first_imgThe former Arsenal player, who is enjoying his first campaign in Italian football, do not skimp on praise when rating your partner Christian: “It’s amazing, I can’t say enough. He is the first to enter the gym and the last to leave the court. His work ethic is simply at the highest levels. I think he is among the best footballers in history. “ The Juventus midfielder knows that he must be fit when the competition returns: “It’s hard to stay in shape, I’m doing all the workouts the club gave me at home, but it is not the same as training with the team. Fortunately, it looks like we’ll soon be training on the grass again. ” Ramsey also admitted to fans what Juventus’ goals are: “We don’t know when everything will end, but we have all our goals ahead of us, to win Serie A and the Champions League. They want to win and fight for the Champions League. It is one of the largest clubs in Europe. If you look at their path in the Champions League in recent years: They are working to win it and I want to try to help them on this mission. “ Aaron Ramsey has exchanged impressions through your account Instagram about how his day to day at home is due to confinement. Furthermore, hHe has been able to share anecdotes with Niall Horan, singer and former member of the band one direction. During the talk, the Welshman has revealed one of his greatest fears during the weeks he is not training on the field: “My wife is a great cook and I like to eat it’s a problem. There are too many cookies. I like to drink tea, and now it has become a ritual: every time I make a cup, also as a cookie. I can’t resist it“. A problem of gaining weight that Ramsey admits and that can happen to more athletes before returning to normality.last_img