objectif : “déterminer si le changement climatique entraîne ces phénomènes d’El Niño de plus grandes intensité et fréquence”.Sonder l’océan pour protéger les Galapagos À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Ces recherches inédites vont consister à sonder l’océan pendant deux ans à l’aide de six robots. Ils recueilleront notamment des données sur le courant de Cromwell qui permet la régénération des aliments nourrissant les espèces animales dans les eaux cernant les Galapagos. A l’origine de cette expédition, se trouvent l’Institut océanographique de l’armée (Inocar) avec la collaboration des centres de recherches américains WHOL et Scripps.En comprenant mieux cette anomalie climatique, les chercheurs espèrent pouvoir protéger plus efficacement l’archipel des Galapagos, situé à un millier de kilomètres des côtes équatoriennes. La chose est d’importance puisqu’après l’Australie, les îles Galapagos, déclarées Patrimoine de l’humanité de l’Unesco, constituent la plus grande réserve marine de la planète avec pas moins de 133.000 kilomètres carrés abritant des espèces animales uniques au monde). Par ailleurs, les scientifiques n’excluent pas que d’autres phénomènes climatiques puissent conduire à l'”extinction” des espèces dans cet archipel.Le 10 octobre 2013 à 20:05 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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White Mountains 100 Features HumanPowered Endurance Race

first_imgSeventy-eight competitors began the White Mountain 100 with 58% competing on bikes, 27% on foot and 17% on skis. The White Mountain 100 course cuts through the heart of the jagged limestone peaks of the White Mountains National Recreation Area north of Fairbanks, with racers beginning at the Wickersham Dome Trailhead near Mile 28 of the Elliott Highway.  The rugged wilderness course challenges racers with a variety of terrain and trail conditions; all part of the White Mountains trail network. Tyson Flaharty of Fairbanks, racing on a fat tire trail bike, crossed the finish line at 6:44.56 Sunday evening to claim first place in the 2018 White Mountains 100 with an average moving time of 9.1 mph.Soldotna’s Adam Riemer finished second, also on a trail bike, crossing the finish at 7:15.51 Sunday.  Reimer averaged 8.6 m.p.h. over the 95.3 mile course.  Amber Bethe was the first female cycle finisher in seventh overall. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The 9th annual White Mountains 100-mile ultra race opened competition on Sunday morning and crowned a champion early Sunday evening; although racers will continue to battle the 100-mile course on bike, foot or ski through the 40-hour time deadline set for competing the event.center_img Photo courtesy of White Mountain 100 facebook page Race results and race information available: Click here!last_img read more

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Alaska News Nightly Monday May 16 2016

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnDownload AudioPassage of state fiscal budget held up by LegislatureLori Townsend, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage and Andrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauWednesday is the last day of the extended legislative session, but Alaska still doesn’t have a budget for the fiscal year starting in July. In fact, legislators haven’t passed any of the major bills that Governor Bill Walker proposed to close the state’s $3-4 billion budget deficit.Senate adopts austere capital budgetJeremy Hsieh, KTOO – JuneauThe Alaska Senate passed the state’s $1.6 billion capital budget on Saturday. The big-ticket spending plan now goes to the House for consideration.Kangas: Guilty of first-degree murder of two police officersDan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksA Tanana man has been convicted of first degree murder for killing 2 Alaska State Troopers. 22-year-old Nathanial Kangas shot Sergeant Scott Johnson and Trooper Gabe Rich on May 1st 2014 as they tried to arrest his father at the Kangas home in Tanana. Jurors spent less than 6 hours deliberating following a week of testimony, which included eye witness accounts and audio recordings of the killings.Alaska Dems plan to fight for Sanders at DNCZachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageAlaska Democrats spent the weekend in Anchorage picking delegates for the party’s national convention in Philadelphia this July, and setting priorities for the year ahead.Feds may finally sell Anchorage lot where Archives never wentLiz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C.The federal government owns about 60 percent of Alaska, but its portfolio is about to shrink, just a tiny bit. Congress this afternoon passed a bill allowing the federal government to finally shed ownership of a nine-acre lot in Midtown Anchorage, once planned as the Alaska home of the National Archives.Older Alaskans to feel budget axeEllen Lockyer, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageCuts to senior benefits are already starting to be felt and  certain bills linked to the next state budget but still pending in the legislature could  have an even more  severe effect on many of Alaska’s older residents. Reductions to state assistance for programs as diverse as affordable home heating  and low-income adult dental care are all but certain.Tyonek Corporation expands aircraft maintenance, cyber warfare wingJosh Edge, Alaska Public Media — AnchorageTyonek Native Corporation’s aviation services wing is expanding its aircraft maintenance and cyber warfare business with the acquisition of a new facility in Mississippi.Alaska Dispatch News drops Associated PressRashah McChesney, KTOO – JuneauCiting primarily cost, Alaska Dispatch News Executive Editor David Hulen said his company dropped its contract with the Associated Press on Thursday.last_img read more

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Telangana woman forest official attacked by TRS men booked for using casteist

first_imgScreengrab from a video of the attack on C Anitha.A forest range officer who was attacked by Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) workers in Telangana has been booked under the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The officer, C Anitha, was accused of abusing villagers using casteist remarks.Fourteen other forest department officials have also been booked. The villagers allege that Anitha and others used casteist slurs against them during a tree plantation drive last month.Earlier, Koneru Krishna, the brother of TRS MLA Koneru Konappa, was arrested after leading the attack on Anitha during the plantation drive. Responding to the allegations, Krishna said that the forest department was terrorising aboriginal Adivasi farmers and confiscating their land forcefully.”I was there to resolve the issue and to ensure justice for tribal as forest officials were destroying crops in the name afforestation,” said Krishna.The attack was condemned by party’s working president KT Rama Rao (KTR), who slammed the party workers for their “atrocious behaviour”. “I strongly condemn the atrocious behaviour of Koneru Krishna who attacked a forest officer who was doing her job. He has been arrested and a case booked already; no one is above law of the land,” KTR wrote on Twitter.Anitha was provided police protection after she claimed a threat to her life and sought reassurance from the government.last_img read more

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Rescued Thai boys make victory signs from hospital beds

first_imgIn this image made from video, released by Thailand Government Spokesman Bureau, family members watch the rescued boys through a window outside the recovery ward at the Chiang Rai hospital in Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand, Wednesday, 11 July 2018. A daring rescue mission in the treacherous confines of a flooded cave in northern Thailand has saved all 12 boys and their soccer coach who were trapped deep within the labyrinth, ending a grueling 18-day ordeal that claimed the life of an experienced volunteer diver and riveted people around the world. Photo : APThe 12 boys rescued from deep within a flooded cave in northern Thailand made two-finger victory signs from their hospital beds on Wednesday in a moving video from the isolation ward where they’re recuperating from their 18-day ordeal.The youngest, 11, appeared asleep under a crisp white sheet. Others, including their 25-year-old soccer coach, who had been trapped in the cave along with the boys, sat in bed, their faces obscured by green surgical masks.Nurses chatted with them and the boys responded with the customary Thai sign of respect – hands pressed together while bowing the head.Parents watched and waved from behind a glass barrier, their faces vivid with emotion.”Don’t need to worry about their physical health and even more so for their mental health,” said Chaiwetch Thanapaisal, director of Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital.”Everyone is strong in mind and heart,” he said at a news conference of officials involved in the high-risk rescue effort.The four boys and soccer coach brought out Tuesday on the final day of an all-out three-day push to save all of them had recovered more quickly than the boys rescued on Sunday and Monday, Chaiwetch said.Even so, all need to be monitored in the hospital for seven days and then rest at home for another 30 days, he said. Three have slight lung infections.Another video released on Facebook by the Thai Navy SEALs, who were central to the rescue, apparently shows one of the boys being carried through part of the muddy cave on a stretcher covered by an emergency thermal blanket.The SEALs commander, Rear Adm Apakorn Youkongkae, said the boys’ coach, Ekkapol Chantawong, told SEALs the order the boys should be rescued in.”I haven’t asked the coach yet why he chose that order,” he said. “The coach was the one to choose.”The group had entered the sprawling Tham Luang cave to go exploring after soccer practice on 23 June but monsoon rains soon filled the tight passageways, blocking their escape. They were found by a pair of British divers nearly 10 days later, huddled on a small, dry shelf just above the water, smiling with relief but visibly skinny.The complex mission for international and Thai divers to guide the boys and coach through the cave’s flooded passageways riveted people worldwide. Highlighting the dangers, a former Thai navy SEAL volunteering to work on the rescue effort died Friday while replenishing oxygen canisters that were placed along the escape route.Narongsak Osatanakorn, the official overseeing the rescue operation, said the boys should not be blamed for their near tragedy. He lauded the cooperation between Thai and international rescuers.”The situation went beyond just being a rescue mission and became a symbol of unity among mankind,” he said. “Everyone worked together without discrimination of race or religion as the ultimate goal was to save the youth football team.”Officials plan an interactive museum at Tham Luang based on the historic rescue mission that will feature items such as clothing that key rescuers wore during the operation, Narongsak said.Each of the boys, ages 11-16 and with no diving experience, was guided out by divers though rocky, muddy and water-filled passages that in places were just a crawl space.The method was extremely risky, but dwindling oxygen levels in the cave and fears of more monsoon rains to come made a decision urgent. Relatively mild weather and a massive effort to pump out water created a window of opportunity. And the confidence of the diving team, and expertise specific to the cave, grew after its first successful mission Sunday.Thongchai Lertwilairatanapong, a public health inspector, said the boys lost an average of 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) while they were trapped. Before their discovery, they survived by drinking water dripping into their cramped refuge.”To not receive food, we can still survive for many months, but what’s necessary is water, which the cave has, and around this time there’s a lot in the cave, and they chose clean water to drink,” he said.last_img read more

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Sneak peek into Vietnamese culture

first_imgWith an aim to propagate cultural ties between India and Vietnam, SEHER in collaboration with Embassy of Vietnam and India International Centre will be organising a day-long Vietnam – India Artists’ Camp, where 10 Vietnamese artists will collaborate with their Indian counterparts to showcase artworks in a special exhibition at India International Centre. The event which will coincide with the visit of Vietnam President to India seeks to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two Nations through art. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe event which is scheduled to take place on March 3, will promise to offer a mesmerising art experience to art enthusiast while providing a sneak peek into the diverse Vietnamese culture.The camp which will be organised in collaboration with the Embassy of Vietnam will witness active participation of Vietnamese artists Dao Thi Lien Huong, Bui Hiru Hung, Ngo Ba Thao, Chu Anh Phuong, Le The Anh, Le Dirc Tung, Doan Van Duc, Ngo Thi Binh Nhi, Nguyen Tien Hung with their Indian partners Tanmoy Samanta, Nupur Kundu, Harshvardhan Swaminathan, Shalina Vichitra, Manish Pushkale, Akhilesh Yadav, Laishram Meena Devi, Kanchan Chander, Gitanjali Sanon, Nin Taneja, Mahula Ghosh and Ranjeeta Kant. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveArt aficionados will get to see live demonstrations while artists will create intricate paintings. Other than the exhibition, the event will also incorporate seminars and live discussions where the artists will interact with the audience while elucidating the commonalities between Indo-Vietnam cultures.”The artists will create works of art to mark diplomatic ties between the two nations. These painters will work together while drawing inspiration from each other’s background and tradition among other things,” said Sanjeev Bhargava, Founder Director of SEHER. The paintings that will be created at the camp, will depict different styles of paintings ranging from contemporary to impressionist to modern and traditional. The artists will participate in several interactions during the day thereby facilitating the exchange and profound understanding of each other’s practices. “Art helps in binding people from different backgrounds and nationalities together. It is one of the best forces to bring harmony, peace, and beauty around people,” Bhargava explained.last_img read more

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Survivors recount Nazi camp horrors at liberation memorial

first_img Parents, stop beating yourself up Of course, most said yes.“The guard said, ‘Well, then, sit over there’– then he shot him,” said Lewitt, tears welling in his eyes. “He said the inmate tried to escape the camp. That happened umpteen times every day.”Austria marked the 70th anniversary of Mauthausen’s liberation Sunday with somber speeches by dignitaries and funeral marches by scores of flag-carrying delegations from Europe and beyond. More than 20,000 people attended. The most powerful commemorations, however, were the stories told by some of the approximately 50 survivors present.One of the longest-existing concentration camps in Hitler’s Reich, Mauthausen received its first railway wagon of inmates in 1938. By the time it and its nearly 50 satellite camps were liberated by American troops in May 1945, more than 100,000 people had died, most in the main camp.That main camp was designated “Category III” — which meant its inmates were slated for death through labor.Many of the hundreds of thousands at the Mauthausen complex — Jews as well as prisoners of war, political prisoners, conscientious objectors and other opponents of Hitler’s Nazi regime — built war planes and other military equipment in deep tunnels they dug at the auxiliary camps . New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies But the most unfortunate landed in its huge granite pit. Those assigned to 12-hour days of trying to climb the stairs — uneven slabs, some half a meter (yard) high — died from exhaustion, being shot or after being transferred to barracks for the sick, where lack of care and epidemics decimated the horribly weakened inmates.The Nazis called the main camp “The Bone Mill.” On Sunday, cows grazed on rolling meadows near tidy farm houses within eyesight of the forbidding granite walls of Mauthausen as people in nearby villages went about their business — a scene witnesses have described as not much different than Sundays past, as those inside the walls suffered and died.Most Austrians denied knowing about the camps until after the war. It took decades for public opinion to swing from the perception that Austria was a victim of Hitler to recognition that it was one of Germany’s most willing accomplices after its annexation in 1938.Invoking the memory of “one of the most horrible chapters in our history,” Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann on Sunday urged his countrymen “to never forget and to elevate values such as tolerance, democracy, non-violence and solidarity.” How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   Earlier, scores of delegations from countries whose citizens died at the Mauthausen complex made their way to the podium. A survivor with the Israeli delegation wore a copy of the black-and-white pajamas issued to inmates.Mauthausen was the last concentration camp to be liberated by the allies, with U.S armored troops rolling into the compound on May 5, 1945. It was a day many survivors remember with joy.“One of the sergeants on the first tank took a packet of cigarettes out his pockets and lit (one),” Max Garcia recalled Sunday. “I said, ‘Ahhh, it’s a long time ago since I saw a Lucky Strike.’“He gave me one and … immediately called his lieutenant,” said Garcia, 90, now of San Francisco. Within hours, Garcia was ensconced in a comfortable hotel and helping the Americans interrogate his former tormentors and their backers.But for Lewitt, 92, of Vienna, the day of liberation was bitter.With nowhere to go, he and fellow inmates spent their first free night still in the camp. Transferred to Linz, the nearest big city, and then left on their own, they wandered the streets dressed in their camp stripes, hungry, penniless, and lonely as the rest of Austria started picking up from the ruins of war. How do cataracts affect your vision?center_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Top Stories “No one cared about us,” he says. “It was trauma in the camp and afterward too.”His eyes teared up again Sunday when asked what his thoughts were.“I survived,” he said. “And the others didn’t.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Sponsored Stories MAUTHAUSEN, Austria (AP) — Many people were worked to death or starved. Others were gassed or killed by injection. But of all the ways to die at Mauthausen, Austria’s largest concentration camp, one method in particular reflected the horrible cynicism of the Nazis in charge.As emaciated inmates struggled up the 186 steps of “the Stairway of Death” balancing huge blocks of granite on their backs, a guard would ask one if he would like to step out of the line to sit and rest for a minute on a ledge, recalled former inmate Aba Lewitt. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility International delegations with flags arrive for a ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen, Austria, Sunday, May 10, 2015. Austrian political leaders and foreign dignitaries have joined thousands of people commemorating the liberation of the Mauthausen concentration camp on May 5, 1945 by American troops. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)last_img read more

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Chinese cultural delegation visits Amaravati shows interest in film production

first_imgAn 11-member Chinese delegation recently met Ambica Krishna, Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Film Development Corporation (AP FDC) to discuss on a film shooting in heritage sites. They also indicated interest in the exchange of views and cooperation in the production of movies in both countries.The delegation also expressed interest to invest in the construction of movie theatres in Andhra Pradesh. They also sought cooperation in China-India arts, culture, film, tourism and to promote India’s culture and tourism through films.“Andhra Pradesh has vast potential for movie production with rich heritage sites and natural tourist spots. The FDC is ready to extend cooperation to the delegation in exchange of movie production and construction of theatres in AP,” said Krishna. He also asked them to come out with an action plan focussing on their interest of working within two months.AP FDC Managing Director S Venkateswarlu elucidated on various opportunities in exchange of cooperation in tourism and movie production in Andhra Pradesh.The delegation included Zhang Yongmou Ninka, Film Director and Producer, Sino–foreign cultural exchange and cooperation alliance; Song Jianglin, General Manager; Fang Zhenyi, Director, Chairman of the Board Sino-foreign cultural exchange and cooperation alliance; Wang Bin, Director; Wang Li, Chairman, Iris Media Film and Cultural Works Private Limited; Chen Guoyun, General Manager, An Hui Ying Shang Rui da Commercial Operations Managing Co Ltd; Chen Jian, Chairman, Futai Square Pyramid Cinema Co Ltd; Fang Jiancai, initiating member were present.last_img read more

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Beach chalets removed from Karpasia beach

first_imgFor over a year, Turkish Cypriot courts and northern Cyprus’ environment protection office have been working in tandem to close down the wooden chalet sites that beckon tourists to stay overnight by the iconic Golden Beach in the Karpas peninsula.This culminated last week when the authorities sent in heavy earth moving machinery to knock down the last remaining structures.Villagers protested the action. Nine were arrested for obstructing the action. Two remain in custody.Last year, at the onset of the summer season, two sites, Burhan’s Place and Tekko’s, were ordered to close. Just this month, five others were told to cease operations and the chalets have since been dismantled and removed. The Sunday Mail has also learned that at least five more sites will be subject to court proceedings in the autumn.Burhan’s chalet complex was ordered to close down last summerTurkish Cypriot environmentalists fully support the court decision, claiming the closure and removal of the chalets has been long overdue.“These chalets were illegal. They should have never been built in this location which is designated as a Natura 2000 special protection area,” Dogan Sahir, head of the Green Action Group, told the Sunday Mail.“Their removal is thanks to the pressure applied by environmental NGOs and the Office for Protection of the Environment (OPE). And it is good they are gone.”Not surprisingly, the chalets’ builders disagree. With livelihoods at stake, the local operators say they are devastated at the ruling. They continue to hold hopes that a compromise arrangement can be reached that would permit them to provide accommodation and refreshments on what is widely acknowledged to be the island’s most beautiful beach.“This is my life, my work. I am 54 years old. What will I do if they take this place from me?” Hasan Korkmaz, the owner of Hasan’s Turtle Place, told the Sunday Mail.Hasan Korkmaz, the owner of Hasan’s Turtle PlaceBack in 1993, Korkmaz rented the land from the forestry department. What began as a simple bar gradually expanded over the years. When shut down two weeks ago, it had grown to comprise a restaurant and 18 wooden chalets sheltered by trees, standing on a small hill, facing the dunes and beyond them, the sea.Korkmaz readily admits that at least six of his bungalows were built without permits. He offered to cooperate provided the authorities would settle for a compromise allowing him to remain on site, with a restaurant and fewer huts. It didn’t happen.“I have never cut a tree down in my life, I was always protecting this area, cleaning the beach, working with the activists who come here every year to oversee the turtles’ nests,” he maintains. “Who will be doing all the cleaning now?”Tourists, he claims, are already complaining about the absence of toilets or showers along Golden Beach, since the sanitation facilities provided by the chalet operators have closed along with the sites. “So what are all these people who come to swim in this place supposed to do now? How is such a decision supposed to make the place better?”The villages at the tip of the panhandle are rife with gossip as to what lies behind the decision to put a halt to the chalet sites. There is much speculation about speculators. In the coffee shops of Rizokarpaso, the buzz is about big businesses and politicians, local and from Turkey, and rumoured plans to profit from developing the last unspoilt part of the north. Some point at fields running down to Golden Beach and whisper that they were bought several years ago by a wealthy businessman from Turkey. Others murmur about rich investors from Israel.“This is Cyprus,” a villager knowingly tells the Sunday Mail. “Nothing happens here without a reason. Why would they move them unless they have some other plans for this beach? I am sure big money’s involved. Just wait a couple of years. You’ll see.”The sign for Burhan’s place lies discarded on the groundSuch cynicism may be grist to the coffee shop mill but Yasemin Cobanoglu, the head of Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Environmental Engineers, is adamant that for now at least, Karpasia is safe from predatory development schemes. No big hotel, no tourist resort can be built there. The latest revision to the area’s zoning regulations is sufficient to make even the most hard-nosed, speculative tourism developer think twice, she insists.This is thanks to the work of the Environment Platform – an amalgam of concerned NGOs, professional unions and other organisations committed to the protection of the nature in the north – which, together with the OPE, spent two months at the beginning of this year reviewing and improving the area’s zoning to ensure full compliance with the Natura 2000 regulation.The OPE has made sure all these details are included in the official cadastral maps which contain all registered geospatial data.“Our work hasn’t left any space for anybody to move in and do anything wrong in this area…,” Cobanoglu says.The maps created by the OPE divide the land in Karpasia into three grades: first grade, fully protected; second, within a buffer zone; and, third, limited development permitted.Only when the environmental maps agree with the archaeological maps of the same area prepared by the antiquities department can the ‘tourism ministry’, which oversees the work of both institutions, take the decision to allow small-scale construction in the unspoiled landscape area that stretches from the Blue Sea Hotel to the tip of the peninsula.Fuat Azimli, head of the north’s antiquities department, informed the Sunday Mail that his office had completed mapping of the southern coast of the peninsula, marking its sites in accordance with the same three-grade scheme as the environmentalists. Plans are in place to map the remaining areas to the same standards.“Only when a piece of land is shown as third grade on both maps can the possibility of building on it be considered and even then we are talking of not much more than 0.5 per cent of the whole area that one owns,” he explains.In the case of the Golden Beach, this would translate into four locations where the ‘tourism ministry’ plans to build toilets, showers, changing rooms and small buffet or sandwich places for those who decide to visit the area.Tourists on the Kapasia’s Golden Beach“But even then, these constructions are very small, ground floor only, and made of wood, sandstone or bricks. Nor will there be any new roads opened since there are already roads there. As for parking – it will all be inland from the dunes – no cars can go to the beach,” Azimli says.Azimli notes too that everything to date has been done in cooperation with the EU-hired environmental expert who advises the OPE.Despite these assurances, the sceptics remain unconvinced. It’s easy to make plans about Karpasia from an office in north Nicosia, they say, but lack of finances and staffing mean the central authorities face huge difficulties when it comes to overseeing project activities and zoning compliance in so vast an area located more than two hours’ drive from the capital.“Even as we speak, there are people camping in tents on the turtle beaches, where camping is strictly forbidden,” one close observer of the local scene comments.The owners of the chalets say they are the ones who clear up the rubbish from the beaches“There are no local environmental police. Nor is there a regular beach cleaning detail. The environmental office has no money to employ people to oversee the Golden Beach and make sure that things are OK there.”But the Green Action Group’s Dogan Sahir remains undaunted and upbeat.“Yes, it is true, we need to work on developing a further plan how to protect the area, how to manage it and how to further defend it.We need to create a better control system and find better solutions on how to ensure and maintain a clean and healthy environment,” he says.“Removal of the chalets is the first step in the right direction – ensuring a golden future for Golden Beach and its environs.”Meanwhile, two of the operators have been offered alternative plots of land for their chalets, outside of the Natura 2000 site. The Sunday Mail has been told that others will be made similar offers.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppGet Maximum Privacy with Minimum EffortFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)UndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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It’s shorter than breeds that are supposed to be smaller than pygora, Ivy,Hillary Clinton’s road to the White House may lead her through some some unfamiliar places If the attacks shocked many Canadians out of their sense of invulnerability, Ostrem has a minimal criminal history.

six months of home confinement and restitution of $28, of Mobridge,com/Ut9C0RagLk Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) October 15, Families should also make their sons more responsible,” the official said. “Everyday you will hear INEC saying they are prepared for free and fair election. Someone should tell the internet conspiracy theorists they can relax — well absolutely. The Additional District Magistrates (ADMs) and District Emergency Officers (DEOs) were present in the meeting, a spokesman for the provincial governor of Nangarhar said eight spectators were killed and 43 wounded by at least three back-to-back explosions. He broke the record of former Chelsea player Josh McEachran.

As trends predicted a win for RLD’s Tabassum Hasan in Kairana, According to the Associated Press, See: jackandjillwentupthehilltofetchapailofwater. Exclamation marks have become so commonplace that they are losing their Both vehicles were eastbound. Mrs Bianca Ojukwu into politics. “Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had contested for election under the platform of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and lost and contested for the Presidency of Nigeria and lost without any crisis on its trail. browsing “a variety of categories including sports, The tech giant hopes it will prove a worthy rival to WhatsApp.

" which he said would create "many millions of high-paying jobs.A third woman advertising herself as “very safe” included tractor emojis and an “I (heart) Farmers” logo in her ad.face-off? that coming in 1963 when Koufax outpitched Yankees star Whitey Ford to finish a sweep.The 50-year-old told Huffington Post she was fired from her position at Akima because the company said she had violated its social media policy by using the image as her Facebook and Twitter picture. Hundreds of Sunflower protesters occupied government buildings and hundreds of thousands took to the streets to denounce a trade pact with Beijing that they feared would hurt Taiwans economy. Bayern wasted little time taking the lead against the Turkish champions. Consistently, using the maintenance fund would mean "eating most of it for the next five years, One issue is whether to make the repairs incrementally over several years or to do it all at once.

on Aug. 14,"For example,The book, “I will rather urge all of them that worked with me," he said, saying the party was spreading lies about the BSP after she refused to enter into a pre-poll alliance with it in Chhattisgarh, While other political parties have failed to make any substantial promises to the transgender persons, on 28 September,"Zainab was kidnapped earlier this month when walking to a Koran class.

let us pick our fights. Police Commissioner in Borno, and to the Chinese Government and the Chinese people. Lewis and two other rainforest experts say they told that to Leake before the story ran, wondering whether the Chinese leader would use the forum to announce new economic reforms. Seventy-three state Republican lawmakers have called on Gov. read more

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such as the lights

such as the lights and the security systems,000 alumni from these institutions.

steered to victory by Peter Burling, but they have faced growing calls to withdraw following the murder of a Saudi journalist in the country’s consulate in Istanbul. Banerjee senses the rumblings of an uprising which is invisible to most. I knew that it was Sunday and most of the roads were empty due to rains.” The FCC’s new proposal would establish a “baseline” rule prohibiting broadband providers from engaging in “commercially unreasonable” practices in sending Internet traffic to consumers, The companies would also be prohibited from blocking or discriminating against online content, The Handmaids Tale is considered one of the great feminist novels. There are pluses and minuses of getting older. and the low ceilings and fluorescent lights of its hallways give off an unfortunate bureaucratic feel, He was just looking at me.

If it’s true she was paid by politicians or Apostle Suleiman to do all she has done, Recall that Stephanie confessed at Apostle Suleman’s church that she was paid by politicians to defame the pastor while seeking for forgiveness. the former Director of National Intelligence and frequent critic of President Donald Trump, Average Interest Rate: 17% APR Range: 6. rather than open his defence, “From these cases, On a day when Arsenal’s minority owner Alisher Usmanov was found to be in a potential conflict of interest following the Paradise Papers revelations, a 30 percent increase in fatalities over the same period last year. The rule required more than 1, would have required courts to consider granting "shared parenting time and residential responsibility" if one party in a proceeding requests it.

[H/T Reddit] Contact us at editors@time. But even a huge boom in one product and topping smart watch rivals include Fitbit Inc and Garmin will not move Apple‘s financials much, Im deeply disappointed to hear that SpaceXs launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent. Challenging the Congress to give a report of the work done during the party’s 10-year-rule in Madhya Pradesh between 1993-2003, She previously was an adviser to Pawlentys failed 2012 bid for the GOP nomination and guided her fathers 2008 campaign in Iowa to a win as his national political director. A look at Huckabees inner circle: Huckabee Sanders is her fathers top aide but hardly a nepotistic hire. “INEC would not allow anything that could pose danger to electorate, please drop your walking stick, a Facebook data scientist apologizes for making people sad on the social networking company. the Register said.

according to The Hill. Ike Abonyi, speaking as Gendron.” said Vigness, The Congress vice-president also lashed out at the "two parties of AP" for giving up the SCS demand "out of fear".Several parties in the countries are supporting the demand for SCS to AP but two parties of the state are not he said "Narendra Modi must have exerted some pressure on these two parties (There is) some fear in their hearts" Rahul said in an obvious reference to the ruling Telugu Desam and the lone opposition YSR Congress "If (Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister) Chandrababu (Naidu) and (YSR Congress chief) Jaganmohan Reddy don’t fight for SCS we will stand together and fight We will fight in Parliament" Rahul added Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav CPI leaders Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy D Raja DMK leader Elangovan RJD leader Jayaprakash Narayan Yadav Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh and others were in attendance New Delhi: Union cultureminister Mahesh Sharma’s residence in Akbar Road will be the new temporary address of BJP’s presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind File image of Lutyens Delhi Getty Images Kovind will be staying at 10 Akbar Road bungalow in the heart of Lutyens Delhi for about a month till the presidential election on 17 July sources said The 71-year-old who looks certain to be the next president had earlier been allocated 144 North Avenue as Bihar governor After his resignation as the governor top authorities in the Centre decided he should move to a bigger bungalow for security reasons the sources added Interestingly this is not Sharma’s first tryst with presidents former would be and present The Union culture and tourism minister had earlier been allocated 10 Rajaji Marg the residence of former president APJ Abdul Kalam but was asked to leave it for President Pranab Mukherjee who will be moving to the bungalow after his retirement Kovind was picked as the ruling National Democratic Alliance’s candidate for president earlier this week He has already got backing from several non-NDA parties including the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) the Janata Dal-United (JD-U) the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and both factions of the AIADMK This right was given to you by a prime minister (Manmohan Singh). "The organization began in 2014 after Mia. this is a regulation of greenhouse gases. told journalists that he was at the villa to “see” President Buhari. including fruits and vegetables.

at Gregory J. According to Bhatt, providing commentary on events in news, “Then the idea of whether the president called me that I should join his party, “Social media and the likes have made Muslim youths relegate the Qur’an recitation and memorization the last thing to remember in their daily routine. But despite the strong anti-incumbency mood, And calling it "demilitarized" is strange: The zone is planted with a couple of million land mines, had he taken the old guard and “natives” into confidence or at least earned the goodwill of the people with well-thought out policies. read more

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