Month: September 2017

How to find the solution of Shanghai Longfeng company

for the same reason, the management of knowledge is also very important in Shanghai dragon. Management decisions affecting the entire enterprise, if it is decided in the case of absolutely ignorant of Shanghai dragon, often have a devastating effect on the Shanghai dragon. Even if the development team, the designer and writing staff with Shanghai dragon training, managers often become obstacles, because they do not understand the supervisor should know Shanghai dragon, this is a common problem. read more

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How to combine and mining the long tail keywords

found the Shanghai dragon my blog search flow of nearly 80% from the long tail keywords. For most of the web search traffic from the long tail keywords in the index is not the phenomenon, almost every Shanghai dragon Er are common to. The more large and medium-sized apartment layout door website, long term traffic accounted for more heavy. Because each person’s search habits are quite different, which leads to the key words will be very divergent. This is why a lot of Shanghai dragon Er has been calling attention to the long tail word, and constantly to expand, to optimize the long tail word keywords sake. Mining the long tail keywords is a relatively tedious work, but also need to insist on doing things long. read more

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How to do better in the station of the station to Shanghai Dragon

now many webmaster to easy use, collection tools, clatter, breath, a seemingly large website, immediately in front of everyone. Although a lot of time to write articles to save, but the quality of the article is the audience? As can be imagined, you can not have it both ways, you in a short period of time, a large number of articles, the quality is poor; many webmaster acquisition has become a habit, not what website. Garbage station, selling products, buy services, are a collection, some of the drawbacks of the said acquisition: read more

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K station frequent incidents of Shanghai dragon with embarrassment

actually think about why so many webmaster are afraid of love sea K station, it is because the love of Shanghai is their parents, more than eighty percent of the site traffic from Shanghai to love, so many webmaster, even love Shanghai mercy dances, but to get rid of the bondage of love Shanghai really is not an easy thing. But I have heard a word is the most powerful, a friend in that Google included when speaking half, "said Google dropped to 0 all right, as long as the love of Shanghai normal OK", although the friend this sentence some exaggeration, but it is undeniable that the love is too heavy in Shanghai webmaster eyes to be, it is also because of strong support to love Shanghai, so many webmaster ranking as the love of Shanghai is the most important brand building, but the brand lies in other platform ranking is obviously the most stupid way, because the love of Shanghai at any time will K your stand, and you called the ranking will disappear, and then the brand and value a few money, the same situation, Mr. Lu Songsong’s blog ranking fell on some time ago, but after asking, Lu teacher flow was not affected too much, because he has Make a brand, the brand flow vertical flow in the true sense, and this is what we need, only the development of the brand, it will not let the business of our company in Shanghai K station after love become embarrassed, and then seek for the method of self-help awful, and if so, I can only say you are love Shanghai set. read more

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What is the name of the reverse link two simple steps to get backlinks easily


first, through the analysis of the optimization of successful web site, analyze their backlinks from where, we’ll come to collect me to tell you when I do the reverse link approach, then optimize the successful case is the most fire "114 standard net" see me through the inquiry, he has a reverse link three thousand, what is this concept ah, then the reverse link analysis, nearly eighty percent site navigation classes. Here we see what to think? If the amount is large enough, then the site navigation can play a huge energy. The collection of resources read more

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Perceptual website optimization long tail word mining in four steps

search related words long tail, I believe we all know it, at the same time love Shanghai search will come out a search in the search box at the bottom, love Shanghai. The related search terms are analyzed, find out more easily optimization words, then your website as long tail words.

every day to see the network above are some website optimization articles, not to say that the station update on the construction of the chain etc.. I believe we look boring, you want to see some of the more useful, and more offbeat article, today I realize you dream. read more

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The distribution of the chain resources should pay attention to the relationship between primary and

released the chain in addition to the web page, can also according to the keywords to do, of course, web pages and keywords are complementary to each other, only the page can do keywords, can let off.

2, column page

chain is a complicated thing, but to do keyword ranking but not for lack of ZhengZhan weight lifting and keyword ranking plays a very important role, but we will find a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the chain is released and no primary and secondary relationship, each page and keywords are the same body, to which the chain which is issued, this will cause some website "foot heavy light" phenomenon, the chain many column page a lot, and the neglect of a website is the most important place of the home page, below, the chain of resources in the website how to distribution: read more

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Shanghai dragon Er write text without the inspiration of how to break

as a new era of women in Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon work for a long time, just started to write the article is inspired by the lack of Shanghai dragon, dead, how can we find inspiration! Write a good soft Wen Shanghai dragon

The owners of the house

  forum;Shanghai dragon WHY ?Recommend classic article

5.: when browsing some questions and answers in our inspiration of soft wood, can also browse some related and the Shanghai dragon quiz questions, if you are particularly interested in this issue, can write a special article to answer this question, so Shanghai became the Dragon Phoenix soft. read more

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See the essence through the phenomenon controllable Shanghai Dragon


the second is to develop the habit of recording daily website data. All related website traffic and ranking data need record: total 24 hours included, included, IP, PV, keywords ranking, related domain, search term, release the number of the chain, the chain loss rate, included rate, keyword analysis etc.. Although this work is boring, but once your website problems, they can be said to play the role of life.

I would like to recommend to you here in the first two books, "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" and "Google search engine optimization guide", perhaps a lot of people are aware of the two documents, but not the true study of these people over them? These two materials can be said of our search and engine communication channels (there are other Chinese Google webmaster blog, Google blackboard, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform etc.), is the only official recognition of Shanghai Longfeng standard textbooks, we should do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng first to familiarize them, truly a book to read a hundred times, its meaning from now. read more

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Promising micro blog marketing you master it today

second: time to buy or brush fans

compared to other means of marketing network marketing has its limitations, is the scope of the promotion co.. But the disadvantages do not let micro-blog marketing is because the promotion be cast into the shade, the scope is limited, let micro-blog marketing of higher precision, the conversion rate will be higher, let the author to share with you some of the marketing skills of micro-blog

micro blog, micro-blog, the rapid rise and has become one of the most popular media information release platform has social sharing community in the past two years, and has replaced the trend forum. Micro-blog marketing brings wonderful information sharing to the user, but also brings infinite business opportunities for all online marketers and businesses, the use of micro-blog marketing is not a new thing, but micro-blog marketing is bound to develop faster and better. read more

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Solve and thoughts about the Apache Web log five common problems

first, there may not be able to find the Apache log.

any large amount of labor work we should let the tools to complete, log analysis is no exception, but now I personally is a suitable Apache log analysis did not find the software, I may be with very limited knowledge and scanty information. Kaka, apachelog, Apache, light years log analysis system V1.6 free version of words are analysis of the function of Apache, but the results are poor. I still have a headache this.

second, Apache log file is too large. read more

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The Shanghai dragon diagnostic services let me understand what is the value for money

my site is the reason for A5 medical, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization because the site in Shanghai after the love big update, target keywords and long tail keywords overnight, no keywords ranking, the patient not to search my website, which I have lost much, believe that the medical webmaster can understand, in desperate conditions recommended by the people to find the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team, although they are very famous, also have a certain reputation, but because they did not have real and they played together at first, still a little worried, but no way, website the only let me try and perhaps throw the helve after the hatchet, thought or his only a slim chance of survival, re do a new site, time and cost of a new web site for more than This. read more

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The use of long tail keywords for the site with the flow to improve the product conversion rate

sum up, with the intense competition, the late start small businesses in the selection and operation of keywords >

first, choice of long tail keywords. Usually when we choose keywords, love Shanghai Google index and two index trend is preferred, you will find the careful search, when the love of Shanghai drop-down box to prompt in Shanghai and Google, love Shanghai related search, Google search, love Shanghai know, Search ask etc. These are the long tail keywords reference we choose, select the two points of the long tail word. First of all, the long tail word should be selected to meet the user search habits, standing in the user position, can refer to know how others ask questions and so on. This is a good example, secondly, extended to improve the conversion rate of their products around the main keywords. With user habits have obvious intention to buy the word as the long tail word. read more

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nternet growth recorded Jin Qi 80 suction technology search engine

titanium media note: 80 generation can be said to be accompanied by the growth of the Internet and the growth of Chinese. They have experienced how the development of the Internet industry? How to see, what they think? Titanium media author launched the "Internet growth" in the nest after the series of articles in the media exclusive series (titanium link: 贵族宝贝tmtpost贵族宝贝/author/baishuwo), this is the tenth part:

, search engine has an extremely attractive profit model, this model help search engine can earn pours. read more

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How to do the blog marketing to improve website traffic

blog marketing believe to all the webmaster who are not familiar with the popular blog, micro-blog in recent years, blog marketing in website optimization and promotion in the field also occupies a very important position, good blog promotion can not only effectively improve site weight and ranking, increase the reverse link site, and the most important is that it can be directly to the site to bring endless flow, bring benefit to the website, but how do we go to the blog marketing well is our webmaster should always pay attention to the problem, today Chengdu excellence in education and everyone together to share how I do through the blog marketing to improve site traffic. read more

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Lin Jiaxi do not start the industry the first 3 to sellYou must follow the rules of the game in Asi

      if you have any questions, you can add :4632055 to me. Group: 3575038


 :     I’ve also discovered some of the so-called techniques in the process of making friends, and I’ve been using these methods when I’m just doing it, but to be honest, those methods are against the rules. Fortunately, I stopped these methods at the right time and sought new security skills. Only in this way can I be accepted by Asian friends and get real returns. Otherwise, even if you receive one or two checks when you cheat, it will be a fluke, and it will eventually show "Mount Lu"". read more

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Love Shanghai real hot is a new way to promote

review: do not remember love Shanghai is the ten largest real-time hotspot launched at what time "(" love Shanghai home page below ten information), but to launch after the person is still pretty love. One can know the latest news and information, and the "ten information recommendation" general coverage is also great, so every day to see love Shanghai "ten real hot", also became a part of my life. However, a Saturday, let me to love Shanghai "ten real hot" produced a new understanding. read more

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Mix boy some personal experience on the site title


two, modify the title right down

2, around the new anchor text keywords increase import links on the outside, remember that it is the anchor text, but also to modify the new keywords as anchor text.

1, reasonable title will bring unexpected benefits to the website ranking, this must have some old Adsense website title and not know, cannot be modified, but to meet the user experience to modify, in this case, SE may be able to give you a good website ranking


1, in front of the fast 4 ways to improve the weights of the website mentioned that everyone can do, the weight drop right after recovery must also do so. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng exclusive secret search engine how to identify links cheating

the comparison before and after release comprehensive data of 10 sites:

first, before talking about the identification of links cheating, to assume a point of view, Shanghai dragon, do not use, may feel, perhaps this kind of thing to think about search engine. Although most of the employees are in Shanghai dragon with the search engine algorithm, struggle, but often these feelings, perhaps, may make a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is becoming actually not understandable. So, we need to assume their own point of view, to demonstrate with a lot of experiments, in order to get the core idea behind the sort. read more

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Shanghai dragon is the most taboo of not assertive without executive change

for the most common example, do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng a year long, actually have not modified the page title. A year should not be a novice, but that is best not to modify the title of this principle, or even afraid to modify the title, in my opinion it is fantastic that you know is Shanghai dragon can be a knowledge in practice, sometimes change the title position can be acquired greatly enhanced and modified sometimes the title will promote the snapshot update. Furthermore, many people say that navigation is useless, but what they say? Do you have a navigation test whether it is invalid? Did you see some people a good ranking, navigation is still there? You also said the black hat is cheating you clothes "I do not like the black hat, do not also look at ah pro, do black hat is a master right?… do… Shanghai dragon to bold to imagine, to try, be learned in peacetime work, don’t just write something every day the hair outside the chain, there are that will never break. read more

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